Rats vs. Pigeons: Do Rats Attack Pigeons

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Rats are known for attacking and capturing live prey. They usually do this by going to chicken coops and bird aviaries. Rats are quick to attack and typically attack the slow-responding victims first, but do rats attack pigeons?

Yes, rats attack pigeons. They do it in the open as pigeons are slow-moving birds and do not immediately fly away. Only when a rat has started attacking a pigeon does it fly away from it by flapping its wings in desperation? 

In this article, we will look at how rats attack pigeons and what can be done to prevent pigeons from being attacked by rats

Rat And Bird

Rats have a well-known predator-prey relationship with birds. They will attack them and eat them.

Likewise, big birds like hawks and falcons, etc., can grab rats between their claws and eat them up in no time at all. 

However, the rats can only attack small birds, like sparrows and pigeons. Rats are omnivores and can resort to eating birds to fulfilling their needs. 

Do Rats Kill Birds?

Rats are known for killing all small moving animals in their surroundings. Be it fish, lizards, or small birds. A rat wants all and does not limit itself to specifics. 

Having more options open has proven advantageous for rats in terms of survival.

It also means that a rat cannot run out of food sources; that is why it can produce many of its progeny and propagates in the ecosystem. 

Do Birds Attack Rats?

Yes, it is not only the rats that attack birds; the birds can also attack them. Raptors like falcons, hawks, and eagles are always eyeing rats and picking them for killing them and eating them up. 

The red-tail hawks and American kestrels are pretty famous for specifically targeting rats and getting rid of them in an area. They act as biological controls for reducing the population of rats in an area. 

Are Rats Attracted To Pigeons?

Pigeons attract pests like mice and rats towards themselves—the rats feed on the diet of pigeons lying out in the open. Also, if the rats come across a freshly killed pigeon, it eats it off. 

Pigeons are quick to breed, and the next hatch is ready even before the previous ones have come out.

That is why the pigeon population continues to grow, attracting tiny pests to enter their area.

Can Rat Kill A Pigeon?

Rats can kill pigeons by secretly creeping by behind them and then attacking them all of a sudden, grabbing them between their claws tightly. Rats have often been filmed attacking pigeons, even on a busy street. 

The battle is usually a fight to escape death. The pigeons try to flee by flapping their wings in the eyes of the rats, but the rats are quick to sink their teeth into a pigeon’s body.

It is not long before a pigeon stops defending itself and falls lifeless. 

Do Rats Eat A Baby Pigeon?

Be it baby pigeons or adult ones; the rats will eat both of them. As if this is not enough, the rats eat pigeon eggs when they are not around to guard them. 

The baby pigeons are even more accessible for a rat to attack and eat as they are easily caught by the rat and are relatively easier to kill.

As mentioned before, rats will eat nearly everything in their surroundings. 

Do Pigeons Keep Rats Away?

No, the pigeons do not keep rats away. They invite the rats over as predators. The pigeons live in flocks and seldom will you see a pigeon alone. 

So, seeing a lot of pigeons in an area acts as an open invitation for the rats to come and attack.

However, it is not always that the rats will win. Some pigeons strike back fiercely and end up killing the rat. 

Are Pigeons The Rats Of The Sky?

The pigeons have often been referred to as ‘rats of the sky. This is because pigeons will make a snack on leftovers present in a food place.

Moreover, they roam the earth in groups, picking up whatever little edible food they can encounter. 

All these characteristics are much similar to that of the rats. That is why pigeons have often been called a rat with wings. 

Do Pigeons Cause Rats?

Pigeons are home to many tiny pests, including mites, lice, and fleas. Pigeons not only attract smaller ones but also bigger ones like rats. 

The rats are there to feed on captured live pigeons and feed on the dead ones. The pigeons start dispersing to escape rats and prevent themselves from being captured by them. 

How To Save Pigeon From Rat?

The pigeons are out in the open, and they need to be protected from sudden rat attacks. The following measures can be taken to keep the rats away from pigeons for good: 

  • You can make sure that the bird feeders do not leak from any place. 
  • The leftovers from pigeons should be cleared away immediately. 
  • The place where pigeons live should be clean and remain that way. 
  • Rat snaps should be installed should the rat population exceed and become out of control. 
  • One can use different odors as rat repellents like red peppers, cloves, garlic, and peppermint oil.
  • You can also deter the rats away by placing rat poison inside food baits. The rat will eat them and die due to toxicity.


Rats attack pigeons commonly and prey on them. Pigeons are easily scared away by rats. Once a pigeon has been caught by a rat, it means it dies soon enough Rats can attack other birds as well. You can keep your birds safe by adopting safety measures timely.

These include the installation of rat snaps, and using rat poisons and odors that deter rats. Moreover, you can reduce bird feed spills so that rats are not glued to the place where pigeons reside.