Do Possums Avoid Light[Facts and Information]

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Do possums avoid light? Yes, possums avoid light as much as they can. Possums have terrible eyesight and try to remain as far from the light as possible. 

A possum is the most vulnerable during the day, where light intensity almost blinds it. That is why it prefers staying put and will only come out during the night. 

Possums are nocturnal animals and can see clearer at night. That is why a possum will sleep during the day but will come out at night to hunt for food. The best way to get rid of a possum is by exposing them to high light intensity. 

Does Light Scare Away Possums?

Possums love to come out and night. That is their prime time for hunting down other animals for food. They like to roam the earth for the longest time possible, exploring every nook and cranny. 

The best way to avoid the raid of possums is by making sure that your place is well lit up when the sun goes down. Any system that activates itself automatically as soon as the night falls will likely keep the possums at bay.

What Will Scare Possums away?

Since the possums are nocturnal, they do not like the presence of light. They are most active at night and use their senses to navigate their surrounding areas. Basically, possums are scavengers. This means they are not very picky about what they get for food. 

Though the possums are not known for their ability to travel great distances for food, they are known for their excellent exploring skills. A possum will thoroughly go through the same place searching for food and feed on even the smallest scraps.

Possums are quick to scare and will quickly run away if exposed to a light source. That is why it is suggested that you have incandescent light bulbs in your go-downs to keep the possums far away from the premises. 

What Time Do Possums Come Out At Night?

As soon as the sun sets, possums spring to life and start coming out of their hideouts. Usually, the possums live in bushy habitats or a place that offers dry shelter. 

However, as soon as the light fades away, possums come out and start searching for food. Before the break of dawn, possums run away to climb trees or hide in their dens. 

Do Possums Hate Light?

Possums hate the light so much that they prefer remaining away from it till it fades away completely. However, this is due to their inability to see during the day. 

An animal’s primary goal is to search for food. That can only be done at a time when an animal is able to see very clearly. That is why possums come back to life during the night and scuttle through the residential and rural areas for food. 

A possum feels more comfortable at night and tends to make full use of its searching abilities to look for food. A possum can sense the presence of light through the photoreceptors present in its eyes. They give the primary cue for a possum to run back to its hiding space. 

Are Possums Sensitive To Light?

Nocturnal animals develop sensitivity towards the presence of light and will try their best to avoid it. That is why they do all of their related activities during the night. The nighttime is their best chance of coming out for food. 

The presence of light blinds the possums, and they cannot see clearly. That is why a possum stays put till nightfall and only comes out when the night has begun properly. That is their time to feed and quench their thirst.

Are Possums Attracted To Light?

Possums are not attracted to light at all. Instead, they run away from it as far as they can for as long as possible. Possums enjoy the cover provided to them by the prevalence of darkness at night. 

The presence of light scares the possum away and they go back into hiding the second they come across lights. Possums get very uncomfortable with light. For this reason, possums cannot carry out their activities during the day. 

Do Lights Deter Possums?

Possums are bad news for gardeners, farmers as well as all those people who are raising chicken on their farms. If the possums come out at night, that means they are going to wreak havoc on your hard work by feeding on all your grown vegetation as well as animals.

Among the many ways to drive possums away, installing solar LED deterrent lights is the most effective one. The presence of light makes a possum cautious about the presence of other beings. Hence, a possum gets scared and goes back into hiding. 

What Do Possums Do During The Night?

At night, possums are most active. Possums are tree dwellers. During the daytime, a possum will reside in the tree hollows. It takes years and years to form these hollows in the trees. 

Animals like owls, raccoons, and possums prefer the night because of its stillness. They can come out easily at night without being noticed by predators. Moreover, they have the special ability to see well at night. 

Most of the animals do not have these special ocular characteristics. Hence why the possums along with the other nocturnal animals roam the landscape at night to feed themselves. 

Are Possums Scared Of Light?

Generally, a possum avoids daylight. However, if you spot a possum during the daytime, it is a serious issue. A possum will only come out during the day if it senses danger, feels sick, or is injured. 

However, this is not good news for humans because, in such cases, a possum can be very aggressive and can harm the human beings living in the vicinity. The best way is to trap the possum or use a pellet gun to shoot it down. 

Even if a possum has entered the daylight, it will try its best to hide in a dark place before coming out again for the next time. 


Possums like out in the dark. They avoid light at every cost. That is why they hide in their dens and sleep during the day, so when the sun sets, they can avail themselves of the chance of coming out finally. 

During the night, possums will search for food or look for a place to stay safe. If you want to get rid of possums, you must light up your site with lights.

It is preferred that you light up your gardens as well as go down. Mostly, the possums search for food here. If enough light intensity is there, it will blind the possums, and they will prefer hiding in the dark.