Laws To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In Texas [Quick Guide]

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Each state has its own laws regarding pest control. It’s not any different in Texas. There are several different species of squirrels in the state that can become a problem in your home. You must be curious about the laws to trap and kill squirrels in texas.

In Texas, the people who live there don’t need a license to trap and hunt squirrels. But during the legal open season and possession periods, only licensed squirrel trappers can trap and hunt squirrels.

Some species of squirrel in Texas are protected as game animals that require a license to hunt, trap or kill. Different states have different laws on squirrel trapping and hunting. This blog article has resources for those interested in squirrel hunting and trapping on public lands in Texas.

Squirrel Types Found In Texas

The state of Texas is home to three distinct species of squirrels:

Fox Squirrels

Fox squirrels live in the hills and weigh just under two pounds each. They are the largest tree squirrels. Because they can live in many different types of forests, they are the most common squirrel in Texas.

Most of the time, they live in small patches of deciduous forests. Their favorite foods are acorns, hazelnuts, pecans, and hickory nuts, which grow on trees.

Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels are smaller and tinier than fox squirrels. Grey squirrels can be found near rivers and creeks in the East Texas bottomlands. Gray squirrels make up about 90% of the squirrels in East Texas.

In many ways, they’re like the fox squirrel, but in other ways, they’re very different. The grey squirrel is friendlier and more likely to be found in groups than the fox squirrel.

Flying Squirrels

But almost no one knows or sees them, even though they are common. Like most flying squirrels, this species is nocturnal and lives in the treetops of deciduous forests.

Southern Flying Squirrels often come to bird feeders at night to eat peanuts and pumpkin seeds. These squirrels are very social, and large groups can often be seen foraging, gliding, and resting together. Up to 20 flying squirrels will share a nest during the winter to save energy and stay warm.

  • Two types of squirrels grey and fox squirrels are classified as game animals and are legal to hunt in the Taxes.
  • Many squirrel hunters prefer “still hunting,” sneaking through the woods slowly and discreetly checking tree canopies for hunting these squirrels.
  • It is illegal to pursue any species of nongame squirrel that is listed as threatened or endangered including flying squirrels in Taxes.
  • A hunting license is necessary for the hunting of nongame flying squirrels.

Squirrels Hunting Season In Texas

In Texas, the best time to go squirrel hunting is from early to mid-fall, when the squirrels begin storing food for the winter. Squirrels are most active in the morning as they look for food. The hottest part of the day, they are less active, is the best time to hunt them.

You can hunt squirrels all year in some parts of Texas. In the Panhandle and far west Texas, there is no squirrel hunting season. Gray and fox squirrels can be hunted in Taxes during the squirrel season, which runs from August -February.

From May to June, hunters can mostly hunt squirrels. Texas has the most openings, with 157 counties permitting squirrel hunting throughout the year.

Laws Governing The Hunting Of Squirrels In Texas

Regarding the history and tradition of hunting, everything is bigger in Texas. People from Texas aren’t allowed to hunt wild animals in city limits because it might disturb the peace. But when it comes to hunting game squirrels in taxes, the following laws apply:

  • The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s wildlife management areas permit squirrel hunting.
  • East Texas contains 51 counties with both spring and fall hunting seasons where the hunting of squirrels is legal. 
  • There are 157 more counties in Texas where hunting is legal and you can hunt squirrels the whole year.
  • The only parts of Texas where it is against the law to hunt squirrels are the Panhandle and the far West.
  • About 40 million squirrels are killed by hunters every year in Taxes. 
  • Even though too much hunting can reduce squirrel populations in isolated woods, severe weather and disease have a bigger effect on squirrel populations than hunting.

Laws Governing The Trapping Of Squirrels In Texas

Texas law states that people can’t shoot any animal inside of a city because it could traumatize other animals or people. Residents are allowed to set up traps to safely trap and relocate the animals, but you must first contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

According to the Zoonosis Control Division of the Texas Department of Health, the following laws regulate the trapping of squirrels in the state:

  • No hunting or trapping license is required for landowners or agents to trap squirrels on the land owned by that person at any time, in any number, by any method.
  • But only legal squirrel trappers with licenses can trap squirrels throughout the legal open season and possession periods.
  • Squirrels can be relocated in Taxes, but only with permission from the relevant authorities and the landowner.
  • In Taxes Laws, the department needs to get a monthly report on the number and type of squirrels that were trapped, where they were released, and the name and address of the person who was permitted to do so.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Texas?

You must follow a set of rules if you want to hunt squirrels in taxes. According to Texas law, they include:

  • In many states of Texas, you can hunt and shoot squirrels even if you don’t have a license.
  • In Taxes, there are two main ways to hunt squirrels: still hunting and stand hunting.
  • Still hunting is stalking with short breaks. Take it easy and keep your eyes out for squirrels as you go through the woods.
  • Stand hunting is when you stay in one place for a while to hunt squirrels.
  • Hunters favor a.22-caliber rifle with a scope or a shotgun loaded with #4 or #6 shots.
  • Every year, hunters kill about 40 million squirrels in Taxes.


If a squirrel damages your home or garden, you might be tempted to trap or hunt it to end the constant annoyance. Squirrels can be trapped or hunted in several different ways, but each state has its own method.

Squirrel hunting and trapping are legal in Texas. But during the legal open season and possession periods, only licensed squirrel trappers can trap and hunt squirrels. 

In addition to following the steps, hiring a wildlife control professional to go out and hunt or capture squirrels is essential.