Best Pigeon Traps

The Best Pigeon Traps: [Our Top Picks This Month]

Our top picks for the best pigeon traps for this month are five. Pigeons can make pretty good pets, but they are pretty troublesome when they set up camp on your building. Pigeons cause damage to buildings, structures, and statues, not to mention pigeon poop all over the place. They’re

Best Air Rifle to shoot pigeons

Best Air Rifles to Shoot Pigeons [7 Choices Explained]

While shooting pigeons for fun is rarely condoned, you might find it necessary to get a rifle and shoot the pest birds on your property if they are causing trouble. This is particularly the case in the countryside, where pigeons ruin crops, contaminate water sources with their droppings, and disturb

Best Pigeon Decoys

Best Pigeon Decoys: Our Top Picks This Month

While many people think of pigeons as docile birds rather than pests, the truth is that some of them are a great nuisance to farmers, and they can cause devastating losses. Using the best pigeon decoys is one way of keeping them at bay. Wood Pigeons are pigeons that live

Best Pigeon Repellents

Best Pigeon Repellents: [Proven Products That Work]

Until pigeons start to mess up with your roof and backyard, you might think they are cool birds deserving a bunch of your grains and bread crumbs.  Pigeons mess up with benches, statutes, and vegetable gardens with their acidic poop and scavenging habits. To make the birds even worth repelling,