Do Raccoons Attack Dogs? Get the Facts Straight

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Raccoons can attack many animals but do raccoons attack dogs? It is unlikely that a raccoon will pick a fight with a dog. However, it is observed that dogs will chase the raccoons away from an area.

A raccoon feels afraid of dogs and prefers not to go near them. It is rarely seen that a raccoon will attack a dog and initiate a fight.

A raccoon moves away from the dog and avoids contact even if it is started. However, the scenario is different and vice versa for dogs. Injured and sick raccoons are most likely to be attacked by a dog since it is a predator of raccoons. 


Are Raccoons Dangerous To Dogs?

Raccoons pose a threat to everyone who possesses pets. Although a raccoon may rarely attack and kill a dog. 

On the other hand, Cats remain safe as they are agile and run away from predator dogs as fast as they can. Dogs pose more of a threat to raccoons than raccoons pose a threat to dogs. 

Why Would A Raccoon Attack A Dog?

Raccoons have a way of attacking dogs either by biting or scratching. This only happens when a raccoon feels threatened and will do anything in its power to survive. This also happens when a raccoon is unable to run away. 

It is dangerous if a raccoon carries rabies. As raccoons are one of the most commonly found urban animals, it is possible that the rabies virus can get transferred to the dogs via the nearby raccoons.

It is preferable to keep your dogs away from raccoons and protect them in such cases. This should be done to stop the transmission of viruses from raccoons to dogs and dogs to humans.

Can A Raccoon Beat A Dog In A Fight?

As per the humane society of the united states, raccoons only pick a fight if they have been provoked. Dogs usually corner raccoons, and when this happens, the raccoon has no option but to defend itself.

If the raccoon fails to defend itself properly, it will die at the hands of a dog. However, in such cases, it is most likely that both animals will end up in a fight and will get hurt badly.

It is even rarer a chance that a raccoon will beat a dog in the fight. It is most likely that it will run away the first chance it gets to escape from being cornered by a dog. 

Will Raccoons Kill Puppies?

Yes, a raccoon will likely kill puppies. However, it does not happen with great frequency. A raccoon must have a solid reason for attacking and killing a puppy. 

This can usually happen if the puppy attacks a raccoon first and the raccoon kills it while defending itself. It can also occur if the raccoon has run out of options for animals to feed on. 

Since it is unlikely that a Raccoon will attack a full-sized dog, instead, it tries finding puppies to attack. Puppies are easier to take on and fight with. 

Do Raccoons Attack Unprovoked?

Healthy raccoons usually do not attack dogs but will rather prefer getting their food from elsewhere. However, if they are provoked, they will attack the dogs to defend themselves and other baby raccoons. 

Sometimes a raccoon has no option but to defend itself. Though a raccoon is not a good predator, and neither does it have the characteristics of one, it still they manage to break free from a tense dog attack. 

What Do You Do If A Raccoon Attacks Your Dog?

You must beware of a raccoon attacking your pet dog if you live in an area with a lot of raccoon population. It is not hard for a group of raccoons to take over a single dog. 

So, if a raccoon attacks your dog, you must take it to the veterinarian nearest you as soon as an animal attacks it. This immediate measure must be undertaken to save your animal’s life. 

Raccoons have a lot of viruses in their body, and they get transmitted to your house pet if a raccoon attacks it. That is why a check-up and proper dressing of wounds are necessary to ensure the safety of your pet animal. 

Do Raccoons Run Away From Dogs?

Mostly raccoons are timid and will run away even at the site of a dog. Only in rare situations does a raccoon step out to fight with a dog. Otherwise, a raccoon knows best not to put its life in jeopardy and steer clear of dogs. 

How Often Do Raccoons Attack Dogs?

It is improbable that a raccoon will pick a fight with a dog all on its own. Many factors contribute to the raccoon attacking a dog.

 This can often be seen when a raccoon is in a desperate position and has no other option but to attack the dog and run for its life.

Are Raccoons Aggressive To Dogs?

Raccoons are generally not aggressive toward dogs. However, if provoked, they will do anything to protect their lives and run away from predators like dogs. 

How Do I Protect My Dog From Raccoons?

There are several ways by which you can protect your dog from a raccoon attack:

  1. Make sure that you don’t feed the raccoons.
  2. You must keep your pets inside, especially during the night.
  3. The doors must be closed properly, and the fence should be lined with a wire to prevent the entry of raccoons.
  4. You must make sure to prevent the raccoons from entering via the pet doors.
  5. The food scraps must be thrown into trash containers that can be sealed tightly.
  6. Efforts must be made to keep raccoons away from garbage. 
  7. The barbeque areas must be cleaned properly so that raccoons do not make it their habit to come back to it now and then. 

What Happens If My Dog Gets Bitten By A Raccoon?

Animal control must be called immediately. You can also dial the county health department and avail of medical care there and then. Here are a few things you should avoid:

  1. Do not go running after the animal (Raccoon) after it has attacked your dog
  2. You should not try and capture that raccoon as they have viruses in their bodies

However, if your pet animal, like a dog, has been vaccinated against rabies, you must get a booster within five days of the raccoon attack. Otherwise, the chances of your pet animal surviving a raccoon attack are very low. 


Raccoons attacking dogs is a rare event, but dogs often attack raccoons to protect their territory and to make sure that nothing comes close to disrupting it. 

Raccoons are timid creatures that do not bother much with the existence of other animals. However, when their own life is threatened, they fight hard to ensure their survival.

At this point, they gain enough courage to fight mighty animals like dogs as well. Sometimes they succeed in overtaking a dog; sometimes, they do not.