Can Raccoons Open Door Easily?

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You must be astonished to learn; how can raccoons open door. Well, raccoons are clever and mischievous animals. They can figure out complicated locks and doors effortlessly. Raccoons can create a great mess if they get access to your kitchen.

As a matter of fact, raccoons can unlock doors and windows. Raccoons are skillful, and intelligent and they have excellent memorization skills. Raccoons understand the locks and door system. They never forget and use this skill to hunt for food and shelter.

 To save yourself from the trouble of a raccoon opening the door of your home. It is better to stay alert and know about all the characteristics of raccoons. Read the article till the end; to find out the procedure through which a raccoon can break into your house.

Raccoons Can Open Doors, Windows, and Locks

A raccoon can invade your home in a variety of manners. It can either enter through an open or broken window. Many folks think it is odd for a raccoon to open doors by unlocking them.

The paws of the raccoon are similar to human hands. They can effortlessly grasp, grip, or unlock doors because of this unusual ability. 

Now raccoons are more found in settled or urban areas than in nature. Over time they have learned to coexist with humans. Breaking into the house is elementary to them.

Raccoons look for comfortable shelters and food resources nearby. Your house might be a perfect place for a raccoon to live

Raccoons living in the city are smart than raccoons living in the wild or nature. They can learn and memorize the digits and codes on locks. Raccoons are strong-willed when they set their mind to open any door or window; they will try every method to gain access. 

Research conducted on raccoons concluded that it takes approximately six to ten minutes for a raccoon to crack open any locks on doors or windows. 

What Are The Types Of Door Knobs Raccoon Can Open?

Raccoons are quick-witted and can smoothly grab things because their paws provide strength and fiction to open door locks.

Few raccoons were held captive for research on the types of doorknobs raccoons can unlock. Raccoons were able to figure out and crack open eleven doorknobs out of thirteen. 

They have five digits on their paws similar, to human hand fingers. A smooth door with latches or basic handles can provide easy access for raccoons into the house.

A round doorknob might be difficult for them, as a raccoon cannot turn the doorknob to open it. They do not have a thumb, which makes it difficult to rotate a round doorknob.

Raccoons climbing up to the roof of your house  

Raccoons are excellent climbers. The front limbs of raccoons provide them with physical stability to climb.

They can sneak into the house via the attic or roof. Raccoons can effortlessly ascend to the top by crawling and jumping on the pipes or the window sills. 

Raccoons constantly shift from one place to another according to their comfort and demands. They are introverts, so they prefer areas with no one nearby.

A raccoon might break into your house and live in the attic or on the roof. It can easily find warmth, shelter, and easy access to food from there.

How Raccoons Can Get In The House Through Pet Doors?

Many dog owners have pet doors in the home for their comfort. Raccoons are always searching for food and comfort; the pet door will provide easy access for them to sneak into your house.

Raccoons are dangerous for your pets, as they are larger and have hunting ability. It is clear a house pet cannot win from a raccoon. 

Raccoons carry multiple bacteria and viruses which can infect humans and house pets. The most common are, Baylisascaris procyonis, rabies, and many other viruses. To protect your home from raccoon invasion, you will have to take several preventative measures. 

Never keep your pet food and garbage cans near the pet door as raccoons attack anywhere they find food. Keep edible items of any sort far from the door.

Secondly and most important is to keep your pet door closed when your dog is inside. Plus, never leave your pets unattended if raccoons are living in your surroundings. 

Do Raccoons Break Windows?

Raccoons are mischievous and sharp-witted. They obviously cannot open a tightly locked window but can enter your house through a broken or slightly open window.

A raccoon might be able to make a hole in windows or in an entrance or gate to gain access. 

A raccoon can climb onto the windows by grabbing window sills or it might directly jump on the window. They can shatter window glass by kicking it with their tiny flexible swift paws. 

Do Raccoons Break Into The Houses?

In the early twentieth century, raccoons were used for many scientific investigations and research. They frequently overperformed scientist assumptions.

They showed their learning skills exceptionally and were able to break out from the laboratory that held them captive. 

Raccoons are intelligent animals among mammals. Studies show that they are quick-witted and can remember things for a long time.

Raccoons are famous for breaking into places. It is their nature to hunt for food. For food, they can hijack any place, beyond your imagination.

It is a common problem regarding raccoons that they open the garbage cans. After throwing the trash in the garbage can, make sure it is tightly closed. Raccoons are skilled at dealing with cracked or loosened lids of trash cans. 

If you forget to keep your trash can lid closed at night, high chances are you are going to find chaos around your house in the morning.

Additionally, never leave trash or house stuff near the windows or doors. It will just make it easier for raccoons to get inside the house. 

Which Animals Can Open The Door?

Wild animals can open the closed door. With the increase in urbanization, animals have learned tips and tricks of living with humans.

They can figure out outdoor locks without effort. A few years ago, bears were seen opening the doors of the houses and cars.

Raccoons are popular among animals for opening locked doors and windows. The initial sign of the presence of a raccoon in your area is an open trash can lid.

Although cats and dogs can open trash cans, raccoons will create more mess than any other animal.

How Raccoons Can Open The Refrigerator Door?  

Raccoons are adorable but not so cute when they open your refrigerator and gulp down all the food you have. Studies show raccoons have an intelligence of a toddler.

Therefore, they know how to handle basic things: like opening the refrigerator door and rotating the water valves. 

Refrigerator doors are magnetic, therefore convenient for a raccoon to open. They can grab the door with their tiny paws and strong digits and pull open the door. 

Raccoons Scratching At Windows

Kitchen windows are the most common target of raccoons. Raccoons hunt for food, any place with food is in their game. Raccoons are aggressive for food; they will break into your house by any means. 

If you live on a large property with lots of trees nearby, there is a high chance for a raccoon to break in.

Occasionally, your cute neighbor might make you aware of his presence by scratching on the window. No need to be frightened, it won’t harm you. But make sure your window is closed. 

Raccoons can scratch and break windows. Directly shining a light on its face, might scare it away. If raccoons keep coming back, you can call animal control. Never use any toxic chemicals on the animal.

How Can a Raccoon Open a Barn Door Latch?

Raccoons are omnivores but they are wild and aggressive killers. Small animals especially chickens are easy prey for raccoons. Raccoons know how to open doors and a barn latch door is easy to open. 

They can easily figure out basic sliding locks on the barn doors. Raccoon paws make it easier to climb up on the barn door and slide open it. To keep your coops, safe from a raccoon it is better to use two locks or a half-inch hardware cloth. 


Raccoons are adorable but aggressive and intelligent. They can manage things that other animals cannot. Their intelligence makes them cute, but also difficult to handle. The doorknobs, locks, and windows are basic to them. 

In the past raccoons were frequently used for research and, they have amazed scientists more than once with their abilities. The paws of a raccoon make many things easier for them. 

They have a sharp memory; they transfer hunting skills to their offspring. Research showed that a raccoon teaches its kits to open a door. So next time, they can easily access it.