Can Possum Climb Up Chimneys?

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Possums are very skilled tree-climbers up a tree or a chimney, they get there once it’s almost impossible to stop them. So in most cases, getting up a chimney is not a problem for them. Many people often get confused: “Can possum climb up chimneys?”

Yes, Possums can climb up chimneys. Possums are excellent climbers and very agile (with sharp claws and very strong nails), making it easier for them to climb up chimneys. They can climb up almost any surface quickly to get food or make a home to protect themselves or their young from harsh weather.

Possums love to find shelter, and shelter can be anything from an empty house to a tree hollow, roof space, and chimney. They are good at climbing, and they will climb anything they can get their claws into.

What Is Making Noises in My Chimney?

Possums are nocturnal animals, and they’re active at night, which is the perfect time to try and spot them. You can often hear them at night, and they make a variety of sounds, including hissing, grunting, and growling. Sometimes, they’re not easy to spot in the dark, but you can hear them.

If you hear noises coming from your chimney, at night, in the dark, it could be a possum living there and using it as a den or maybe stuck in your chimney and can’t find their way back.

Do Possums Live in Chimneys?

Possums can live in chimneys because it offers all the safety elements like darkness and warmth, and it’s all they need to survive in life.

They will make their houses in your chimneys and can be a real nuisance, especially for the homeowners with all the noises they will make in there.

A chimney is a perfect place for a possum to build a nest. It provides an excellent, enclosed warm and dry space and provides a secure place for a mother possum to raise her young.

Can A Possum Get Stuck in a Chimney?

Possums are nocturnal animals that are native to Australia. They are known for climbing as well as falling into chimneys. This can be quite a problem for homeowners, as possums are pretty large and require a lot of force to remove.

They’re usually stuck in the chimney flue and can’t get out. The best way to deal with this is to find a local wildlife control company and let them see the possum and remove it from your chimney.

Can Possums Find Their Way Out of a Chimney?

Numerous people have found a possum in their chimneys. This animal often gets stuck and panics. Most of the time, the animal is too scared to come down.

You can get them out of your chimney on your own, but possum can bite you in a state of panic or, if scared or threatened, transmit numerous diseases like rabies. The only solution is to call a wildlife removal service, such as us, to help get the possum out.

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Signs Of Having a Possum In Your Chimney

Here are a few signs to confirm the presence of a possum in your chimney;

  • Feces and urine in your attic.
  • Noises like growling, running, or hissing coming from your chimney.
  • A foul odor in your house. The possum also leaves feces and urine, which will start to smell pretty bad or could be rotten food in their nest.

How To Get a Possum Out of A Chimney?

· Call A Professional Pest Control

Possum can scratch and bite you, or a mother possum can cause you harm trying to protect her young. So, it is better to call professional pest control. They will charge you according to the number of possums in the chimney or how hard it is to get them out of there.

· Light A Big Fire in the chimney

Light up your chimney before going to bed, and then put a wire over the opening. Lighting it up will scare them away, and wire will keep them from coming again.

How To Stop Possums to Climb Up Your Chimney?

The following methods given below will be helpful if you want to stop them from climbing your chimney.

· Search Their Entering Point

Search for a particular place where a possum is entering your chimney. If a possum is already present in your flue, then take a thick rope and drop it down so it can climb out of the chimney and then block it after it’s out.

· Install Chimney Cap

Wild animals like possums make their homes in chimneys and can easily enter your home without chimney caps. Not only it’s very hard to get out of your chimney once they make themselves comfortable in there, but they will cause you some serious and high-maintenance structural damage.

A chimney cap prevents roof fires, protects you from weather damage, acts as a barrier, and stops them from returning. You can install it yourself, but hiring a professional to install a chimney cap is better.

· Cover The Fireplace with A Wire

Cover the fireplace with stainless steel and good-quality wire mesh to stop them from entering your chimney.

What Damages Can a Possum Cause If It Is in The Chimney?

  • Their nesting material, food, feces, and urine can cause chimney blockage, which increases the risk of fire hazards and can be expensive.
  • Possum carries various diseases like leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, etc., that can also be transmitted to your family.
  • They will keep coming back again and again in you will take all the necessary steps to keep them away permanently.


Possums are very skilled tree-climbers, so in most cases, getting up a chimney is not a problem for them. They are very agile, which means they can climb vertically up a smooth surface like a chimney. Their most common method of entry is through the roof. Possums will often enter through the roof and then make their way down the chimney.

This article has helped you understand that possums can climb up chimneys and how to stop them from entering.


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