Can Raccoons Unzip Tents ? Truth About Campsite Visitors

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Do you want to know “Can Raccoons unzip tents”? They want to enter your tent if you have any food source in the tent. It is the only reason that raccoons are attracted to your tent. As we know, raccoons are omnivores, and they can eat almost everything available to them. So any food in your tent will attract them.

Yes, Raccoons can unzip a tent. They damage your tent to get entry. Raccoons have sharp nails and strenuous jaws, making them capable of scratching and tearing your tent. So to avoid loss, you must consider implementing precautionary steps like using raccoon repellants and storing food in airtight containers.

Can Raccoons Open A Tent?


Yes, raccoons can open a tent. Raccoons can do so by using their powerful jaws and sharp nails. They can effortlessly tear and scratch holes even in high-quality tents.

Their human-like hands allow them to do anything, including opening windows and doors. So we can say raccoons are smart enough to open a campsite.

They can do irreversible damage to your tent. So to avoid that damage, you have to take specific precautionary measures to stop raccoons from opening your tent.

How Do I Keep Raccoons Out Of My Tent?


If you want to keep raccoons out of your tent, it is necessary to remove all food sources, especially at night when there are no people present around. You can also keep raccoons out of your tent by adapting the following safety measures. These are:

  • Place mothballs throughout your tent.
  • Place fabric softener sheets throughout your tent.
  • Spray ammonia around the tent.
  • Sprinkle chili pepper or cinnamon as a raccoon repellant around the tent.
  • Place soaked cloth in apple cider vinegar around your tent.

Installing a scare light helps to keep wandering raccoons away from your tent. These scare lights have automatic built-in motion sensors light. These lights turn on immediately, and raccoons will get scared.

But the problem is, these things will not work for a determined raccoon. So for effective results, you have to remove all food sources from your tent.

Remove all remaining’s food from the ground and cooking utensils. Pack your food in airtight jars to control food smell. The smell of food is the leading cause of raccoon attraction toward your tent.

Do Raccoons Attack Tents?

To be precise, raccoons don’t attack tents unless provoked by something. They can be motivated by any food source. Raccoons can damage your tent by scratching and tearing their sharp nails and hands.

They can enter your tent by scratching and tearing it. Raccoons are not interested in unzipping your tent. They want entry to reach food sources available in your tent.

How to Keep Raccoons Away From Campsite?

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You can keep raccoons away from your campsite by storing food properly in food storage containers to keep it away from the raccoon.

It would be best to use hard-sided containers, lockable flasks, and steel bear boxes for food storage. When you store food in an airtight container, you can prevent raccoon attraction toward your tent due to the smell of food sources.

Moreover, cleaning your tent area also works. Removing food scraps from the ground and around cooking utensils may help keep raccoons away from the campsite.

Are There Any Reports Of Raccoons Attacking Tents?

In YNP valley, Raccoons’ trouble events were reported. Thirty-eight raccoons attack cases were sighted. Raccoons get a larger reward in terms of food sources in two instances, while in other cases, they get only one food item.

Reports don’t report any damage to property and human lives. Loss of food items was also significantly less. 60.5% of incidents are reported to happen by individual raccoons. Out of these, 26% were caused by a single raccoon.

Raccoon nuisance acts arose in 2003 and 2004 when raccoons unzipped the tents to enter them.

Why Are Raccoons Attracted To Campsites?


Raccoons are attracted to your campsite when provoked by something, especially food sources.

Raccoons are food-lovers. They spend their whole lives in search of food and still stay hungry. They steal food sources from humans when they fear that humans will not have food. For this purpose, they damage your tents.

Will Vinegar Keep Raccoons Away?


Yes, raccoon repellant has vinegar in them, which help to get rid of a raccoon attack.

For making vinegar repellant, take cotton or a piece of cloth. Add it into apple cider vinegar and place it near your tent to keep raccoons away.


If you want to prevent your tent area from being destroyed by raccoons, you have to follow preventive measures strictly. These may include using airtight containers for storing food inside your tent.

You can also eliminate raccoon attacks by spraying ammonia or another raccoon repellant around your tent. Sprinkling peppers may also help. Clean the food scraps from inside and around your tent.


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