Do Possums Spray Urine [How To Get Rid]

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The presence of scent glands is widespread in many animals. The same is the case for possums. Like most other animals, possums have a red-brown gland on their chest and between their front legs. But do possums spray Urine?

Possums spray Urine from their pouch region. They also rub their glands on a tree trunk. They do so to mix the scent with droppings as well as Urine. This is done to mark the territory of possums. 

In this article, we will look at the reasons for this particular behavior and why possums depict this from place to place. 

What Does Possum Spray Smell Like?

Possum spray is not one of the ideal smells you want to expose your nostrils. Possums emit smells that resemble dead, rotting animals. Possums are known to ‘play possum or play dead’ whenever any threat is near. 

The odor is so repulsive for some predators that they cannot even withstand it. Some animals mistake possums for being dead and pass by without even fully noticing it. 

What Does Possum Urine Smell Like?

There is a strong ammonia smell which is caused by the Urine of possums. This foul smell is also emitted when the possums are playing dead in front of their predators. This serves as a lifeline ticket for the possums to stay alive. 

However, the possum spray is a liquid that one needs to keep away from as it can have ticks, fleas, and diseases like leptospirosis. 

Does Possum Pee Stink? 

Yes, possum pee stinks very severely. The Urine is yellow. It is similar to the mammalian Urine. However, the stains that it leaves behind are dark. However, the possum pee is more pungent than most animals. It can be smelled from afar. 

Do Possums Spray Scent?

The possums do not spray as much as skunks do. However, possums also emit a foul-smelling liquid called their Urine. 

It does not have a scent, but rather it has a very stinking smell. This is done for two main reasons:

  • To keep the predators away for as long as possible 
  • To keep mark, the territory of a possum 

Both of these serve advantageous for the possums as they can be kept safe and alive. There is no fear of the attack from the predators. Moreover, the territory can be retained. 

Does Human Urine Repel Possum?

No, the Urine of humans is not enough to repel a possum away as humans are not predators of possums. Its own predator’s Urine can only repel a possum. In this case, possums get scared away from a fox’s Urine. 

If a possum smells a fox’s Urine in the vicinity, it runs away to the other side. It is out of fear of the possums being caught by a fox and being eaten by them. 

Does Possum Urine Kill Plants?

It is not their Urine that kills plants, but rather, it is the possums’ behavioral activities that kill them. The most common type of destruction caused by a possum is:

1) Uprooting the plants to dig holes as their hideouts

2) Leaving their dropping behind as repellants, so no animals come near the crops. 

In regions where the possum population is so much more, for instance, in Australia, they carry out a mass killing of possums to keep their fields away from destruction by possum activities. 

Do Possums Pee Where They Sleep?

Generally, possums use their urine spray or dropping to mark territory and keep their predators away. However, possums will not pee or excrete fecal matter while in a place where they have to take a nap. 

They pee at a distant site from where they can sleep. It is also done to misguide any predator, mistaking the predator into thinking that the possum was here while, in actuality, it is not. 

Do Possums Pee When Scared?

It is often read that some animals pee when they are scared. The same is the case for possums. In the world of possums, it is commonly called’ Playing Possum’ for the possums are clever enough to play lifeless in front of their predators.

This is their primary strategy to escape a predator attack. However, possums are threatened, they can manifest each of the following behavioral characteristics:

1) They can run

2) They can growl

3) They can belch

4) They can produce a urine spray

5) They can defecate

Do Possums Secrete?

For possums, it is an involuntary response. Possums produce Urine through the action of their glands. Moreover, a possum’s body becomes stiff, it closes its eyes, and foul-smelling liquid starts generating from the glands of the possum. 

However, there are many other scents that a possum produces. 

Do Possums Have An Odor?

Possums are identified based on their odor. For instance: 

1) Musky Odor

A male possum produces it in the breeding season. This shows that a possum is ready for the mating process to begin. This also attracts the females toward the males. This particular odor is secreted from the sternal gland of the males.

2) Female possum also produces a characteristic odor to attract males towards themselves during the breeding season 

3) There is a release of a particular odor by possums from the anal glands. The purpose of anal glands is to rub them across surfaces that want to be marked by a possum. This usually happens when the possums are scared. Besides this secretion, a possum may also urinate or defecate under stress.


Possums spray urine and leave behind their droppings for the purpose of marking their territory. Possums are nocturnal and usually come out at night to look for food. They need a safe place to return in the morning.

Usually, the possums dig dens or find burrows of other animals to sleep during the day. However, it is best if they mark their land to keep themselves not only safe but also secure from the predators lurking during the day as well as night.


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