[3] Squirrels Are Legal To Trap And Hunt Squirrels In Rhode Island

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Squirrels are a common sight in Rhode Island. They are seen in the trees as well as on land. The eastern grey squirrels are the common ones. Hence, they dominate the neighborhoods as well as parks. That is why the hunters must be aware of the laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Rhode Island.

There are many laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Rhode Island. These laws are available online as well in the form of code books. Hence, the hunters must abide by these regulations too.

This article aims to provide readers with information on the types of squirrels in Rhode Island. Moreover, it will guide the trapping and hunting of squirrels in Rhode Island.

Squirrel Types Found In Rhode Island

There are many squirrels present throughout Rhode Island. However, the common ones are as follows:

Eastern Grey Squirrels

Eastern Grey Squirrels live in Rhode Island. These squirrels feed on various foods like walnuts, acorns, and hazelnuts. Eastern gray squirrels go into hiding in December and come out when the weather conditions are milder.

American Red Squirrels

The American Red squirrels are famous for their crimson red color. They thrive in the coniferous forests of Rhode Island. Similarly, they like coming to parks, urban areas, and deciduous forests. Also, they feed on the eggs of birds, acorns, and berries. American Red Squirrels have a sweet tooth and drink from the maple trees. 

Hunters can kill specific types of squirrels and not every other. 

  1. The state law (RIGL 20-16-2) allows an owner to eliminate squirrels. 
  2. The hunters can hunt Eastern Grey Squirrels and American Red Squirrels. 
  3. It is not legal to hunt flying squirrels. That is why these squirrels are close to becoming endangered. 
  4. The hunters can hunt squirrels in the open season. However, hunters must ensure that they do not kill any livestock or domestic animals accidentally while chasing squirrels. 
  5. The hunters should also take care not to cause any economic damage. 
  6. It is illegal to trap grey squirrels in the wild. Hunters also cannot keep grey squirrels in captivity.

Squirrels Hunting Season In Rhode Island

Hunters can hunt squirrels in a specific season and not otherwise. The authorities only permit the hunting of squirrels from October to February 28. The shooting hours start from sunrise.

Shooting hours can extend until sunset. On open days, the hunters usually start hunting at around 7:00 am and go on until the sun sets. However, hunters can hunt Raccoons for a longer time duration than squirrels.

Additionally, the authorities do not permit the hunting of squirrels late at night. Authorities do this to ensure the safety of hunters.

Laws Governing Trapping Of Squirrels In Rhode Island

Many laws govern the trapping of squirrels in Rhode island. They are stated as follows: 

  1. The authorities permit the use of box traps as well as adequately sized cages.
  2. Hunters should trap squirrels in seven by seven by nineteen inches traps.
  3.  Authorities permit six by six by-nineteen inches traps for red and gray squirrels.
  4. Hunters use five by five one inches traps for capturing flying squirrels.
  5. Flying squirrels are trapped in the five by five by one inches traps. 
  6. The hunters should set traps near the travel routes of squirrels. Moreover, hunters can also set traps near the den holes of squirrels. 
  7. The hunters must use adequately sealed traps with a tree branch or plywood. 

Laws Governing Shooting And Hunting Of Squirrels Rhode Island

Many laws govern the shooting and hunting of squirrels in Rhode Island. 

  1. The hunters can only shoot up to 5 squirrels per day. 
  2. Hunters can bag around ten squirrels in a day. 
  3. People over the age of twelve need a license. This license is called as Rhode Island Junior Hunting License. 
  4. An adult person has permission to take more junior hunters with him for hunting. 
  5. Only the senior hunter should have a firearm with him.
  6. Hunting and shooting are strongly prohibited near residential areas.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Rhode Island?

You can hunt and shoot squirrels in Rhode Island in many ways. The following are the ways:

  1. Hunters can use 0.22 caliber rifles for hunting down squirrels. 
  2. It is better to take a headshot 
  3. A hunter can shoot up to 5 squirrels per day.
  4. Authorities do not permit the hunting of flying squirrels.
  5. Hunters can carry out shooting activities in the open season from sunrise to sunset.
  6. The hunters can also use slingshots to kill squirrels. However, this is a conventional method and there is no guarantee of results. 

No, it is not legal to shoot squirrels with a pellet gun in Rhode Island. The use of air rifles and BB guns is also not permissible in the state of Rhode Island. Furthermore, the hunters also cannot use the traditional methods of using a bow and arrow to hunt.

Hunters can hunt in whatever way they please on private property. However, on public lands, they have to follow the rules and regulations of the state. Hunters cannot use any type of gun near schools, colleges, and residential areas. Hunters need to go hunting in the areas defined by the State’s government.  

Yes, shooting squirrels on property in Rhode Island is legal as long as you own the land yourself. No person can discharge any firearm or a BB gun in confined areas. Unless hunters own land, they cannot go shooting in it.

Furthermore, hunters need to seek permission from the owner of the land. Also, they need to tell about the firearm they will use. This ensures the safety of an owner’s land and property from any damage that may be caused during hunting

Wrapping It Up

On the whole, there are laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Rhode Island. The hunters need to be aware of them. Authorities make sure that the hunters follow the rules and abide by them. Moreover, It is legal to hunt and trap squirrels in Rhode Island. Additionally, hunters can use multiple firearms for shooting down squirrels from morning to sunset.

Private property owners can hunt down squirrels on their land. Furthermore, the hunters can also seek permission from them to hunt squirrels. Overall, the hunters acquire a license before pursuing it on the grounds of Rhode Island. It is not permissible to hunt near residential and public areas.