Do Rats Attack Quail? Let’s Uncover the Facts

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Rats are omnivorous scavengers that devour almost anything they come across. They are lazy and slow hunters and are attracted to food sources that provide them with energy for a long duration. Apart from fruits and vegetables, rats eat small animals. Do you think, do rats attack quail?

Rats can attack quail even from behind the small cage wire. The quail are small and helpless animals. Therefore, it is easy prey for many scavengers, including rats. Astonishingly, research states that the rats enjoy the taste of quail.

Continue reading this article till the end to find more detail about rats’ attacks on quails and methods to prevent them.

Can Rats Eat Quail?

Yes, rats can eat quail. Rats are attracted to quails and enjoy them like a feast. Rats are small and can squeeze through tiny holes as small as one to three inches. It is common to find dead quails in the morning.

The pet quails are the easy target.

As the rats are nocturnal creatures, that means are active at night. Their attacks become effortless while the bird is sleeping. Rats can eat the quail right through the wire.

Sometimes pet owners can find the body. But in many cases, only quail heads or remains were found nearby the cage.

Quail Attacked By Rats

The quail is a small, fragile bird. It is mainly the target of nocturnal creatures and is prone to the attack of foxes, hawks, raccoons, coyotes, dogs, and rats.

These animals attack the quail while it is sleeping and devour it instantly. Sometimes it might get away from the predator, but the injuries can lead the bird to death.

Rats are clever and can chew almost everything to get to the food source. The pet quails inside the cage are an easy target for rats. They can chew the wired cage to get inside and attack the bird.

The quail attacked by rats need rescue and care immediately. Else they will die from injuries.

Do Rats Eat Quail Eggs?

Quails and their eggs are vulnerable to many predators. Rats enjoy the bird eggs found in the nest. Therefore, they do eat quail eggs. Domestic birds are the most effortless target of the rats as they get easy access to them.

A rat can attack the quail bird nest and sneak out with its egg or can enjoy the feast in the cage. It makes a hole in the egg and likes out its content.

Rats prefer the food that keeps them full for days and provides multiple nutrition, and quail eggs are one of the favorite food items of the rats.

Can A Rat Get Into A Quail Cage?

Rats can get into a quail cage as they are small and can get inside through the small holes. Also, rats can chew through almost everything, including plastic, rubber, wood, concrete, and metal.

It is nothing complicated for rats to chew the wire mesh of a quail cage.

To prevent rats from getting into the quail cage, seal all the holes and use half-inch galvanized mesh around the quail cage.

How Do I Keep Rats Out Of My Quail Cage?

Quails are wild birds, but many bird lovers keep them as a pet. Quails have many predators. Therefore, bird owners need to find ways to keep the birds protected from wild animals such as raccoons and rats.

Secure Structures

Often bird owners keep the quails in the backyard with lousy structure cages. It is essential to cover the area with a shelter to keep your birds protected and get a proper pen or cage made to keep the birds in it.

The old birdcages with rust and huge gaps provide easy access for rats. I recommend using half-inch thick mesh around the quail pen to keep the rats out. The sturdy mesh will prevent rats from chewing through it.

Installing Iron Sheets

Installing iron sheets inside or on the roof of the quail pen will provide double protection against predators. However, avoid completely covering the cage with iron sheets in hot climate regions as it can cause heatstroke and extreme dehydration in birds.

Attach Tray

Rats can attack the quail through the holes in the wire cage. To rat-proof, attach a tray at the bottom of the quail cage. Placing the quail pen with nothing underneath makes the rat work easier. You can also build a concrete slab to put the quail pen.

Use Rat Traps

Rat traps or glue boards are the most common and effective methods to get rid of rats. Place the traps near your quail pen. Each trap must be at least fifteen feet apart from another. Place the traps inside cartons or milk boxes to avoid other animals slipping into them.

Natural Repellents

There are many natural repellents that you can use to stop the rats from sneaking into the quail pen. If you have a quail pen installed in your yard, grow plants that can scare away rats.

Rats have sensitive olfactory receptors and can smell things from miles away. Grow garlic, onion, tomatoes, eucalyptus, pepper, lavender, and oregano in your yard.


Rats are predators of many birds, including quail. The quail are fragile and very vulnerable to any attacks by the predator.

Domestic quail are the most common and easy target of rats. The rats can attack the quail through the holes in the cage. They can also chew through the metal mesh wire to create space to get inside the quail pen. Rats not only eat mature quail but can also devour a quail egg. It will make a hole in the egg and will lick the content.

To prevent rats from attacking the quail, ensure that the cage is tightly secured and protected against rats. Feel free to comment below if you have any more questions.


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