How To Stop Possums from Chewing Wires and Wood

How To Stop Possums from Chewing Wires and Wood?

Possums, also known as opossums, are very destructive creatures and a common problem in rural areas. They will do anything to get their next meal, from spilling your garbage cans to chewing wires and woods. If you are wondering how to stop possums from chewing wires and wood then have

Can Grain Mites Live In The Fridge

Can Raccoons Climb Walls [Climbing Abilities]

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals that belong to a deceiving and unpredictable family. Due to their panda-like appearance, people sometimes overlook that these animals can damage property too. Might be you are curious to know, can raccoons climb walls to get inside the house? Raccoons can climb walls. Raccoons are quick

How Do Possums Mate

How Do Possums Mate [Interesting Facts]

Possums have very interesting reproductory systems. Possums mate to make more of their own, but how do possums mate? There are two proposed ways by which they breed.  Possums mate by delivering their sperms inside the female possum. The males have a low sperm count of about 3 million compared

Do Raccoons Eat Moles

Do Raccoons Eat Moles? [Interesting Facts]

Raccoons are well-known for their intelligence and opportunistic eating habits. They will eat almost anything they can get their paws on, and they can find quite a lot! Raccoons eat a wide variety of foods, including plants, insects, small animals, fish, and garbage. But a lot of people are confused

How To Get Rid of Possums

How To Get Rid of Possums: [Tried & Proven Hacks That Work]

You are here because you want to get rid of possums. Possums might be the native cute and fluffy animals but having them on your roof or yard is not the best idea. While possums are mostly minor nuisances, these pesky critters can cause problems when they decide to nest

Does Jeyes Fluid Kill Rats

Does Jeyes Fluid Kill Rats ?The Power of Jeyes Fluid

Rats are thin and long-tailed, medium-sized rodents. Rats are a big problem in almost every country with farms and gardens because they are huge in number. Moreover, they are the carriers of different diseases. Different methods are available to kill rats but does Jeyes fluid kill rats? No, jeyes fluid

Do Rats Chew Leather

Do Rats Chew Leather? [Facts to Know]

Rats and humans have traditionally lived side by side, but the relationship has never been simple. Rats are pest animals that cause damage to many human-made things because it is in the DNA of rats to chew and eat almost everything. Rats chew many things but do rats chew leather?

Does Cat Smell Deter Rats

Feline Defense: Does Cat Smell Deter Rats ?

Rats can smell predators when they are nearby or when they have established a presence. They can detect scents from predatory birds, reptiles, and even humans. I’m curious if someone has a cat as a pet, does cat smell deter rats? Yes, if they’re smart, cat smell deters rats. Rats

Why Do Squirrels Dig Holes

The Mystery of the Ground: Why Do Squirrels Dig Holes ?

Squirrels dig holes in gardens or yards that are consistently two inches across, shallow, and have little to no surrounding soil. These kinds of gaps are unique to squirrels that only squirrels can dig and distinguish them from other rodents. Now the question is Why Do Squirrels dig Holes? Squirrels

3 Incredible Benefits Of Opossums To The Environment

3 Incredible Benefits Of Opossums To The Environment

The benefits of opossums to the environment will surprise you. Opossums, which some people think of as overgrown rats, are nocturnal marsupial mammals of North America. Aside from their long teeth and spooky appearance, opossums are friends.  • They help in pest control by eating ticks, cockroaches, rats, mice, and

Do Squirrels Carry Lice

Understanding the Link: Do Squirrels Carry Lice

Squirrels, like most animals, can have parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites on their bodies. This mutualistic relation can become parasitic if the parasites’ population starts spreading. The same can happen to squirrels, but do squirrels carry lice? Yes, squirrels do carry lice in their fur like many other furry

Natural Deterrents for Opossums

Natural Deterrents for Opossums : [More Tips To Keep Them Away]

Natural deterrents for opossums are effective in keeping this creature at bay. Anyone with a yard will tell you that opossum and garden can’t be in the same sentence. Neither is living with this creature easy. There are relentless pests whose taste of foliage, flowers, and fruits leaves your backyard

Do Cats And Possums Get Along

Do Cats And Possums Get Along [What´s The Truth]

Possums are solitary animals and avoid interaction with other animals or humans. They prefer living and hunting alone and feel threatened in the presence of other animals. However, often cat owners think, do cats and possums get along?   Surprisingly yes, cats and possums do get along. They might not

Do Squirrels Burrow Under Sheds

Do Squirrels Burrow Under Sheds ?Understanding Squirrel Behavior

Squirrels dig underground to create a safe space for storing food items and hiding. A squirrel burrow is four to five inches in diameter and five to thirty feet in length. Most squirrel burrows are five feet deep but can exceed six feet. Squirrels burrow inside houses and in the

Can Squirrels Climb Rope

Can Squirrels Climb Rope ? Insights into Squirrel Behavior

Squirrels have strong paws, sharp claws, and a strong will. These characteristics enable them to climb many vertical surfaces. But I’m curious, can squirrels climb rope. Yes, squirrels can climb the rope. Squirrels are active and enjoy jumping and climbing on strings to keep them busy and protect themselves from