do possums avoid light

Do Possums Avoid Light[Facts and Information]

Do possums avoid light? Yes, possums avoid light as much as they can. Possums have terrible eyesight and try to remain as far from the light as possible.  A possum is the most vulnerable during the day, where light intensity almost blinds it. That is why it prefers staying put

how to stop possums from chewing wires and Wood

How To Stop Possums from Chewing Wires and Wood?

Possums, also known as opossums, are very destructive creatures and a common problem in rural areas. They will do anything to get their next meal, from spilling your garbage cans to chewing wires and woods. If you are wondering how to stop possums from chewing wires and wood then have

do raccoons attack cats

Do Raccoons Attack Cats [Interesting Facts]

Raccoons can attack many animals but do raccoons attack cats? Raccoons pose a danger to cats, whether domestic or wild. They can also attack kittens. Yes, Raccoons attack cats without keeping in mind their breed. Raccoons can cause a lot of diseases to the animals they attack. Moreover, they have

do raccoons attack dogs

Do Raccoons Attack Dogs? Get the Facts Straight

Raccoons can attack many animals but do raccoons attack dogs? It is unlikely that a raccoon will pick a fight with a dog. However, it is observed that dogs will chase the raccoons away from an area. A raccoon feels afraid of dogs and prefers not to go near them.

how far away can rats smell food

How Far Away Can Rats Smell Food [Interesting Facts]

You must have heard: I smell a rat. Well, a rat can smell you long before you can smell it. Rats have sensitive olfactory receptors, which help them in locating food sources. You must be wondering how far away can rats smell food.  Rats can smell food from ten miles

do rats climb in windows

Do Rats Climb In Windows [How to Keep them out ]

Are you finding odd bite marks on your house furniture and wire? The chances are that there is a rat invasion in your home. Rats are attracted to the places that provide them with food and shelter. They will sneak into the house through any open spaces. You must be

do rats attack squirrels

Do Rats Attack Squirrels [Things To Know]

Many animals have a predator-prey relationship with other animals. The same is the case with rats. They hunt other animals and attack them for survival, but do rats attack squirrels? It is unlikely that a rat will attack squirrels. Usually, both of them don’t even get along with one another.

do rats avoid light

Do Rats Avoid Light [Things To Know]

Rats are nocturnal animals and can see well in the dark, but do darks avoid light if it shines on them from an external source? Being nocturnal also means that a rat will be most active at night and not during the day.  Do rats avoid light? Yes, rats avoid

how do possums mate

How Do Possums Mate [Interesting Facts]

Possums have very interesting reproductory systems. Possums mate to make more of their own, but how do possums mate? There are two proposed ways by which they breed.  Possums mate by delivering their sperms inside the female possum. The males have a low sperm count of about 3 million compared

can possum find its way back

Can Possum Find Its Way Back [Important Facts]

Possums are solitary, clingy, and slow animals. They prefer living alone in dark corners and are active at night. They can invade yards and homes but cause no damage to the property. Although they are not dangerous, getting rid of them can be a hassle. Do you wonder, can possum

do possums live in groups

Do Possums live in groups?

Possums are wild friendly animals. They do not cause any harm to humans or property. They prefer living near residential areas for shelter and easy access to food but do possums live in groups? Possums are lonely creatures who like to live alone. They are self-sufficient in terms of living,

get rid of possums

How To Get Rid of Possums: [Tried & Proven Hacks That Work]

You are here because you want to get rid of possums. Possums might be the native cute and fluffy animals but having them on your roof or yard is not the best idea. While possums are mostly minor nuisances, these pesky critters can cause problems when they decide to nest

can possum climb up chimneys

Can Possum Climb Up Chimneys?

Possums are very skilled tree-climbers up a tree or a chimney, they get there once it’s almost impossible to stop them. So in most cases, getting up a chimney is not a problem for them. Many people often get confused: “Can possum climb up chimneys?” Yes, Possums can climb up

best ways to kill a possum

Best Ways To Kill A Possum/Opossum [Top Tips 2023]

There are several ways by which a possum can be killed. However, the best course of killing a possum is shooting it in the head using a shotgun or a gun. Adopting this method kills an animal instantly.  The best ways to kill a possum include the use of products