How Long Can A Possum Live Without Water

How Long Can A Possum Live Without Water? Shocking Facts

How long can a possum live without water? This question may arise in your mind if you keep a possum in captivity or caught a possum through a trap and want to keep it for some time. In the wild, a possum can live up to 3 days without water, and up

do possums eat snakes

Do Possums Eat Snakes [Some Interesting Facts]

Believe me or not, Possums are your friends. They are best at saving you from the snakes that lurk in your backyard. Now you must be wondering “Are these big rats good for something? Are they predators of snakes? Do Possums eat snakes?” To your surprise, yes, it’s all true! Possums

Do possums eat rats

Do Opossums Eat Rats [Unknown Facts]

Opossums provide natural pest control in areas where they have a larger population. Opossums eat a lot of other small animals, which helps keep their population under control. This way, a specific population does not dominate an area. Among other animals, do Opossums eat rats? Yes, they do. Opossums eat many

are opossums blind

Are Opossums Blind [Some Scientific Facts]

Opossums are also known as possums. They sleep through the day and are awake at night like raccoons. There are many myths about their habits and physical abilities. One of such misconceptions most asked about is; are opossums blind? Despite the common assumption, opossums are not blind at all. They

where do possums sleep

Where Do Possums Sleep [Places And Time]

All animals find a peaceful place for themselves to sleep. They either sleep by hiding behind a bush, climbing a tree, or sometimes underground caves, but where do possums sleep? Possums sleep in nests inside hollow trees or dens located in caves. They are also found asleep in isolated buildings

what does possum poop look like

Possum Poop: A Breakdown of the Look, Smell, & Diseases

Possum poop smells horrible. Anyone who has come into contact with a possum scat will tell you it’s the smell you’ll not want in the yard, garden, attic, or home. But that’s not all. Possum poop is also a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it can make your

What do possums eat? Possum diet and eating habits

What Do Possum Eat: The Complete Food List [& Possum Diet ]

Ever wonder what do possums eat? Possums can be a terrorist. They can mess with your yard, destroy the garden, and leave the house messy. Food is the only thing that gets their attention and attracts them to your residence. It then begs the question: What do possums eat? What’s

Do Possums Hibernate In Winter

Do Opossums Hibernate In Winter

Most animals during winter go into their dormant or inactive state, known as hibernation. They spend their time inside their natural habitats or dens with their partners. So, do opossums hibernate in winter?   No. Opossums do not go into hibernation. However, opossums are inactive during their winters. Before winter,

Are opossum immune to rabies

Are Opossums Immune to Rabies

Chances are, if you have come across an opossum or possum, rabies might have crossed your mind. And you’re smart to feel that way because all mammals carry rabies.  According to the World Health Organization, rabies is one of the viruses that attack the brain and causes 59,000 deaths per

possum climbing the chain link fence

Can Possums Climb Chain Link Fences

You see it every time climbing your chain link fence. You’re not sure whether it is possum or skunk. So the question may arise in your mind, Can Possums Climb Chain Link Fences? Let’s not forget the devilish noises the animal makes at night. You are not alone. Millions of

do opossums spray urine

Do Opossums Spray Urine [How To Get Rid]

The presence of scent glands is widespread in many animals. The same is the case for opossums. Like most other animals, opossums have a red-brown gland on their chest and between their front legs. But do opossums spray Urine? Opossums spray Urine from their pouch region. They also rub their

can you kill a possum with a pellet gun

Can You Kill A Possum With Pellet Gun [Guns Recommended]

Pellets guns are commonly used for getting rid of possums. However, the intensity is not enough to kill a possum. People usually believe that if you want to kill an organism, you should use a strong weapon to do it immediately. This is appreciated as the animal suffers less and

do possums avoid light

Do Possums Avoid Light[Facts and Information]

Do possums avoid light? Yes, possums avoid light as much as they can. Possums have terrible eyesight and try to remain as far from the light as possible.  A possum is the most vulnerable during the day, where light intensity almost blinds it. That is why it prefers staying put

can possum climb up chimneys

Can Possum Climb Up Chimneys?

Possums are very skilled tree-climbers up a tree or a chimney, they get there once it’s almost impossible to stop them. So in most cases, getting up a chimney is not a problem for them. Many people often get confused: “Can possum climb up chimneys?” Yes, Possums can climb up

best ways to kill a possum

Best Ways To Kill A Possum/Opossum [Top Tips 2023]

There are several ways by which a possum can be killed. However, the best course of killing a possum is shooting it in the head using a shotgun or a gun. Adopting this method kills an animal instantly.  The best ways to kill a possum include the use of products