Do Rats Attack Ducks? Discover the Facts

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Rats will attack anything for food. They are scavengers and meticulous attackers. Pet owners are always worried about their vulnerable and weak animals like chickens and ducks. Therefore, they often ask, do rats attack ducks?

Yes. Rats do attack ducks. Ducks are at more risk of attacks by predators than any other small animals because they have no physical capabilities to counter the attack. Ducks have round beaks, and their toes are not sharp enough to cause an injury. Domestic ducks cannot even fly to save themselves.

This article will explain more about rats’ attacks on ducks and methods to prevent it, so read it till the end.

Can Rats Hurt Ducks?

Rats can hurt ducks in multiple ways. Ducks are vulnerable to the attack of rodents. They might die instantly, and some will bleed to death.

Rats can attack the duck house in the middle of the night and will kill a few ducks and enjoy the feast on it. Some rats are bold and can kill ducks during the daytime as well.

Even when you have a quiet rat visiting the duck house without injuring ducks, it is still dangerous because rats are the carrier of multiple infections that can infect ducks and make them severely ill.

Do Rats Eat Duck?

Ducks are an easy target for rats because they are helpless and will show on self-dense except for quacking. Starving rats are ugly eaters and will devour any animal that is easily accessible to them.

Most of the rats pull out the duck head instantly, and they take them in hiding to eat and save.

In May 2015 post on an online forum grabbed the attention of many people, including the counselor.

The concerned person later told the local newspaper that the rats in the area are so massive and fearless that they attack ducks during the day and eat them right away in the park with many people around.

Will Ducks Kill Rats?

Astonishingly, yes. Ducks can kill rats and mice. It is not unknown that rats are greedy, and they invade any place that provides food and the duck house is no exception.

It is difficult for duck owners to handle the rat invasion of the duck house.

Ducks can eat small rats and mice as part of their diet. Some ducks living in the wild even hunt for small rats to eat.

However, it is not safe for ducks to feast on rodents as they are filthy and carry several diseases which can make the ducks sick, especially the domestic ducks.

Do Rats Attack Ducklings?

Rats are famous for killing young ducks. Ducklings are weak and small, even more, vulnerable than an adult ducks. It is effortless for rats to attack and take away ducklings.

Rat are sneaky hunters. They will swiftly carry their target often without leaving any traces.

Duck owners often confuse an attack on ducklings with their run-away behavior.

A concerned person posted online that about nine ducklings were hatching one day, and in the following week, three had already left the place. After a search, they found that it was a rat attack.

Can Ducks Attract Rats?

Rats are greedy and will invade any area with food. A rat can eat anything from freshly cooked food to raw food items, left-overs, pet food, and even pet waste.

Ducks can attract rats because of the duck feed. Therefore, the duck house is very much attractive to the rats. They do not find ducks as fascinating as the duck feed and the waste.

Rats will find a way to get inside their house and munch on the duck feed. If the rat is starving, it might devour the entire duck or take away the duckling or duck egg along with it.

Do Ducks Keep Rats Away?

Keeping ducks in your house is not enough to scare away the rats. In reality, farming ducks will attract rats due to the duck feed. Wild ducks can eat small rats, but they will not search for rats to eat.

Ducks are not rat or mouse predators. They might eat one if they find one but will not kill the rats visiting your home.

You will have to look for methods to get rid of rats from your house and the duck canopy.

How Do Ducks Protect Themselves From Rats?

Ducks are vulnerable to the attack of predators. They have almost no self-dense. It has around the beak, and the claws are not sharp. If a rat attacks the duck, its first instinct will be to run or fly.

However, domestic birds hardly fly. When they are under attack, they will try to run. But mostly, there is no running space, or ducks cannot run as fast as rats. They end up becoming a victim.

Do Rats Attack Ducks For Meat?

Starving rats are a nightmare for duck and chicken owners. Rats can attack ducks for meat. If they do not find anything to eat, they will kill small and helpless animals like ducks.

In some cases, rats enjoy eating ducks that they keep coming back until they are poisoned, and the ducks are moved away.

How To Keep Rats Away From Ducks

Rats are sneaky, mischievous little creatures that will find every way to get inside the coop. The invasion of rats in the duck house is dangerous in multiple ways.

Although their target is duck feed, they can attack ducks and their eggs. Plus, rats carry several diseases that can infect the ducks.

Therefore, you need to keep the rats out of the duck house. Mentioned below are a few methods to handle the rat invasion.

Clean The Coop

Keeping the duck coop clean is one of the essential strategies for getting rid of rats invasion. Rats visit the duck coup for feed and waste. As surprising as it may sound, rats are filthy.

They eat pet waste. Dirty and unkempt places attract rats. The coops can be breeding rats unless you clean them regularly. Clean all the duck waste and get rid of the leftover duck feed.

If you have placed the duck coop outside, make sure the surrounding area is clean too, with no overgrown bushes and vegetation. Neither place the house dustbins near it.

Install Hardware Cloth

Rats can attack ducks behind the wire cages. They have sharp claws and incisors. It is effortless for rats to chew on the wire cage and get inside the coop.

Therefore, build the coup with a narrow mesh network. If necessary, install thick hardware metal cloth on its exterior.

It will be rather difficult for rats to chew on half-inch thick metal cloth, and with the narrower mesh gap, they will not be able to put their claws inside the coop.

Store Feed Away From The Coop

The main reason for rats’ invasion of the duck house is feed. They usually come after the food duck is eating and will go to any length to snatch that way from the duck.

It will be worst if you store the feed inside the duck house. The rats visiting the duck coop will probably never leave.

Rats will keep coming back because they are greedy and settle near any place that provides them with plenty of food sources.

Therefore, store the feed far away from the duck house. Inside the big heavy containers so that rats cannot find them.

Glue Boards And Rat Traps

An effective way of getting rid of rats that keep coming near your ducks is using rat traps or glue boards. Glue boards or rat traps are available at almost every nearby store.

Purchase them and place them at least fifteen feet apart. You might have to keep the boards for a few days to catch the rats.

However, be extra careful if you have pets because they can get stuck to the boards. To tackle this issue, place the traps or boards inside small cartons like milk or cereal boxes from which only rats can pass through.


The organic way of keeping the rats away from the duck house is by using repellents. You can use natural and artificial repellents.

The natural repellents include lavender, eucalyptus, pepper, garlic, oregano, onion, tomatoes, and coffee. The scent of these plants from your house or yard will keep rats away.

Another approach is using ammonia-soaked rags or even keeping a pet cat. The smell of a cat will scare the rats away.


Poison is the first method that comes to mind in getting rid of rats. However, many do not recommend this method because poison takes hours to work. Plus, a poisoned rat can infect another animal if it feeds on it.

Additionally, it is highly not recommended for people with pets as a domestic animals can also accidentally eat the poison.


It is not uncommon for rats to attack ducks. Rats are usually attracted to duck feed. They will probably never leave if they find their way to the duck house. Any place with plenty of food and no predators is a favorite place of rats.

On visits to duck houses, rats can devour one or two mature ducks, ducklings, and even eggs. Unfortunately, ducks are vulnerable and have no natural capabilities to fight rats.

Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the duck from near the duck house. You find the method of getting rid of rats from the duck house above.