Laws To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In Idaho [Check Latest Laws Here]

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The overpopulation of squirrels in an area can lead to a nuisance. This means that the squirrels can cause harm to your property. Furthermore, this can lead to economic damage. That is why the hunters need to learn about the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is responsible for issuing hunters’ licenses. Moreover, they are a regulating authority that provides the hunters with proper guidelines before they set out. 

In this article, you will discuss different types of squirrels in Idaho. You will also know more about the hunting and trapping laws in detail. Furthermore, you will read about the firearms which hunters use for hunting. 

Squirrel Types Found In Idaho

There are multiple squirrels that reside in Idaho. These include:

American Red Squirrel

This squirrel is prominent due to its red color. These squirrels usually die in their first year. Moreover, only 20% of them survive. Furthermore, predators like coyotes, foxes, martens, and bobcats typically eat them. The American red squirrel is widely prevalent in Idaho and is easily seen by people. 

Northern Flying Squirrels

The northern flying squirrels live less than four years on average. The owls hunt them down at night and eat them. The northern flying squirrels are nocturnal. These squirrels have light brown fur. Their bellies are white. Though these squirrels live in Idaho, only a few people know about their existence.

The law protects a lot of squirrels in Idaho, while it does not consider others as covered. This includes:

  1. The authorities permit the hunting of some species of ground squirrels.
  2. The hunters can also hunt grey squirrels in Idaho. 
  3. It is not legal to hunt the southern and northern Idaho ground squirrels in Idaho
  4. The hunters cannot hunt rock squirrels and golden mantles ground squirrels in Idaho.
  5. The hunters cannot go hunting the Wyoming ground squirrels found in Southwest Idaho. The authorities do not permit their killing even in the open season. 

Squirrels Hunting Season In Idaho

Like every other state in America, there is a specific hunting season in Idaho. In this season, hunters from all over the state gather to hunt. This means that non-residents of Idaho can also hunt squirrels. The hunting season begins at the end of summer.

 It starts at the end of August. The hunting season extends to the end of the March season of the following year. Moreover, this time duration is sufficient for the hunters to hunt down squirrels in Idaho. Furthermore, people wait for this open season throughout the year so that they can begin their hunting practices. 

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In Idaho

The authorities provide the laws that govern the trapping of squirrels. They are as follows:

  1. It is illegal to trap squirrels without a license in Idaho
  2. The authorities permit the use of live cage boxes to trap squirrels
  3. The hunters must use a cage of five by five by fourteen inches.
  4. It is best if you use bait to lure the squirrels into the cages
  5. Hunters must place the traps in shades. This is to prevent a squirrel from over-heating
  6. It is best if hunters place the cages near the entry holes or the mount traps. 

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels in Idaho

The authorities provide guidelines for hunting and shooting squirrels in Idaho. This includes:

  1. It is not permissible to shoot squirrels from a highway or a road
  2. The hunters cannot use any explosives during the open season.
  3. The authorities do not allow the use of plastic pellets, tracer rounds, or steel core rounds. 
  4. The hunters cannot attach targets to plants, rocks, or other solid objects. 
  5. During shooting, the hunters cannot cause any harm to the trees or federal lands. 
  6. The hunters must remove all the trash and debris after the shooting. 
  7. The hunters cannot cross the border to the other state during the shooting. They must remain on their own. 

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Idaho?

You can shoot and hunt squirrels in Idaho in several ways. They are as follows:

  1. The hunters must use the Crosman 760 Powermaster pump air rifle. 
  2. For small games, the hunters can use air rifles. 
  3. It is also permissible for hunters to use air pistols. Additionally, the best one for hunting is a 0.22 caliber air pistol. 
  4. The authorities also allow the hunters to use a CO2-powered pistol for squirrel hunting.
  5. The use of archery equipment and slingshots is not permissible in the state of Idaho.

It is legal to shoot squirrels with a pellet gun in Idaho. Usually, the hunters prefer using those pellet guns that can at least shoot ten rounds before they are re-loaded. Additionally, the authorities have approved the use of 0.22 caliber pellet guns for hunters. 

The non-residents can purchase these guns from Idaho. Moreover, the authorities do not permit firing in public areas. They also cannot do firing near residential areas. They must maintain a distance of 100 yards at least. This is the primary safety protocol that every hunter has to follow.

Yes, it is legal to shoot squirrels on property in Idaho. However, there are some conditions to it. Firstly, you need to report the damage squirrels are causing. For instance, if it is property damage, you need to have sufficient evidence to say it. 

Secondly, Idaho law dictates that shooting is only permissible for those with a hunting license. Shooting is also preferable in the hunting season. If someone wants to do shooting out of season, this is a particular case. For this, the hunters need special permission.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the authorities have provided the guideline to hunt, shoot and trap in Idaho. The hunters must abide by them. Furthermore, they must know the types of squirrels which are legal to hunt before setting out. Moreover, you must acquire a license first before the open season begins. 

The authorities permit the use of many weapons in Idaho for hunting. Moreover, the hunters must stick to those. They must also hunt away from the residential and public areas. Furthermore, it is best to take permission from private property owners before pursuing their space.