Latest Laws To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In Kansas

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Many squirrels reside in America. Kansas is a state in America with a large population of squirrels with different varieties. That is why hunting squirrels, should know the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Kansas State of America.

Hunters can hunt squirrels in the state of Kansas. Authorities consider squirrels to be game animals. Hence, each person out to hunt them must know the state’s regulations.

In this blog, we will discuss the type of squirrels in Kansas. Furthermore, we will also go through the details of trapping and hunting squirrels in Kansas.

Squirrel Types Found In Kansas

There are many squirrels in the State of Kansas. Additionally, the hunters like to hunt them down throughout the year. 

Eastern Gray Squirrels

These particular squirrels can live up to 6 years. The most extended lifetime recorded is 12 years. Moreover, the squirrels die early as predators like snakes, cats, foxes, and humans eat them. On average, these squirrels weigh about 400 to 600 grams. They are 42 to 55 cm long. Squirrels are quick to feed on the bird feeders. 

Fox Squirrels 

This is the specialty of Kansas and they have infamous fox squirrels. These furry rodents can adapt to multiple habitats. Squirrels reside in small patches of forests. They live on foods like pecans, walnuts as well as acorns. Furthermore, fox squirrels live in many other states like Idaho and New Mexico. Fox squirrels are not a native species of Kansas.

Among the many squirrels in Kansas, hunters can only hunt a few of them. Squirrels are a game species and the authorities do not allow the hunting of every specie

  • It is legal to hunt Grey squirrels in the State of Kansas.
  • The state of Kansas allows the hunting of fox squirrels legally.
  • It is not legal to hunt flying squirrels in the State of Kansas as they have a less population. The authorities focus on keeping their specie numbers safe.

The hunters are aware of the laws so that they hunt the correct species. Otherwise, the authorities issue a fine.  

Squirrels Hunting Season In Kansas

The squirrel hunting season initiates in June and extends up till February. Hunting is done throughout the country. Moreover, the bag limit is five squirrels per day. Furthermore, the possession limit of squirrels is about 20. People from all over the state gather in Kansas to hunt squirrels.

The locals also take a keen interest in hunting squirrels. People of Kansas like eating squirrels as food. The locals enjoy making shoes out of the squirrel’s fur. Moreover, the state of Kansas encourages capturing squirrels for domestic use. However, overhunting is not permissible.

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In Kansas

There are many laws the hunters need to abide by before trapping squirrels. These include: 

  • The capturing cages should be six by six by twenty-four inches. The hunters can bait the traps. Initially, the hunters can keep the traps open for two to three days. 
  • Hunters install one-way doors in the live cages. Consequently, it helps in the capturing of flying squirrels. 
  • Hunters can use multiple capture traps. Moreover, hunters can place food in cages.  The squirrels are attracted to it and come near the cages. 
  • The wildlife authorities do not allow the use of body-gripping traps or cages. 
  • Tunnel traps are permissible. For squirrel trapping, hunters can use them too. 

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels Kansas

The authorities have made a lot of laws regarding the hunting and shooting of squirrels in Kansas. 

  • Hunting begins in June.
  • Hunters should have a hunting license issued by authorities.
  • Hunters can use dogs, horses, and mules to hunt down squirrels. 
  • The legal hours of hunting are half an hour before sunrise till sunset. However, this is only permissible in hunting or open season. 
  • Hunters can wear any apparel while hunting down squirrels. 
  • Hunters can hunt squirrels by using air rifles and shotguns.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Kansas?

There are many ways by which you can hunt squirrels in the state of Kansas. This includes: 

  • Hunters can use firearms like handguns and automatic rifles for hunting. 
  • Hunters can also use muzzleloading shotguns. However, they must be larger than ten gauges. 
  • Hunters can also bring BB guns and pellet guns for hunting squirrels. 
  • Kansas also allows the use of bow and arrow for hunting. 
  • The authorities also approve of slingshots. However, the hunters use them sparingly.
  • The rules do not allow hunting and shooting near residential areas. 

Yes, shooting squirrels with a pellet gun in Kansas is legal. Usually, the 22-cal air rifle by Gamo is used for squirrel hunting. The 10x short shotguns mean that the hunters can shoot ten pellets in one round. Furthermore, this is an effective strategy for killing squirrels.

The authorities approve the use of air rifles and BB guns in hunting. Furthermore, the hunters prefer pellet guns as they can shoot an average of 400 to 500 shots. This way, more squirrels are captured and trapped.

Yes, it is legal to shoot squirrels on the property in Kansas. However, hunters need to seek permission from the landowner. Hunters must keep it in their mind to avoid the buildings. The hunters must keep away from the residential areas. 

 Hunters can trap and kill squirrels on privately-owned property. Sometimes the land signs say ” No hunting”. In this case, the hunter must seek permission from the landowner. The hunters must have written permission from the landlord before carrying out hunting activities.

Wrapping It Up

On the whole, it is legal to trap and hunt squirrels in Kansas. The hunters make use of authority-approved ways to hunt down squirrels. The hunters should stick to the open season for hunting. Otherwise, the authorities can impose a fine on hunters.

There are wide varieties of squirrels that exist in Kansas. The hunters can hunt only two types. Hunting of flying squirrels is forbidden in Kansas.  Moreover, hunting is allowed on privately owned lands. For this, the hunters need official written permission from the landlord.