Fact or Fiction: Can Snakes Climb Stairs

Can Snakes Climb Stairs

Have you ever seen snakes on the first floor of your house or the stairs? How do they get there? However, it is still a mystery whether snakes can climb stairs or not. Before moving ahead, you may wonder, can snakes climb stairs? Yes, snakes can proficiently climb stairs. Snakes that consume rodents are excellent … Read more

Downspout Dilemma: Can Snakes Climb Up DownSpouts

Can Snakes Climb Up Downspouts

Imagine you return home after a long hectic day and suddenly witness a snake hanging down from a downspout. What would you feel? Yikes! It’ll undoubtedly be a bad experience. However, the question would be; where did the snake come from, or can snakes climb up downspouts? Yes, snakes can climb gutters and downspouts easily. … Read more