Can Possums Swim

can possums swim

Usually, the animals that can swim are termed aquatic. The adaptations that help them survive in a marine environment. Many land animals are capable of swimming well; however, can possums swim?  Possums are excellent swimmers. However, they do not swim unless they have to. They also do not like doing it regularly. Moreover, a possum … Read more

Do Possums Spray Urine [How To Get Rid]

do possums spray urine

The presence of scent glands is widespread in many animals. The same is the case for possums. Like most other animals, possums have a red-brown gland on their chest and between their front legs. But do possums spray Urine? Possums spray Urine from their pouch region. They also rub their glands on a tree trunk. … Read more

Do Possums Eat Rats?

Do possums eat rats

Possums provide natural pest control in areas where they have a larger population. Possums eat a lot of other small animals, which helps keep their population under control. This way, a specific population does not dominate an area. Among other animals, do possums eat rats? Yes, they do. Possums eat many other animals besides rats, for … Read more

Can You Kill A Possum With Pellet Gun?

can you kill a possum with a pellet gun

Pellets guns are commonly used for getting rid of possums. However, the intensity is not enough to kill a possum. People usually believe that if you want to kill an organism, you should use a strong weapon to do it immediately. This is appreciated as the animal suffers less and dies instantly.  Can you kill … Read more

How High Can a Possum Jump?

how high can a possum jump

We all know that many animals have the ability to jump far, high, and even further. But how high can possums jump? The average person might think that they cannot jump at all. But they are definitely wrong. Possums can jump about 1 meter high, and they use the speed of 3.5 mph while running, … Read more