Do Possums Eat Rats?

Do possums eat rats

Possums provide natural pest control in areas where they have a larger population. Possums eat a lot of other small animals, which helps keep their population under control. This way, a specific population does not dominate an area. Among other animals, do possums eat rats? Yes, they do. Possums eat many other animals besides rats, for … Read more

Do Opossums Hibernate In Winter

Do Possums Hibernate In Winter

Most animals during winter go into their dormant or inactive state, known as hibernation. They spend their time inside their natural habitats or dens with their partners. So, do opossums hibernate in winter?   No. Opossums do not go into hibernation. However, opossums are inactive during their winters. Before winter, opossums build dens and make … Read more

How To Trap Possums: [The New Guide]

How to trap possums

Do you want to trap possums? Perhaps, you feel they have messed up your garden. Or maybe they have created a stinging toilet in your attic or yard. Trapping an opossum can be a scary endeavor for non-experienced trappers. However, they’re a few things you need to know: Types of possum traps How to set … Read more

3 Incredible Benefits Of Opossums To The Environment

Benefits of opossum

The benefits of opossums to the environment will surprise you. Opossums, which some people think of as overgrown rats, are nocturnal marsupial mammals of North America. Aside from their long teeth and spooky appearance, opossums are friends.  • They help in pest control by eating ticks, cockroaches, rats, mice, and even snakes • Help in … Read more

Are Opossums Immune to Rabies

Are opossum immune to rabies

Chances are, if you have come across an opossum or possum, rabies might have crossed your mind. And you’re smart to feel that way because all mammals carry rabies.  According to the World Health Organization, rabies is one of the viruses that attack the brain and causes 59,000 deaths per year. In this article, we … Read more

Australian Possum VS American Opossum: Key Main Difference

Australian Possum and American Opossum: Key Main Difference

At some point, you’ve wondered, the difference between Australian possum vs American opossum.  The main difference between Australian Possum and American Possum is their size and color. Other differences are their ears and feet’ shape and color. You will notice that Aussies love their possum and some keep them as pets while the American version … Read more

Can Possums Climb Chain Link Fences

possum climbing the chain link fence

You see it every time climbing your chain link fence. You’re not sure whether it is possum or skunk. So the question may arise in your mind, Can Possums Climb Chain Link Fences? Let’s not forget the devilish noises the animal makes at night. You are not alone. Millions of people complain of possums climbing … Read more

Can Opossums Swim

can possums swim

Usually, the animals that can swim are termed aquatic. The adaptations that help them survive in a marine environment. Many land animals are capable of swimming well; however, can opossums swim?  Opossums are excellent swimmers. However, they do not swim unless they have to. They also do not like doing it regularly. Moreover, a possum … Read more

Do Opossums Spray Urine [How To Get Rid]

do opossums spray urine

The presence of scent glands is widespread in many animals. The same is the case for opossums. Like most other animals, opossums have a red-brown gland on their chest and between their front legs. But do opossums spray Urine? Opossums spray Urine from their pouch region. They also rub their glands on a tree trunk. … Read more

Do Cats And Possums Get Along [What´s The Truth]

do cats and possums get along

Possums are solitary animals and avoid interaction with other animals or humans. They prefer living and hunting alone and feel threatened in the presence of other animals. However, often cat owners think, do cats and possums get along?   Surprisingly yes, cats and possums do get along. They might not be best friends but can … Read more

Do Possums Avoid Light[Facts and Information]

do possums avoid light

Do possums avoid light? Yes, possums avoid light as much as they can. Possums have terrible eyesight and try to remain as far from the light as possible.  A possum is the most vulnerable during the day, where light intensity almost blinds it. That is why it prefers staying put and will only come out … Read more

How To Stop Possums from Chewing Wires and Wood?

how to stop possums from chewing wires and Wood

Possums, also known as opossums, are very destructive creatures and a common problem in rural areas. They will do anything to get their next meal, from spilling your garbage cans to chewing wires and woods. If you are wondering how to stop possums from chewing wires and wood then have a look at the following … Read more

Do Possums Eat Snakes [Some Interesting Facts]

do possums eat snakes

Believe me or not, Possums are your friends. They are best at saving you from the snakes that lurk in your backyard. Now you must be wondering “Are these big rats good for something? Are they predators of snakes? Do Possums eat snakes?” To your surprise, yes, it’s all true! Possums are known to eat snakes … Read more

How High Can a Possum Jump?

how high can a possum jump

We all know that many animals have the ability to jump far, high, and even further. But how high can possums jump? The average person might think that they cannot jump at all. But they are definitely wrong. Possums can jump about 1 meter high, and they use a speed of 3.5 mph while running, … Read more

Do Possums Dig Holes [Things To Know]

do possums dig holes

Possums can come time and time again to your garden, searching for food and making the most. Many people complain about the damage done to their yards by possums but do possums dig holes?  Yes, possums dig holes. If you look close enough, you will notice the small holes dug in the area. They are … Read more

Where Do Possums Sleep [Places And Time]

where do possums sleep

All animals find a peaceful place for themselves to sleep. They either sleep by hiding behind a bush, climbing a tree, or sometimes underground caves, but where do possums sleep? Possums sleep in nests inside hollow trees or dens located in caves. They are also found asleep in isolated buildings as well as attics. As … Read more

How Do Possums Mate [Interesting Facts]

how do possums mate

Possums have very interesting reproductory systems. Possums mate to make more of their own, but how do possums mate? There are two proposed ways by which they breed.  Possums mate by delivering their sperms inside the female possum. The males have a low sperm count of about 3 million compared to a rabbit’s sperm count, … Read more

Can Possum Find Its Way Back [Important Facts]

can possum find its way back

Possums are solitary, clingy, and slow animals. They prefer living alone in dark corners and are active at night. They can invade yards and homes but cause no damage to the property. Although they are not dangerous, getting rid of them can be a hassle. Do you wonder, can possum find its way back? Yes, … Read more

Do Possums live in groups?

do possums live in groups

Possums are wild friendly animals. They do not cause any harm to humans or property. They prefer living near residential areas for shelter and easy access to food but do possums live in groups? Possums are lonely creatures who like to live alone. They are self-sufficient in terms of living, hunting, and foraging. It is … Read more

Are Opossums Blind [Some Scientific Facts]

are opossums blind

Opossums are also known as possums. They sleep through the day and are awake at night like raccoons. There are many myths about their habits and physical abilities. One of such misconceptions most asked about is; are opossums blind? Despite the common assumption, opossums are not blind at all. They have terrible vision during the … Read more

Can Possum Climb Up Chimneys?

can possum climb up chimneys

Possums are very skilled tree-climbers up a tree or a chimney, they get there once it’s almost impossible to stop them. So in most cases, getting up a chimney is not a problem for them. Many people often get confused: “Can possum climb up chimneys?” Yes, Possums can climb up chimneys. Possums are excellent climbers … Read more

Do Opossums Bite Human

Do opossums bite humans

Chances are if you have seen opossums in your backyard ransacking your trash cans or climbing your fence. The questions you’ll ask yourself is: Do opossums bite humans? Can opossums transmit disease? Will opossums kill cats or any other pet I have? You are right to ask yourself those questions because there’s so much an … Read more