Laws To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In Colorado 

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 The number of squirrels in Colorado is large because females reproduce more than once a year. In locations with a large squirrel population, squirrel control is necessary. To get rid of squirrels in Colorado, you need to know the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Colorado.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division, It is legal to trap and hunt squirrels with a license, causing property damage. However, if you don’t have a hunting license, you can legally hunt a squirrel during the hunting season only.

In some cases, squirrel killing is legal. This blog tells you about the rules for hunting and trapping squirrels on state-owned land in Colorado.

Squirrel Types Found In Colorado 

Three species of  squirrels  found in Colorado:

The Fox Squirrel with a Rusty Coat

The fox squirrel is the North American giant tree squirrel. The eastern fox squirrel and Bryant’s fox squirrel are both names for fox squirrels. The eastern grey squirrel and the American red squirrel both live in Colorado, and most people mistake them for fox squirrels.

Fox squirrels have great eyesight, and they can hear and smell well, too. They are able to talk to each other by leaving scent marks. Also, they have many sets of vibrissae, which are hairs or whiskers that work like touch sensors and let the animal feel its surroundings.

The Abert’s Squirrels

The tassel-eared Abert’s squirrel is a type of tree squirrel that lives in Colorado. Most of these squirrels live in pine tree forests, which are closely linked together.

This specie has nine subspecies that were named after the American scientist John James Abert. It has tufts on its grey ears, a pale underside, and a rufous patch on its lower back, which may help you spot it.

The squirrel prefers eating the seeds and cones of the Mexican pinyon and the ponderosa pine when they are available, but it will also consume fungus, buds, bark, and even carrion.

Pine Squirrels

Pine squirrels are a species of tree squirrel that have bushy tails. These squirrels get nourishment from various sources, such as fungi, plants, arthropods, and tree seeds.

Pine squirrels are considerably more slender than their larger cousins, the fox squirrels, and can be found in pine forests all over the state. The hue of their fur is highly similar to that of fox squirrels, but one distinguishing aspect makes them stand out.

Pine Squirrels have a conspicuous white fur circle around their eyes, like humans. Eye coloring is the most reliable method for distinguishing between these two species.

  • Hunting any squirrel in Colorado is legal, but only with a valid license.
  • The Fox, Pine, and Abert’s squirrels are the three types of squirrels that can be hunted in Colorado.
  • It’s essential to know the differences between these species because possession and bag limits vary from one species to the next.
  • In Colorado, it is against the law to hunt squirrels without a valid license.
  • You can get in trouble if you mistakenly hunt a large number of a particular species.

Squirrels Hunting Season In Colorado 

  • The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife issues The annual licenses for small games are valid beginning on April 1st and ending on March 31st of the current year.
  • Small game species like squirrels are subject to different hunting seasons in Colorado.
  • The first day of October marks the beginning of the hunting season for squirrels, which generally lasts through February.
  • The dates vary depending on whatever kind of squirrel you’re talking about.
  • October 1st marks the beginning of the hunting season for red squirrels and pine squirrels, which continues until February 31st.
  • locals with current and active licenses only participate in hunting.

Laws Governing The Hunting Of Squirrels In Colorado 

Colorado’s Wildlife and the State’s Squirrel Hunting Laws:

  • The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife says that anyone can hunt squirrels in Colorado, whether they live there or not.
  • For those interested in squirrel hunting, a small game or furbearer license is required.
  • On private land, you can use artificial lights for hunting squirrels at night. 
  • On the Colorado Department of Wildlife website, there are a number of legal ways to take animals. 
  • The furbearers section says that rifles or handguns, handheld bows, shotguns, traps, and crossbows are all legal ways to hunt furbearers.
  • Colorado’s laws are eco-friendly and prohibit needless animal killing.
  • Still, some species have considered allowing hunting due to its benefits. Also, hunting is allowed when squirrels in the wild become dangerous to people.

Laws Governing The Trapping Of Squirrels In Colorado 

There are a few different ways to trap squirrels:

  • Trapping squirrels is only legal in Colorado if done with a box or cage trap.
  • All live-trapped animals must be set free or removed by any legal means.
  • All land-based foothold traps with a pan diameter of 2 feet or more must have a pan-tension device with a minimum release pressure of 4 pounds.
  • It’s essential to keep all the pads on cushioned jaw traps in good shape to keep the animal in the cage from getting hurt.
  • Trapping must follow the rules, and any foothold trap or colony trap meant to be a drowning set can be used as a drowning set.
  • Killing traps with a jaw spread may not be used in any other than water set.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Colorado? 

The Colorado Department has a long list of what hunters should and should not do when it comes to shooting squirrels. Read the following options to learn more:

  • In the state of Colorado, shooting squirrels is legal because they are a nuisance.
  • In Colorado, you need a permit to kill or shoot a squirrel.
  • To kill a squirrel, you must follow the law and do it in a humane way. But it is illegal to shoot or take squirrels that belong to the state.
  • Check Hunting traps and snares once a year.
  • Use artificial light at night to catch squirrels on private land.
  • Killing squirrels that are bothering you is legal in Colorado, but you should only do it as a last resort.

In Colorado, it’s illegal to shoot squirrels with a pellet gun or BB gun that uses gunpowder, compressed air, or any other weapon within city limits. The law of the state of Colorado says that local governments can enforce air guns.

But there are also some restrictions. In Colorado, you can buy or own a BB gun, air gun, air rifle, or pellet gun at any age but can’t use it to shoot squirrels.

As a result of the state’s view that squirrels are a nuisance wildlife species. The state of Colorado permits the killing and shooting of squirrels. No law in Colorado says people can’t kill animals that are bothering them on their own or on public property. You have the legal right to shoot squirrels on your land and on public property if the squirrels are causing harm.


In Colorado, it is legal to shoot and trap squirrels that are a nuisance. However, there are state-specific laws and regulations that you must follow. Failure to do so may result in acceptable or criminal behavior. If you have a valid hunting license, you can hunt and kill any squirrels that harm your protection.

You always have the option of reporting the issue to the authorities and requesting that they look at the raccoons in your yard. Check the laws of your community before you go hunting or trapping.