Vermont Squirrel Trapping and Hunting Regulations

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Squirrels are cute little furry creatures present in Vermont. However, too many of them can lead to a nuisance. Hence, it is essential to get rid of them. That is why the hunters must learn the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Vermont. 

There are many laws the hunters need to understand before setting out to hunt in Vermont. It is better to follow the official procedures. Moreover, hunters can only hunt in the open season. 

In this article, the readers will read about the various types of squirrels found in Vermont. The readers will also get to know which ones are permissible to hunt and in which manner. To learn more, you must read on. 

Squirrel Types Found In Vermont

There are many squirrel types in Vermont. The hunters like to hunt a different variety of them.

Captive Fox Squirrels

The fox squirrels can live up to 18 years long. The maximum they live is 12.6 years. However, the males live up to a maximum age of 8.6 years. Moreover, these squirrels can survive in a variety of habitats. These squirrels mainly stay on the nuts that are present in their environment. 

Northern Flying Squirrels

The northern flying squirrels live less than four years. The owls are their main predators in Vermont. Moreover, these north-flying squirrels are nocturnal and can only see at night. Squirrels are distinguished by brown or cinnamon-colored fur. Furthermore, they have prominent black eyes.

There are many squirrels in Vermont. However, the hunters cannot hunt them all. 

  1. The hunters can hunt grey squirrels in the state of Vermont.
  2. It is not permissible to hunt down the northern flying squirrels in Vermont. Moreover, this species is endangered and close to extinction.
  3. The hunters can only hunt in the open season.
  4. The authorities keep a check on the population number in Vermont. It is permissible to hunt only those squirrels whose population is a good number. 

Squirrels Hunting Season In Vermont

Like every other state, Vermont also has a particular hunting season. In this, people from all over the state come and hunt in Vermont. The hunters bring their gear around 1st September. This season continues till the end of the year. Most of the squirrels are in southern Vermont.

 That is where the grey squirrels are most in number. The hunters can learn the basics of hunting very well in south Vermont. The authorities only allow those hunters who have a hunting license.

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In Vermont

There are many laws that govern the trapping of squirrels in Vermont. They are as follows:

  1. The authorities permit the use of live trap boxes.
  2. The hunters also make use of cages. However, the cages should be big enough to fit the squirrels properly. Moreover, the authorities do not like it when the animal gets harmed.
  3. Body gripping traps are not permissible. Those hunters who use it have to pay a fine later on.

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels Vermont

Many laws govern the shooting and hunting of squirrels in Vermont. They are as follows:

  1. The hunters can only use a licensed firearm. It must be registered before. 
  2. The hunters can start hunting thirty minutes before the sunrise
  3. Hunting should stop before the sunset
  4. The maximum limit for killing squirrels is 5 per day
  5. The hunters can bag 20 squirrels in a single day.
  6. For a resident, the hunting license costs 28 dollars.
  7. A non-resident hunting license costs 102 USD.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Vermont?

The hunters shoot the squirrels of Vermont in the following ways:

  1. The hunters use 0.22 caliber rifles for hunting 
  2. The authorities also permit using shotguns for hunting squirrels in Vermont. 
  3. The authorities also allow the use of archery equipment in Vermont. However, this method is traditional. 
  4. The hunters can also use slingshots. However, that is not a convenient method as it yields few results. 
  5. The wildlife department permits the wearing of a blaze orange vest or a hat before hunting.

Yes, shooting squirrels with a pellet gun in Vermont is legal. In Vermont, specifically, you must be over the age of 18 to own a pellet gun. The hunter must register the firearm first. However, hunters can also use air rifles as well as air guns.

The state of Vermont does not put any restrictions on owning a weapon. However, hunters cannot shoot near residential areas. The minimum distance is 100 yards between the hunter and the public places.

Yes, it is usually legal to shoot squirrels on property in Vermont. The constitution of Vermont protects the right to trap and hunt squirrels on the hunt. This law has been part of the constitution since 1973 and has remained intact.

However, the hunters must seek permission from the owner. It is better to notify the owner about hunting plans. Otherwise, the landowner can take legal action against you in court. There is no range specified for shooting squirrels on the property. 

Wrapping It Up

On the whole, the hunters need to be aware of the hunting laws in Vermont. It is necessary before setting out to hunt in the shooting lands. Moreover, each hunter should have a hunting license and a registered firearm. The cost of a permit varies for a resident and a non-resident. 

Furthermore, the hunters can use pellet guns to hunt down the squirrels of Vermont. They can also hunt on private property. However, hunting near residential areas is not permissible. The hunters must notify the property owners before hunting. Hunters only carry out hunting activities in the open season. There are consequences if the hunters do not abide by the rules and regulations.