Do Possums Dig Holes [Things To Know]

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Possums can come time and time again to your garden, searching for food and making the most. Many people complain about the damage done to their yards by possums but do possums dig holes? 

Yes, possums do dig holes, primarily to search for grubs and insects near the surface of lawns and gardens. These holes are typically shallow and not very deep, but they can disrupt the appearance of the lawn or garden.

The holes they dig are not too deep. They are shallow. Possums try getting their food just beneath the surface. Though the holes are not too deep, they can still disturb the lawn and change its outlook. 

What Does A Possum Hole Look Like?

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Possums are docile little beings; although they might look, they are intimidating. They are good for the environment as well. Possums are keen diggers, and they are usually the ones that dig a garden hole. 

The holes that they dig are not too deep but rather superficial. They enjoy eating worms, beetles, cockroaches, slugs, and snails from the garden holes.

However, if you come across properly dug deep holes, chances are that a possum was not involved. 

Possums generally dig only as much as they need to scrape some small insects out of the top surface. Once their need is filled, they go to another garden site and start digging. 

Possum Hole Size

They usually dig a hole that is 110mm to 120mm wide. The hole is narrow and only big enough for a possum to fit into it. Sometimes, the entrance hole of about 70mm to 80mm wide has also been observed. 

Possums are small in size and only dig holes large enough for them to get in and search for worms etc. Once they have found something to fulfill their appetite, they will go through the effort of digging a hole again someplace else. 

Do Possums Dig Holes Under Fences?

Do Possums Dig Holes Under Fences

Possums have the innate ability to dig, making it easier for them to find their food underground. Notably, a possum will not dig a hole under the fence. 

However, if there have been times when the fence is small and not that deep, then it allows a possum to dig a hole under the fence and make its way to the other side in search of food. 

Furthermore, if the fence is very strongly fitted and deep in the ground, a possum will never be able to have the strength of digging this deep and make its way to the other side of the fence. 

Do Possums Dig Holes In Gardens?


Possums love climbing. This way, they can have access to your garden or yard by landing in them through the branches. Many people are worried about the damage a possum will cause in their garden. 

An isolated garden is an invitation for a possum to come into your garden and dig holes. It will start doing its work of digging. Generally, dens and burrows are not dug.

The holes are only restricted to the surface to allow easy capture of small insects. 

Do Possums Dig Holes To Live In?

possums use their feet to dig holes in the ground. A possum can thrive in a diverse habitat. However, they prefer to have a small burrow in arid areas or a slightly moist areas.

They can dig holes out in the open, like in a garden or a yard and wooden fields. Their preference is digging up a spot near a water body like a stream or swamp. 

They realize that the presence of a water body near their burrow means that there is more life there than in plain fields, and they will be able to find insects to feed upon easily. 

Do Possums Dig Holes Under Houses?


As a possum has tiny feet, it is difficult for a possum to dig deep underground holes.

Hence why they stick to building small holes. It has also been seen that other than digging, a possum looks for an already dug hole.

A possum will roam the site to look for such holes that other small animals have already made, like a mole, chipmunk, rate, and vole. This way, a possum can make it its den and hide in it temporarily. 

A possum cannot dig holes under the house as it requires too much digging.

A possum will always prefer to have a spot present on the exterior surface so that it can sneak in and out of it quickly. 

Do Possums Dig Holes In My Yard?


A lot of people who have yards complain about the presence of a possum in them. Possums and their presence can be highlighted with holes in the vicinity. 

An area where there is a large population of possums or the area is easily accessible by a possum will have holes either in the garden or the yard. 

Though the holes are not that deep they will make a landscape look pretty messy. The humans then have to clean the mess, and many people are not happy about it. 

Do Possums Dig Holes Australia?

The possums in Australia do not like to dig underground hollows much. Instead, they prefer to take residency inside tree hollows. There are specific behavioral characteristics limited to possums as well. 

For instance, a ringtail possum likes to build a nest that is the size of a soccer ball. It has to be located several meters above the ground. Possums usually prefer a site that has coverage. 

By coverage, a possum prefers having grass and leaves in the area where its nest is located. Moreover, the hollow trees where the nest is located must have a soft bark. 

Do Possums Dig Holes For Food?

Many people are of the view that possums dig holes to hide and for shelter. However, this is true to some extent. However, the main reason for digging a hole is different. 

A possum will dig a hole in the area with the sole purpose of obtaining food from it. Possums like to pick up a few small insects and worms embedded in the soil as their meal.

Where Do Possums Nest?

Possums Nest

Possums like to den in any dry, safe, and sheltered place. This can include the burrows dug by other mammals and the possums themselves. However, possums can reside in the woodpiles too. 

There are other places where the possums can find shelter. This includes hollow stumps, rock crevices, and the space under buildings. A possum likes to fill its den with all the things it can find in the vicinity.

This includes an insulating material, grass, and dried leaves. Sometimes small patches of clothes are also found in their dens. Possums like to keep their burrows dry. 

Do Possums Dig Holes In Flower Beds?

Flower Beds

Possums are also called opossums. They are exciting animals: they are marsupials and carry their young ones in the pouches attached to their bodies.

These marsupials have a habit of digging garden plants as well. 

They do this in search of the soil-inhabiting worms, insects, and grubs. This way, the plants in the garden can be affected, and the plants might get uprooted. 

Do Possums Dig Holes At Night?

Possums like living alone, and they take shelter in the burrows that have been dug by themselves.

Possums are more active at night than during the day. They like digging holes in the stillness of the night. 

When you wake up in the morning, you might find multiple holes in the garden indicating the deed of a possum. Next, you can wait for the next night when possums come and are vigilant enough to attack them. 

Do Possums Dig Holes Like Armadillos?


Armadillos dig proper burrows and dens underground so that they can live in them. Possums, on the contrary, dig only shallow holes. Armadillos dig holes to live in them. 

On the other hand, the possums prefer living in the trees as it is much safer up top. Possums dig mainly to search for food. They also explore the burrows and dens of other animals like armadillos and eat their food stocks. 

Do Possums Dig Holes In Lawn?

Whether it is a garden, yard, or lawn., a possum will dig a hole in it. As long as there is soil present and the area is dry, it will invite the possums to dig holes and search for food at night. 

Wrapping It Up

Possums are small wild animals that dig holes to obtain their food. As their intake is low, they dig multiple holes to search out small insects throughout the night. 

That is why people see a lot of holes in their gardens and yards. Many people try ways to get rid of the possums. However, the main issue is that possums can return to the same place repeatedly.

The best you can do is build a tight deep fence so that possums cannot do underground digging anymore. You can also turn on the porch lights to keep the possums away. Chemical and electrical repellents can also be used. 


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