How To Get Rid Of Pigeons With Antifreeze?

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If you are looking for an answer, How to get rid of pigeons with Antifreeze? Then antifreeze is a deadly substance that can kill pigeons. It is readily available in the market. Antifreeze is given in small amounts. Pigeons die shortly afterward.

The answer is simple. The pigeons drop dead after taking this poison. A pigeon then has very little time to fly away. Hence, it dies on your property in a short time.

Read the full article to know more about the steps and details to get rid of pigeons with antifreeze.

How to Kill Pigeons With Antifreeze
How to Kill Pigeons With Antifreeze

Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Pigeons With Antifreeze

  • Lay a giant net on the ground first.
  • Then feed the pigeons with food or water containing Antifreeze.
  • Next, the poison starts working, and the pigeons will lay lifeless. Most of the pigeons will prefer staying where they are.
  • Pick up their bodies collectively in the net and throw them away.

Is Anti-freeze Toxic To Pigeons?


Antifreeze is a toxic poison. It has the same effect on birds as well as animals. The poison has ethylene glycol in it and tastes sweet. That is why many animals tend to take it as bait.

Moreover, Antifreeze causes drowsiness in pigeons. It makes breathing difficult. This poison causes involuntary movement in pigeons for a short while before they suffocate and die.

Antifreeze is a very toxic substance. Though it is an effective way to get rid of pigeons, poisons to kill animals are still banned in many countries.

What Is The Best Way To Poison Pigeons?

Poisoning birds is easy. You can add poison to their water or food. Once the poison has been ingested, it starts producing its effect rapidly.

One should know the area where pigeons come down to feed. The best way of introducing poison to a pigeon’s body is through food. This acts as bait for the pigeons. Some toxins dissolve well in water.

Such kinds of poisons us be added to a bowl full of water. When the pigeons descend to drink water, the poison will flow into their bloodstream and produce its desired effects.

What Liquid Kills Pigeons?

Thallium is a liquid that can be administered in pigeons by oral consumption and inhalation. This liquid poison is tasteless. The toxin can be added to a water reservoir or mixed with the feed of pigeons.

Thallium causes vomiting, nausea, and pain in pigeons. Soon after, the pigeons die. Antifreeze produces similar effects, but it targets the nervous system more. Ultimately, this results in a pigeon’s death.

Will Pigeons Drink Antifreeze?

Antifreeze or ethylene glycol is a concentrated liquid. If you give it to pigeons in a concentrated form, there is a high chance they will not drink it. If, however, a small amount of Antifreeze is mixed with water, the pigeons will take it as bait.

The pigeons cannot differentiate between regular water and water that has been mixed with Antifreeze. That is why when they will drink water from a reservoir, they will drink Antifreeze indirectly.

Are Birds Attracted To Antifreeze?

Yes, pigeons and other birds are attracted to Antifreeze. The main ingredient is Ethylene Glycol (CH2OH)2. This ingredient has a swell taste and a pleasant smell.

Due to this, birds like starlings, pigeons, and animals like mice, chipmunks, rats, squirrels, cats, and dogs are attracted. A pigeon consumes it there and then. The poison takes very little time to produce its effect.

Can You Poison Pigeons?

Poison Pigeons

Like all other animals and birds, pigeons can be poisoned too. The fastest way to kill pigeons is by giving them poison. The best way to poison a pigeon is by giving them poison along with the diet on a rooftop or their nesting areas.

However, the problem of removing their dead bodies is a challenging task. Usually, the pigeons start dying out there and then. But for some pigeons, the time may extend.

As a result, the pigeons start flying away to a different site. Since a pigeon is suffering and suffocating from the inside, it flies in desperation for air. It drops dead once it has utilized all of its energy to escape the effects of poison.

Soaking Corn In Antifreeze

Soaking Corn In Antifreeze

If the corn has been soaked in ethylene glycol and later consumed by pigeons, it will lead to their death as now the poison has been a part of their diet. 

The corn are dispersed in the feeding area of the pigeons, where they come down to eat. This is an effective method of getting rid of a lot of pigeons in one go. Other diets like barley or wheat can also be soaked in Antifreeze. 

How Fast Does Antifreeze Kill Birds?

Even if Antifreeze is consumed in small amounts, it is toxic for the birds. Antifreeze is basically a liquid that is used for cooling motor vehicle engines. It helps in regulating the average temperature of your car. 

If it is given to pigeons or the pigeons consume it indirectly, Antifreeze proves to be lethal. It will immediately set a series of reactions in the body of a pigeon, due to which the pigeon will die within a matter of minutes. 

Antifreeze Soaked Bread

Antifreeze Soaked Bread

Humans often break a single piece of bread into small pieces for feeding pigeons and other birds. If the same slice of bread is soaked in Antifreeze, the bread absorbs all the ethylene glycol.

When the small pieces of bread are dispersed on a rooftop or nesting areas of pigeons, it acts as poisoned bread for the pigeons and suffocates them to death.

Antifreeze acts by directly affecting the nervous system of the pigeons. It induces respiratory tract contraction, due to which a pigeon feels suffocated. Moreover, the compound is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to kidney failure.


Antifreeze is a poisonous liquid that is given to pigeons so that they can be killed on a larger scale. However, getting rid of their dead bodies is an issue that needs attention.

Pigeons usually drop dead after taking this lethal poison. However, there is a high chance that they will find small corners in residential areas to die. The best way is to put a net around them so that they can be caught in their feeding areas.


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