Do Possums Live in Groups? Social Structure of Possums

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Possums are wild friendly animals. They do not cause any harm to humans or property. They prefer living near residential areas for shelter and easy access to food but do possums live in groups?

Possums are lonely creatures who like to live alone. They are self-sufficient in terms of living, hunting, and foraging. It is unlikely for two adult possums to live in the same nest or den. Only mother possums live along with babies for five months.

Two adult possums can live together for a few days for breeding after the male possum leaves. Read the article to find out more about the living habit of possums.

Do Possums Live Alone Or In Groups?

Patagonia Possums

Possums are nocturnal, and they live alone. They are solitary animals that enjoy living and hunting alone. They will avoid interacting with other possums until it is the breeding season.

The male possum will live with the female possum for only ten to fifteen days. Once the season ends, the male possum will probably never return.

After birth, young possums will live with mother possums for a few months. When the baby possums are old enough to survive by themselves, they will immediately move out. Therefore, it is unlikely for you to see more than one adult possum living together in one nest.

Do Possums Hang Out In Groups?

Possums are introverted. They avoid interactions with other creatures altogether. It is unlikely to see two adult possums hanging out together except in breeding season. As soon as breeding seasons end, one possum of two will move out and live alone.

You might see mother possum hanging around with her joeys. Mother possum takes care of the babies by feeding them and sheltering them until they are mature.

Possums preferably live on land. However, they can climb trees and are excellent swimmers as well.

Do Possums Live In Family Groups?

A pair of possums are going to live together in the breeding period. But after joeys are born, the male possum will leave the female possum. It will never return. Female possum takes care of joeys for five months.

The gestation period of female possums varies according to their types. It ranges from 12 days to 24 days. After the baby possum is born, it lives in the pouch for four months. Mother possum will take care of them for five months. After that, they will live alone.

However, ringtail possums are the exception. They are friendly and live in families. Additionally, ringtail possum babies will live with the family for about eighteen months.

Do Possums Have Friends?

As surprising as it sounds, baby possums are friendly. They like to make friends. It is said that baby possums are clingy and affectionate.

Strangely cats and possums can become friends. Baby possums like to play around with the cats. About eight years ago, a picture was posted on Facebook. It displayed a house cat that brought a joey along with it.

The owner later posted more pictures of them playing around and even sharing a meal.

Are Possums Friendly Towards Each Other?

Possums are calm creatures. They avoid fighting with each other. If threatened, they might squeal or roar or even bite. However, they are cowardly animals.

At the possibility of a conflict or confrontation, the possum will play dead or pretend to pass out. Male possums are territorial, and they might fight during the breeding season.

Do Brushtail Possums Live In Groups?

Brushtail Possums

Brushtail possums are reclusive creature that prefers to live alone. However, in urban settings, you can find them living in groups. You can identify brushtail possums through their bushy tails and pointy ears. They are similar in size to a large cat.

They avoid interacting with each other in the forest or natural environment. You can find brushtail possums living in pairs only during the breeding season.

Do Ringtail Possums Live In Groups?

Ringtail Possums

Unlike other kinds of possums, ringtail possums are not all introverted or lonely creatures. They prefer living in groups and are friendly towards each other. They are grey-brown with cream under the belly. They have short ears and brown eyes.

They live in small groups and establish relationships during breeding seasons. The group consists of one adult male, two adult females, and their joeys from the past breeding seasons.

Commonly, ringtail possums are monogamous. Adult male and female possums will build a nest together during the breeding season and will move in together. They stay together caring for the babies.

How Many Possums Live In One Area?

Possum lives in one area for maximum few days or a week. Possums mark their territories, and male possums are territorial. They will fight among each other if any possum breaks into their territory.

Possums avoid interaction and live alone. Even living in the same area, they will have little to no interconnection unless it is breeding season.

The most recent study about possums displayed their living behaviors in forests and cities. Researcher Charlotte Peterson at the University of Otago, New Zeeland, assumes that three possums live in one thousand square meters in nature. While in urban settings, twenty possums live in one thousand square meters.

How Many Possums Live In One Nest?

Possums Nest

Possums live alone. You will only find one possum living in one nest. The exception is the mother possum, living along with the joeys or during breeding seasons.

It is unlikely to see possums staying in pairs except during mating season. After the male possum moves out, the female possum takes care of the joeys alone.

Possums are solitary animals and avoid living together or hunting together. They build their nest in abandoned trees, buildings, or any place near the food sources. Adult possums mark their territory to avoid the invasion of other animals.

How Do Possums Live?

Possums live in bushy areas. They build their nest in hollow trees, and woodpiles, abandon caves, and rock crevices, and will preferably live alone. They have evolved with time and prefer living near the residential areas.

Possum avoids interacting or crossing paths with other animals. They will live alone unless it is the breeding season. It is impossible to find them living in groups. They live alone and hunt alone. Their communication is through a sense of smell or sounds. 

What Is A Group Of Possums Called?

A group of possums is called a passel. However, it is unlikely to find a group of possums hanging around or living together. Adult possums avoid interaction with other animals.

They are solitary animals and prefer being alone. Only mother possum can be seen with the group of joeys as she takes care of the young ones till they mature.


Possums are introverted and like to live alone. They are friendly but avoid interaction with other creatures. However, young possums are friendly toward cats. They can even cuddle and share a meal with a kitten.

A pair of adult possums will live together only during the breeding season. When the joeys are born, the male possum will leave. The only exception is the ringtail possum that lives in the family. It is common for mother possum to live along with joeys until they are mature and can move out.

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