Laws To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In Oklahoma

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It’s necessary to trap and hunt squirrels in Oklahoma as they cause damage to structures and homes. The squirrels also enter homes and chew through the vents. That’s why hunters and property owners need to learn the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Oklahoma.

It’s legal to hunt and trap some species of squirrels but not all. Hunters are allowed to hunt squirrels in a specific season by getting valid licenses and permits.

 In this blog, we will discuss different laws that regulate the hunting and trapping of squirrels in Oklahoma. Moreover, we will also learn which squirrels the hunters can hunt legally and which squirrels they can’t.

Squirrel Types Found In Oklahoma

There are a few types of squirrels in Oklahoma. 

Fox Squirrels

Fox squirrels are prevalent in Oklahoma. Fox squirrels are larger as they weigh from one to three pounds. These squirrels have a grizzled brown color. Some of them even have a grey back. You can easily spot fox squirrels in Oklahoma. On the contrary, you can’t find them on the West side.

Eastern Grey Squirrels

Eastern Grey squirrels are smaller in size when compared to fox squirrels. Grey Squirrels can feed on various food, but mostly, they like to chew on walnuts, hazelnuts, and acorns. Hunters usually hunt grey squirrels when the weather is not much cold. This is because squirrels hide in winter. 

  1. It’s legal to hunt the Eastern Fox Squirrels in the state of Oklahoma. They are widely prevalent. That is why the authorities have permitted them to pursue them.
  2. The hunters can also hunt the Eastern Gray Squirrels in Oklahoma. 
  3. Authorities don’t allow the hunting of flying squirrels in Oklahoma. They are enlisted as endangered. Therefore, rules don’t permit their hunting in open or closed seasons. 
  4. For legal hunting, the hunters require a proper license. 

It’s also legal to kill eastern grey squirrels and fox squirrels for food consumption.

Squirrels Hunting Season In Oklahoma

Different states of America have different open seasons for hunting squirrels. The open season begins in the mid of May, usually around the 15th of May. It then continues to 31st January each year. Every year, the Oklahoma hunting guide mentions the season dates for hunting.

The hunters need to check it so that they know about limits. The hunters usually go to the woodland forests, especially the oak-hickory woods, to find squirrels and hunt them down. Oklahoma also allows people from other states to come over and hunt squirrels.

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In Oklahoma

There are many laws that govern the trapping of Squirrels in Oklahoma. Here are some: 

  1. The authorities have classified red and grey squirrels as game animals. Hunters can hunt them for food.
  2. Hunting game animals require a hunting license. Before killing squirrels, the hunters should have a license. 
  3. The fall season is the hunting season and the authorities give permission in this season only.
  4. The nuisance wildlife control operator allows both hunters and commercial operators to trap squirrels. The authorities remove squirrels from designated areas. 
  5. Authorities do this to reduce the nuisance caused by squirrels.
  6. The authorities allow the trapping of squirrels only in the open season.

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels Oklahoma           

Many laws govern the shooting and hunting activities of hunters in Oklahoma. The hunters must follow them properly to avoid any fine imposed by authorities. 

  1. The hunters can shoot squirrels half-hour before sunrise.
  2. Hunting timings are till sunset. 
  3. The hunters can use shotguns, rifles, handguns, legal raptors as well as archery equipment for hunting down squirrels. 
  4. Though slingshots are a conventional method, they can be used by hunters in Oklahoma.
  5. The residents as well as the non-residents need a hunting license before setting out to hunt. 

Squirrel Trapping and Hunting Laws in Other States of the USA

Texas You don’t need a license to trap and hunt squirrels. But during the legal open season and possession periods, only licensed squirrel trappers can trap and hunt squirrels.
FloridaYou need a license to hunt and trap squirrels in Florida.
Georgia A valid basic hunting license is required for squirrel hunting and trapping in Georgia
AlaskaYou need a license to hunt and trap squirrels in Alaska.
Massachusetts You need a license to hunt and trap squirrels.
WashingtonYou can only trap and hunt squirrels with a license from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife if they damage your property.
OhioIf you’ve got a license, you can trap and hunt squirrels.
ArizonaIt is legal to hunt and trap nongame animals.
VirginiaIt is against the law to own, hunt, trap, or transport squirrels in Virginia without a license.
ColoradoIt is legal to trap and hunt squirrels with a license if they’re causing property damage.
IowaIt is legal to trap and hunt squirrels in Iowa.
KanasHunters can hunt squirrels in the state of Kansas.
CaliforniaNo license is needed to trap and kill squirrels if the owner or tenant wants to trap them.
Rhode IslandHunters can hunt squirrels in specific seasons with a valid license.
DelawareYou can only hunt squirrels if you have a permit. It is against the law to trap, hunt or relocate squirrels without seeking permission from the authorities.
NebraskaYou can hunt and shoot grey and black squirrels by following certain rules and regulations of Nebraska State.
VermontHunters can only hunt squirrels in the open season, however, trapping rules are different.
IdahoIt is legal to trap and hunt squirrels with a valid license.
New Hampshire You can hunt some species of squirrels with a valid license.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Oklahoma?

There are specific ways by which you can hunt and shoot squirrels in the state of Oklahoma. This is done by: 

  1. The hunters should get up and start tracking at least one hour before sunrise. 
  2. The maximum limit of hunting is 25 fox squirrels per day. 
  3. The maximum limit of hunting is 25 for eastern grey squirrels per day. 
  4. A hunter can keep 50 squirrels in his possession before shooting them.
  5. Shooting is allowed only to those hunters who have a state license. 
  6. A hunter must approach the wildlife authorities for license renewal after a few years have elapsed. 

Yes, the hunters can shoot squirrels with a pellet gun in Oklahoma. However, firing within or near residential areas is not permissible at all. Moreover, shooting with firearms or pellet rifles is not an encouraging task. The best pellet gun is of 0.25 caliber. The hunters prefer using 800 FPS lead pellets. 

It ensures the killing of squirrels. There are many other guns that hunters can make use of. However, it’s unlawful to have a loaded pistol or an air rifle inside the city. It’s only permissible when authorization is done through the State. 

Yes, it’s legal to shoot squirrels on property in Oklahoma. The resident’s landowners or the tenants can hunt on their lands. Moreover, they can also allow other hunters to do the same. Hunting is also permissible in agriculturally leased areas. The people residing in the previously mentioned areas don’t need a hunting license.

Only those people can hunt on their own land if their area is situated near public roads. 

 Furthermore, the hunters can only hunt in an area of it about 40 acres. If the size is smaller than this limit, hunting is not permissible.

Wrapping It Up 

On the whole, it’s legal to trap and hunt squirrels in Oklahoma. The hunters should be aware of the varieties of squirrels to hunt. Moreover, they should read through the regulations of the state before starting to hunt in forests. The authorities permit the use of firearms as well as pellet guns.

Furthermore, hunters with licenses can hunt. They can also hunt on privately owned lands. However, official permission is needed for this. They must abide by the State laws. Consequently, fines will be imposed on the hunters.