How To Get Rid Of Pigeons [More Tips Included]

How to get rid of pigeons

Have you tried to get rid of pigeons in the past with no success. You might have heard “rats of the sky” as a term to refer to pigeons. Whoever coined this term had a good reason. If they’re not pooping on the sidewalk, they’re contaminating the food, damaging buildings, blocking gutters, spreading diseases, and … Read more

Does Baking Soda Kill Pigeons?

does baking soda kill pigeons

Baking soda is commonly called bicarbonate of soda or Sodium bicarbonate. It’s a white powder primarily used in baked goods like cakes and cookies. If you are curious to know, does baking soda kill pigeons? Then read this article till the end. Baking soda can not kill pigeons. These are just myths, and nothing like … Read more

Do Pigeons Carry Diseases [Complete Guide]

do pigeons carry diseases

Pigeons are elegant medium-sized birds. People enjoy feeding this bird; many keep them as a pet. However, this gorgeous bird is blamed by many for carrying the disease and infection. Few people even label it as rats with wings or worse than rats. Therefore, the question arises do pigeons carry diseases? Yes, pigeons carry diseases. … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons With Antifreeze?

how to get rid of pigeons with antifreeze

If you are looking for an answer, How to get rid of pigeons with Antifreeze? Then antifreeze is a deadly substance that can kill pigeons. It is readily available in the market. Antifreeze is given in small amounts. Pigeons die shortly afterward. The answer is simple. The pigeons drop dead after taking this poison. A … Read more

Do Pigeons Carry Ticks?

do pigeons carry ticks

Pigeons are dangerous birds in terms of health. They host many microorganisms, which are hazardous for humans and other organisms. The bird is famous and loved by many people irrespective of the diseases it carries. In the past few years, people and domestic animals have been infected with the pest through pigeons which often makes … Read more

Do Pigeons Carry Bird Flu?

do pigeons carry bird flu

Bird flu is one of the most common diseases among birds across the globe. The other name for bird flu is avian flu. It spreads from one bird to another and eventually affects several birds causing an outbreak. Do pigeons carry bird flu? is this a long argument among the general public. Few people argue … Read more

Do Pigeons Carry Bed Bugs?

do pigeons carry bed bugs

The infestation of any pest is annoying and feels disgusting. Especially; if the infestation is something like a bed bug. Pigeons are one of the most unclean and dirty birds. Pigeons transmit several bacteria and pests to humans and house pets; they transmit diseases to humans and house pets. Many birds, including pigeons, are famous … Read more