How To Remove Raccoon Urine Smell?

How To Remove Raccoon Urine Smell

Many animals have a distinct urine smell. This allows them to mark their territory and leave traces behind. It might seem like a Raccoon’s pee smell will not go away, but there are ways by which you can remove its odor. So, how to remove Raccoon Urine Smell? One can get rid of Raccoon’s smell … Read more

Do Possums Dig Holes [Things To Know]

do possums dig holes

Possums can come time and time again to your garden, searching for food and making the most. Many people complain about the damage done to their yards by possums but do possums dig holes?  Yes, possums dig holes. If you look close enough, you will notice the small holes dug in the area. They are … Read more

Can Rats Climb Downspouts [Shocking Facts]

can rats climb downspouts

A downspout is a downpipe that channels rainwater downwards from a roof or a building. Usually, domestic animals can climb downspouts, but can rats climb downspouts to reach the rooftop? Rats are excellent climbers. They can easily climb the downspouts and gutters through their sharp nail feet without any difficulty, usually, they climb downspouts at … Read more

Do Rats Attack Squirrels [Things To Know]

do rats attack squirrels

Many animals have a predator-prey relationship with other animals. The same is the case with rats. They hunt other animals and attack them for survival, but do rats attack squirrels? It is unlikely that a rat will attack squirrels. Usually, both of them don’t even get along with one another. However, they may exist in … Read more

How To Trap Possums: [The New Guide]

How to trap possums

Do you want to trap possums? Perhaps, you feel they have messed up your garden. Or maybe they have created a stinging toilet in your attic or yard. Trapping an opossum can be a scary endeavour for non-experienced trappers. However, they’re a few things you need to know like: Types of possum traps How to … Read more

Can Rats Climb Washing Lines?

can rats climb washing lines

Rats are known for scuttling across the floor and climbing surfaces. Rats are so fast that they can climb almost any surface with their speed and agility, but can rats climb washing lines? Yes, rats can climb washing lines. Although it is rare, some people have observed it. A rat that has acrobatic skills will … Read more

Can Rats Get Into Shipping Containers

can rats get into shipping containers

The shipping containers are made up of heavy metals. They are gigantic structures that are not only strong but also secure. Shipping containers are sealed tightly but can rats get into shipping containers? No, the rats will not be able to get into shipping containers. It is implausible that they will be able to enter … Read more

Where Do Possums Sleep [Places And Time]

where do possums sleep

All animals find a peaceful place for themselves to sleep. They either sleep by hiding behind a bush, climbing a tree, or sometimes underground caves, but where do possums sleep? Possums sleep in the nests inside hollow trees or dens located in caves. They are also found asleep in isolated buildings as well as attics. … Read more

How Do Possums Mate [Interesting Facts]

how do possums mate

Possums have very interesting reproductory systems. Possums mate to make more of their own, but how do possums mate? There are two proposed ways by which they breed.  Possums mate by delivering their sperms inside the female possum. The males have a low sperm count of about 3 million compared to a rabbit’s sperm count, … Read more