Do Cats And Possums Get Along [What’s The Truth]

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Possums are solitary animals and avoid interaction with other animals or humans. They prefer living and hunting alone and feel threatened in the presence of other animals. However, often cat owners think, do cats and possums get along?  

Surprisingly yes, cats and possums do get along. They might not be best friends but can coexist peacefully. They hang out together and even share meals. Although both are very territorial, cats can tolerate possums and let them eat their food. Kittens and baby possums can be friends.


Read the article till the end to find more detail about cats and possums.  

Do Cats And Possums Fight?

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Possums are lonely mammals. They prefer hunting alone and avoid getting in fights with other animals. When it comes to food, they are aggressive and cannot share.

They can even kill other animals for food. It is common for possums to fight with other mammals and among themselves for food and shelter.  

Possums and cats can co-exist. But when in a fight, the possums can kill the cat. Cats have calm and kind behavior towards possums.

That is why they get along together. If a cat and a possum fight possibility are the possums will win because they are violent and are significantly bigger than cats.

Are Possums Afraid Of Cats?  


Possums are violent and cowardly. When in a frightening situation or near predators, possums will play dead. They are introverted and prefer being alone but can hang out with the cat.

It will be wrong to state that possums are afraid of cats. In fact, kittens and joeys can be friends. Adult and mature cats and possums can live together without harming each other.  

Although cats are calm by nature, some cats can be violent and aggressive. Therefore, it will be the opposite. Instead of cats running away from possums, a possum will run away from a hostile cat.  

Who Would Win A Fight Between A Cat And A Possum?

Cats and possums get along together. Chances of their fighting are seldom. Cats are calm and kind towards possums and can share meals. When there is a violent act, it can frighten the possums, and they will run away.  

When in a fight, either of them can win. It depends upon the size and attacks of the animals. Possums are scared and can run away in a frightening situation, or they will stand still grinding their teeth.

Possums can also play dead to get away from the predator. However, it can injure or kill the cat as they are significantly larger and have sharp teeth and nails.

Are Possums Aggressive?

Possums Aggressive

In general, possums are not aggressive. They will not display violent behavior until they feel threatened. Even in frightening situations, possums avoid attacking their opponent.

Possums are solitary and introverted. Avoid hanging out with other animals or getting into fights without reason.  

There can fight among possums for food and shelter. Possums and cats get along together. They do not fight until there is an attack made by the cat first. The fight can get aggressive depending upon the attacks of another animal. However, a possum is most likely to play dead or run away.

How Do I Keep Possums Out Of My Cat House?

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Possums and cats hang out together and share meals. Possums are no threat to cats and vice versa.

However, possums carry diseases that can infect house pets. It is necessary to keep possums out of the cat house.  

They both have somewhat similar interests. Therefore, possums are attracted to the things that a cat house provides. That includes shelter, food, and water. Below are a few tips to get rid of possums invading cat houses.  

Threatening The Animal  

Possums are scared and cowardly. They run far away as soon as they can sense any threat. To scare away possums, use ammonia and sharp sounds. Possums have a strong sense of smell, and they can smell from 200 meters away. But ammonia can be toxic to house pets.  

The other method to scare them away for good is using sharp noise. You can use horns, bang some pots or pens or play loud sounds on your phone. Possums are extremely sensitive and will run away.  


Additionally, relocate the animal to an adjustable area. Most possums do not survive after relocation due to the antagonist environment.  Trapping any animal is inhumane, and it is forbidden to keep any animal in a trap for more than twenty-four hours.

If a possum is not leaving the cat house, the most humane way to remove the possum is relocation. Use the wire cage to trap the possum and leave it in another location.

In many areas relocating possums is banned and is considered illegal. Before using this trick, confirm the laws.  

Get Rid Of Food Sources

Possums are attracted to the food in the cat house. Plus, cats do not mind sharing their meal with the possum. The main reason cats and possums get along is sharing of food sources.

To end the possum visits to your cat’s house: it is better to feed your cat during the day when the possum is sleeping.  

Do not store or leave cat food in the cat house for a long time. Clean the pet house daily and get rid of food after your cat finishes eating. Install the motion sensor sprinkler near your cat’s house to scare the possum away.  


You can get rid of possums in the cat houses using repellents. But these repellents can be dangerous to cats as well. The naphthalene balls can kill possums, but they are also poisonous to cats and other pets.  

The red pepper spray can scare away the possums. Other natural repellents include garlic, onion, and black tea. Installing a fence in your yard will decrease the chance of possum visits to the cat house.

Why Are Cats Scared Of Possums?

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Possums will not attack the cat until it considers it a predator. They are slightly bigger than cats and have sharp teethes and claws.

However, cats and possums have mutual understanding and can coexist without interfering with or annoying one another.  

Typically, cats are not afraid of possums. It is actually vice versa; a possum will run away from an aggressive adult cat. Possums are scared and avoid conflicts.

A small cat or kitten can be afraid of mature possums. But adult cats and possums get along together pretty well.  

Will A Possum Hurt My Cat?  


Possums can be dangerous for house pets even though they are survivalists and avoid conflicts. Possums will never attack the cat or any other animal until it feels threatened.

Even in a scary situation or conflict, it will display its teeth, run away or play dead. Possums will not abruptly attack and injure a cat unless the first attack is made by the cat.  

Apart from the direct harm, possums can infect house cats with infections and pests like fleas and lice. These microorganisms transmitting through the possums can cause house pets to fall sick, and in severe cases, they can die.  

Will Possum Eat Kitten?  


Possums do not eat the kitten. It can injure it, but that is rare. Cats and possums have unsaid mutual understanding. They avoid getting into conflicts and fights.

An adult possum can scare the little kittens. But Joey and the kittens can be good friends. A few years ago, a Facebook user posted a picture of a kitten and joey sharing a meal and cuddling together.  

Are Cats And Possums Friends?

Cats and possums are gentle and kind. They both have many similar habits and natures. For example, both are sluggish and slow animals. Possums avoid attacking or even sharing or living near another animal. But surprisingly, they can share a meal with cats.  

Baby possums and kittens even cuddle and play together. There is no known scientific reason for this friendship. They both have a similar interest which binds them together. Both cats and possums search for shelter, food, and water.  

Do Cats Eat Possums?

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Cats can kill possums. Although, they are gentle and kind animals and are famous friends of possums. Possums are cowards and survivalists. They play dead or run away in frightening situations.

It can injure an adult cat, but it is rare for possums to kill the cat. However, aggressive and violent adult cats can kill possums, especially young possums.

Young possums are a common target of house cats and stray cats. They are tiny and helpless and no bigger than the rat.  


Cats and possums have a good understanding. They avoid conflicts and attacking each other. Possums are pacifist by nature and avoid attacking other animals.

Therefore, even when a violent cat attacks a possum, it can maximum injure it, but most chances are that it will stand still displaying teeth. On the other hand, adult cats can kill baby possums because they are small and helpless.  

A kitten and joeys can be friends, and so do the adult possums and cat. I hope the above article must have answered all your questions. Feel free to comment below for more queries.  


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