Can Possum Find Its Way Back [Important Facts]

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Possums are solitary, clingy, and slow animals. They prefer living alone in dark corners and are active at night. They can invade yards and homes but cause no damage to the property. Although they are not dangerous, getting rid of them can be a hassle. Do you wonder, can possum find its way back?

Yes, Possums can find their way back although, they are slow but clever and remember the areas which provide them with food and shelter. It is better to get rid of the source of their attraction than to get rid of the possums. It is illegal to relocate the possums from their areas as it will kill them.

Read the article till the end; to find out more about the possum’s lifestyle habits.

How Far Will Possums Return?

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Possums move for miles each night. They are nocturnal and are most active at night, but as soon as the sun is out, they return back to their dens.

Possums will travel approximately 2 miles daily looking for food and wandering around. In many cases, when the caged possums were left far from their home eventually found their way back to them. Plus, it can also die in a different environment or on its way back.

Do Possums Stay In The Same Area?

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Possums are shy and slow. They prefer living in similar geographical locations. They will settle in any suitable place they find during the hunt. The places with freshwater supply, food, and shelter are possums’ favorite places to live.

Possums will move every few nights to find a better place to live. It will not stick to the same area for a long time. When you are annoyed with the possum’s invasion, it is better to leave it alone because it will move out on its own.

Forced relocation will make them come back to the same place.

Can Possums Find Their Way Back Home?

Possums can travel for miles. It is estimated that possums can travel for up to 2 miles in search of food. They will move even more when the food sources are scarce.

The possums will find their way back home through their sense of smell. They tend to stay in the same place for a long time and avoid relocation, especially the forced relocation.

They have sensitive olfactory receptors that help them locate their homes or dens. When you have possum invasion in the area, it is better to take help from wildlife control rather than removing them on your own.

Possums cannot cope with relocation and might die. However, in most circumstances, it will find its way back.

How Far Do Possums Travel At Night?

Possums Travel At Night

Possums are active at night and travel about two kilometers daily at night for food and water. They avoid moving toward different environmental or geographical locations. After traveling and hunting at night, they return to the den.

Possums like to wander around at night when they can see things. It is unlikely for them to move out of space that provides them with ample food, water, and shelter.

Do Possums Return After Relocation?

Possums are territorial and aggressive towards their area. Relocation of possums is common. However, they find their way back to the den. They are persistent and will return back in a situation of forced relocation.

Possums can travel for long-distance, so a distance of 2 miles or slightly more than that is effortless for them to go back.

Relocation of possums is banned in many areas because it can kill the animal. Possums prefer living in the same surroundings as their birthplace. It is difficult for them to survive in a different environment.

Do Possums Move Locations?

Possums can move from one location to another according to the shelter and availability of food sources, but forced relocation is threatening to the animals and can result in death.

The forced relocation of possums is common, but it does not survive as possums prefer living in similar surroundings near food and water.

Plus, forced relocation does not work, and the possum finds its way back to its place. Possums typically move from their location or area for food, clean water, shelter, and mate during the breeding season.

Do Possums Move Back To The Den After The Hunt?

Possums Move Back To The Den

Possums are nocturnal and will return back its the den in the morning after a hunt. It is unlikely for them to come out during day hours except for in cold weather.

The adult possums are extremely territorial, especially the male. If any animal invades the possum’s den, it will fight and leave space. They are solitary animals and will move to the quiet, dark corner.

The relocation of possums from one surrounding to another might not always be in their favor.

Where Is The Best Place To Relocate A Possum?

When you have possum invasion in your home, it is better to leave them alone, get rid of the sources of their attraction, or call animal control. The forced relocation of possums is illegal or keeping them in a cage for more than 24 hours.

It is better to relocate them at least 25 miles away from their invaded property. However, it will not survive in forced relocation when environmental conditions are not favorable. If you move it within two miles or slightly, it will probably return back as this much distance is covered by possums daily in search of food.

How To Make Sure That Possums Never Return?

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Possums are not dangerous, nor do they harm the property, but their invasion can be annoying. There are a few basic steps you can take to remove possums and ensure that they never return to your property.

  • Install a fence around your yard or garden. It will limit their entrance.
  • Remove the bushes and tree branches that lead up to your house. Possums are good climbers and can climb into your home through the branches.
  • Clean the yard and get rid of all the overgrown vegetation. It will remove the possum’s hiding space.
  • Get rid of any large bins and trash cans near your property. The house trash and leftovers are food sources for possums.

Will A Possum Run Away?

Possums are territorial and clingy. They will not run away from the place that provides them with a comfortable life. It is difficult for them to adjust to the different environmental conditions other than the one they were born in.

Instead of running away from the frightening situation, they will play dead. It is a clever trick that possums use to get rid of predators. After twenty minutes or so, they will go back to normal. Before getting rid of possums, keep this trick in mind.


Possums are clever and know the tips and tricks to return back to their favorite place. Daily at night, they move approximately two miles for food and water. If they find a comfortable space near food and fresh water source, they will build a nest.

Getting rid of them is difficult as they always find a way to return. Plus, it is illegal to cage an animal and move it to a different location. Possums can’t survive in another geographical location away from home. If you relocate a possum, it will find its way back, or it can die.


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