Massachusetts Squirrel Trapping and Hunting Laws

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Squirrels are a nuisance when they nest in homes and buildings and dig holes to bury and recover food. If you live in Massachusetts and want to hunt or catch squirrels, you must be aware of the applicable laws to trap and hunt squirrels in Massachusetts.

Under Massachusetts law, it is illegal to catch and relocate wild animals. In Massachusetts, you need a license to hunt and trap squirrels.  Therefore, convince the Director of the Department that the squirrel is causing property damage. You may be able to get a license.

Those interested in squirrel hunting or trapping in Massachusetts can learn about the regulations through this online blog.

Squirrel Types Found In Massachusetts

Most of the time, you’ll see grey and red squirrels in Massachusetts:

Gray Squirrel

  • In Massachusetts, you can find both grey and red squirrels. Gray squirrels live everywhere, even on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. 
  • Grey squirrels are eastern grey squirrels. 
  • Gray squirrels are related to chipmunks, woodchucks, and flying squirrels.
  • Gray squirrels are most active at dawn and dusk but they only move around during the day in the winter.

Red Squirrels

  • Red squirrels don’t live on either island of Massachusetts. 
  • Red squirrels are pine squirrels.
  • Red squirrels are also related to chipmunks, woodchucks, and flying squirrels.
  • Red squirrels are active during the day. But when it’s boiling in the middle of the day, they might take a break. During harsh winter weather, they may stay in their nests and not do anything.
  • In Massachusetts, squirrels are an essential part of the natural environment. 
  • They are game species and have controlled hunting seasons and management programs for them.
  • Because grey squirrels are classified as a game species in Massachusetts, and it’s legal to hunt them.
  • Anyone interested in hunting or trapping must first get a valid basic hunting license.
  • During October and January, hunters have the chance to hunt both grey squirrels.
    It is against the law to hunt flying squirrels or red squirrels in Massachusetts.

Squirrels Hunting Season In Massachusetts

The hunting of only grey squirrels is legal in the state of Massachusetts. The hunting season starts in October and continues until January in Zones 10–14 and begins the September and continues until January in Zones 1–9. Except during shotgun deer hunting season.

Laws Governing The Hunting Of Squirrels In Massachusetts

Make sure you know the laws before you go on a squirrel hunt:

  • When looking at dates, keep in mind that they are all-inclusive. On Sundays, you can’t go hunting. During shotgun hunting season, you can’t hunt squirrels at all.
  • Hunting times are half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset.
  • In Massachusetts, you need a license to hunt grey squirrels, which you can get through MassFishHunt.
  • When hunting grey squirrels on WMAs stocked with pheasant or quail, hunters must wear hunter-orange caps.
  • It is against the law for hunters to leave a dead or injured game animal in the field.

Laws Governing The Trapping Of Squirrels In Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game has many laws regarding the trapping of squirrels:

  • In Massachusetts, it is against the law to trap wildlife.
  • Frequently, individuals wish to trap a squirrel and release it somewhere else. It is illegal to transport any wild animal from one location to another.
  • However, you can trap gray squirrels but with a valid trapping license. Therefore, if you can convince the Department Director that the squirrel is causing property.  You could get a license.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Squirrels In Massachusetts?

  • Using bows and shotguns to hunt Gray squirrels during pheasant and quail season is the best option.
    Use a Shotguns smoothbore muzzleloaders for hunting squirrels 
  • Archery equipment is best to hunt squirrels.
  • Use a bowstring-based gadget.
  • You may not use poison arrows, explosive tips, mechanical bows, or devices that launch arrows, darts, or bolts using gunpowder, compressed air, or other means. Using Crossbows for hunting squirrels with a valid permit.
  • Using Rifles, handguns, and rifled muzzleloaders is banned in zones 10–14 for hunting squirrels. However, Rifles and handguns are permitted in zones 1–9.


Because squirrels can be a nuisance and can be hazardous. Squirrels are frequently the target of hunting, trapping, and relocating all across the United States. However, such actions are against the law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The hunting and trapping of squirrels excessively or brutally are restricted here.

To get rid of squirrels in Massachusetts, we may always attempt different strategies instead of hunting them. Gray Squirrel hunting is legal for those who have a valid license hunting license. but trapping and relocating the squirrel is strictly prohibited.