Laws To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In West Virginia 

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There are many squirrels present in the state of West Virginia. These squirrels are of various varieties. To avoid nuisance, many people want to hunt and trap these squirrels. That is why it is essential to learn the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in West Virginia. 

One can trap squirrels in west Virginia according to their laws. Moreover, the state of west Virginia considers squirrels to be a game species. Hunters can only hunt as per laws and regulations.

In this blog, we will discuss the types of squirrels in West Virginia. Moreover, what methods you can use to hunt them, and in which season hunting is allowed?

Squirrel Types Found In West Virginia

West Virginia is a land full of squirrels. One can witness various varieties of them. 

Eastern Grey Squirrels

Eastern Grey Squirrels can easily live up to six years. The life span of some squirrels can extend up to 12 years. Their extended life span is only when snakes, humans, bobcats, or weasels do not eat them. The Eastern Grey Squirrels weigh about 14-21 pounds. 

American Red Squirrels 

There are very few squirrel babies that survive their first year. Those squirrels who can survive the first year, have an average life span is about 2.3 years. Predators of American red squirrels are foxes, owls, and hawks. American Red squirrels have red-brown fur and a white belly. 

There are some squirrels that are legal to hunt. On the contrary, others are not allowed to hunt. 

  • It is legal to kill Eastern Gray Squirrels. Furthermore, the hunters can hunt them during the regular game hunting season. 
  • It is also permissible to kill Eastern Fox Squirrels in West Virginia. Any individual can trap squirrels or euthanize them. 
  • Squirrel hunting is permissible in September. Moreover, Hunters can continue this in the following year too. 
  • Hunters can hunt nearly all types of squirrels in West Virginia. However, killing or shooting without a proper license is not legal. 

Squirrels Hunting Season In West Virginia

The state of west Virginia promotes hunting. They have allotted a specific season for it. Fall is the best season to be outdoors and do hunting activities. Hunting is permissible from September till March.

West Virginia provides hunters with the best hunting opportunity. This is contrary to the other states, which offer a less extensive hunting tenure. One should go out hunting in a group rather than going alone.

Consequently, it improves your chances of success. Hunters enjoy their hunting time by bringing a dog along with them. Furthermore, it makes their hunting activities more enjoyable.

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In West Virginia

There are rules and regulations regarding the trapping of squirrels in West Virginia. 

  1. The trappers should use a box trap of about seven by seven by 24 for grey and red squirrels. 
  2. For trapping flying squirrels, the standard size of a box trap is five by five by 5 inches. Moreover, the authorities do not allow the use of improper-sized traps. 
  3. It is essential to pre-bait the traps by keeping the doors open for two to three days. This is done to make the squirrels accustomed to feeding in traps. 
  4. It is essential to check the traps twice a day. 
  5. Translocation of squirrels is not allowed due to disease-related concerns. 

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels West Virginia

Hunters need to abide by the shooting and hunting laws in West Virginia. 

  1. The title to wildlife remains in possession of the State of Virginia. Similarly, hunters cannot say they own the wilderness after capturing it. 
  2. Hunters should buy the Class N stamp. This allows them to hunt in counties that are open to non-residents as well as residents. 
  3. Hunting in state forest areas, management areas, or counties is difficult. Specific hunters are selected for this purpose.
  4. The authorities issue an eligibility card to hunters in addition to a Class N stamp. 

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In West Virginia?

Hunters can hunt and shoot squirrels in West Virginia by: 

  1. Hunters can only shoot squirrels without a wildlife permit. Furthermore, authorities do not allow hunting or trapping during harvest season.
  2. Hunters can only capture six squirrels in a day. 
  3. Lifetime hunting licenses are available for adults at the rate of 805 dollars. 
  4. Public areas are off-limits for hunting. 
  5. Hunters can use guns and rifles from the month of October and not earlier than this.

Yes, hunters can use pellet guns to kill target squirrels in West Virginia. There are some rules to follow while hunting. It is unlawful to hold a weapon in public places, whether loaded or unloaded. Furthermore, the hunters should go to the designated hunting areas to hunt down squirrels. Violation of these rules results in a Class 1 misdemeanor. 

However, if the hunter is within 1000 feet of schools, buildings, or grounds. This becomes a Class 6 felony. The hunters can use pellet guns and firearms from October onwards. As a result, It is not permissible to go hunting before this period.

The hunters cannot hunt during the closed season. Additionally, for a hunter’s use, hunting is permissible. The bona fide residents of West Virginia can hunt, trap, and kill squirrels on their own land. However, killing and trapping should be as per the rules and laws of the State.

However, people over sixty-five do not need a license for hunting. Still, the person needs to have some identification card with them for validation.

Wrapping It Up

On the whole hunting and trapping of squirrels is permissible in the State of Virginia. Many people like to hunt and trap squirrels. They do this on the property of the State, public lands as well as private property.

Like every other State, West Virginia also has some hunting and trapping laws. The hunters should abide by them to avoid State level penalties. Also, hunting cannot be done near residential areas. This is to avoid any inconvenience for the people living there.