Budgies vs Rats: Do Rats Attack Budgies

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Many bird owners complain of screaming birds in the middle of the night. Some even find injured or dead birds in the morning. It is not unusual to discover a headless or injured budgie as they have many predators. While searching for budgie predators, people often question, do rats attack budgies?

Yes, rats attack budgies. Rats can attack live prey, for instance, birds’ aviaries and chicken coops. A rat usually starts by attacking the eggs first. Then it proceeds towards looking for tiny chicks. 

Last but not least, as the rat matures, it gains enough strength to attack a budgie and consume it as a food source. 

Can Rats Harm Budgies?

Yes, rats can attack budgies and harm them. Cats, rats, dogs, and most predatory animals have bacteria present in their saliva. This bacterium is called Pasteurella. 

This particular bacterium is harmful to birds and is the leading cause of their death if a predatory animal has attacked them. 

Are Rats Scared Of A Budgie?

No rats are not scared of budgies. It is actually the other way. Budgies cannot harm rats, but rats can cause injuries to budgies.

Wild rats will attack budgies due to instinct, but research shows almost fifty percent of pet rats do not cause such harm. However, it is better to keep your bird safe from the rat.

When extremely hungry or in a wild mood, even pet rats can cause scratches on the pet budgie claws. It is better to keep them both separate for their safety.

Can A Rat Get Into A Bird Cage?

A rat will create a tunnel to reach the birdcage to attack birds. A rat wants to shoot a bird so that it feeds on it. It is better to hang the birdcage next to a wall and keep them away from the reach of rats. 

Do Rats Eat Budgies?

When a rat attacks a budgie, it also kills it if it gets the chance. After killing it, the rat will treat itself to a meal. Rats can be brutal killers as well sometimes. Reports state that they have found beheaded budgies after rat attacks.

Would A Rat Kill A Budgie?

Yes, rats can kill a budgie for fulfilling its nutritional needs. It is hard to keep rats out of a bird aviary.

A rat would like to come back to it repeatedly to hunt down budgies and have them for meals. 

The best chance of grabbing a budgie is when they are caught off guarded. Rats quickly sneak up behind them and attack with their tiny paws. 

A rat is very swift in its movements, and a rat can quickly kill a budgie if it does not fly away. 

Can Rats Live With Birds?

Yes, it is possible. But only as long as the bird remains inside the cage. Otherwise, the wild rats end up eating the bird for a meal. If it is a domesticated rat, it can live next to a bird without jumping on it or attacking it in any other way.

However, if the bird is let out of the cage in front of wild rats, the rats will not think twice before attacking the bird and having it for its food.

How Do You Know If Your Budgie Is Hurt?

Budgie can get traumatized from the rat attack. A few years ago, a concerned pet owner posted on an online forum about a budgie who refused to fly after an attack by a rat that killed its companion.

It is essential to be concerned about your pets because they are your responsibilities. When you hear your bird screaming in the middle of the night, it is better to check it.

When your budgie is attacked or hurt, it will be quiet and lying in the corner of the birdcage.

Extreme blood loss in birds can cause fever. The budgie will not eat and will be inactive. In either case, take the bird to the vet.

Does Bird Feed Attract Rats?

Yes, bird feed attracts rats. However, if it is done correctly, it will not invite the rats to a place with birds.

If you have budgies as pets and also have rats in the yard, you must not leave the source of bird feed unguarded.

Rats are known for climbing washing lines and even for reaching bird feed. However, if you plan on killing the rat, the bird’s feed can be used as an incentive to lure the rats into the open before shooting them down.

This is an effective way of reducing the number of rats in your yard. However, it would be best if you took appropriate measures to keep the budgies safe from rat attacks.

What Can I Feed Birds That Won’t Attract Rats?

It is not only the budgies but also their food that attracts the rats. That is why you can change your birds’ diet by offering them food that does not invite the rats over for a meal as well. 

That is why no waste bird food is chosen. Feeding options are available that reduce the amount of waste dropped. This way a rodent’s temptation can be reduced. You can also feed your birds the following meals:

  • Shelled peanuts
  • Hullet millet 
  • Sunflower hearts 
  • Nectar
  • Cracked Corn 
  • Thistle

Do Rats And Birds Get Along

They can get along as long as they do not attack one another. They have a risky relationship as the saliva of a rat has Pasteurella bacteria which is lethal for birds.

For those people who have birds as pets, you should keep the rats away from them for as long as possible. 

How Do You Keep Rats Out Of Bird Cages?

Rats are a risk to the budgie’s safety. They cannot only injure them, but they can devour them in minutes.

Rats are ugly eaters. It is not a pretty sight to find your half-eaten birds in the morning. Therefore, you must know all the tips and tricks to keep the rats away from the budgie cages.

Seal The Holes

Firstly, ensure no holes in the cage for rats to squeeze through. If you find any gap in the mesh, securely close it. It is better to keep an eye on the area after that. Rats are clever and can find new and multiple places to make holes.

If you have placed the budgie cage near the door with no floor protection, it is better to keep a check on the nearby walls and ground for holes.

Rats can chew through the concrete to make tunnels to get to the food sources.

Uplift The Budgie Cages

You probably do not want your pet budgies to go through the trauma of the rat’s attack.

Therefore, keep the birdcages high above the ground. The birdcage must not directly touch the ground as it provides easy access for rats to get in.

Elevation of the birdcage decreases the chances of a rat’s attack.

Keep The Budgie Cage Clean

Rats are attracted to dirty places with pet waste and leftovers. Clean the cage regularly.

It will decrease the chance of the bacteria attacking the birds. Bonus, it will keep the rats away.

Birds can create a lot of mess, especially while eating. The bird feeder can be the main point of attraction for the rats to make their way into the budgie cages.

Therefore, at night clean the cage and take out the feeder. Also, ensure that you give the budgie cage a deep clean at least once a fortnight.

Rat Repellents And Boards

The easiest and most preferable method to get rid of rats attacking your birds is using repellents.

Natural rat repellents are as effective as artificial, or even better. You can grow rat-repellent plants near the cage, such as eucalyptus, garlic, onion, tomatoes, oregano, lavender, and pepper.

The other commonly used method is using glue boards. It is the most effective trick.

Place the glue boards near the budgie cage and check them in the morning. After continuous use, you will get rid of the rats completely. Rats will avoid coming near the area.

Install A Hardware Cloth

Install a half-inch thick metal hardware cloth with small holes if the cage wire has wide gaps.

It will prevent rats from chewing on the cage and eventually keep the budgies safe. It is better to build your birdcage with sturdy metal with narrow mesh.


Rats are budgie predators. They can eat the bird alive. Rats are clever and chew through almost everything to get access to food. Wild rats are the most common attackers of the budgie. They can eat the budgie through the wire cage.

Seeing a half-eaten pet bird is not a pretty sight. Therefore, it is essential to keep budgies protected and safe from such wild creatures. Keep the pet budgie in a securely closed elevated cage. Also, keep the birdcage clean and place rat repellents and glue boards near it.