Can You Kill A Possum With Pellet Gun [Guns Recommended]

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Pellets guns are commonly used for getting rid of possums. However, the intensity is not enough to kill a possum. People usually believe that if you want to kill an organism, you should use a strong weapon to do it immediately. This is appreciated as the animal suffers less and dies instantly. 

Can you kill a possum with a pellet gun? The answer is no. A simple pellet gun is not strong enough to penetrate the vitals of a possum. Hence, it can cause harm to the possum, but it is not sufficient for killing it. 

People primarily use pellet guns to drive the possum away. However, if the possum is hit repeatedly with a pellet gun on the head, there is a high chance that the possum will die there and then. 

Will A Pellet Gun Hurt A Possum?

Possums are generally non-aggressive animals. Shooters usually use a 6mm airsoft gun. This gun does not kill a possum in its first shot, but it is enough to make the possum run away. 

A 0.22 pellet rifle is considered suitable for killing a possum. This rifle is sufficient for killing the possum in a single headshot. However, such a shot must be taken with great precision. The velocity of the shot pellet is also taken into consideration. 

What Gun Will Kill A Possum?

BB guns are widely used for killing a possum. A possum must not be shot in the ass with a single-pump Daisy air pistol. Furthermore, high-FPS, high-end, and multi-pump air rifles are sufficient for killing an animal that is the size of a possum. 

There are many other types of rifles capable of killing a possum. Some pellet guns with different precision are sufficient for doing the job. Therefore, one must purchase it after knowing the details. 

1- Bushmaster Full Auto CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Bushmaster Full Auto CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle


  • Size: ‎29.5 x 3.1 x 9.2 Inch
  • Weight: 3.4 Kg
  • Rounds: 25
  • Speed: 430 FPS

2- DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Gun

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Gun


  • Size: ‎30 x 9 x 4 inch
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg
  • Rounds: 25
  • Speed: 430 FPS

3- Crosman 760BKT Variable Pump BB Repeater 


  • Size: ‎35 x 2.5 x 5 inch
  • Weight: 1.23 Kg
  • Rounds: 200
  • Speed: 350-700 FPS

Can A .177 Pellet Gun Kill A Possum? 

A single shot fired from a .177 pellet gun is sufficient to kill a possum instantly if a headshot is aimed. This shot can be taken 20-25 feet away from the possum. 

.177 pellet gun is also used for killing squirrels as well as rabbits. Although a possum is a swift animal and hard to shoot, expert shooters have a way of targeting them by catching them off guard. Once hit, a possum will die there and then. 

Should You Shoot Possums?

One doesn’t need to kill possums. Targeting them and shooting them is hard. One has to wait for them to come out and then kill them. Even if you kill one, the rest of them will still come to your place. 

There are some states in which killing possums is against the law. However, it is easier to trap possums by setting up cage traps for them. It is easier to relocate possums after they have been trapped. 

Killing possums is not a very welcoming idea. If you kill it inside your residency, you have to make efforts to get rid of the body. That is why trapping them and keeping them confined before relocating them is the easiest way so far.

Best Calibre For Possum

.22 rifle is the fittest weapon for targeting possums, groundhogs, raccoons, and other types of small animals. If the shot is taken with precision, it is enough to end the life of a possum.

As per the regulations stated by the animal ethics organization, an animal should be killed with such a weapon that results in the immediate death of an animal. It is against animal ethics to keep an animal suffering. 

Where To Shoot A Possum With A Pellet Gun?

A pellet is usually not enough to kill a possum if the vital organs are being targeted. However, the precision of a pellet gun should be noticed before targeting a possum. 

The best shot is a headshot for shooting a possum. Though this shot is harder to take, the results are guaranteed for such a shot. The shooter must wait for the perfect shot and then take it in one go. 

Why Are Possums So Hard To Kill?

Possums are small scuttling creatures that run to a faraway place in the blink of an eye. That is why hunting this animal has become difficult. One has to be very precise in his shot to target a possum. 

The animal has a large skull but a small brain. The best-targeted site is to hit the side right below the ear and behind the eye. If the rifle shot hits the exact spot, a possum dies immediately. 

How To Shoot A Possum?

A few points must be kept in mind before aiming at a possum.

1- It is essential to identify the animal correctly.

Possums can be identified in the following ways:

  • The possum leaves tracks behind. One must pay attention to them. 
  • Possums are usually found in the mud near a water source.
  • Possums have a distinct footprint due to the thumb present on their hindfoot. It has five toes in the back as well as the front. 
  1. It is hard to spot a possum, but one can predict where it might be while looking at the observable signs.
  2. You must not get too close. Possums have excellent listening and smelling abilities. They will know the presence of a different person immediately. 
  3. Once the target is confirmed, you must shoot immediately without waiting. 


Possums are hard to kill, but certain pellets are sufficient to kill a possum. When aimed at the head, BB guns and .177 pellets are enough to kill a possum. 

However, targeting and killing a possum is a hard task. There are many alternatives to killing a possum. One can trim the trees around the residency. Moreover, openings to denning sites can be closed. 

Trapping is the safest and most convenient option for people to get rid of possums. It is less time-consuming, and the results are guaranteed. One can relocate the possums to a different place after trapping them.