Can Raccoons Open Carabiners? Shocking Truth

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Raccoons can be adorable with their cute face until they stroll right into your house, cause you some severe property damage and devour all of your food. The real problem comes when raccoons pose a risk to the security of your home by unlocking the doors.

Raccoons are strong, agile, and very smart. They are nocturnal animals that are native to different parts of the world. A raccoon’s strength is enough to cause significant damage to a door, window, or even a vehicle, and they are excellent climbers as well as swimmers. They can open carabiners, which are considered to be challenging even for a human.

Raccoons are brilliant animals with a memory that will retain information for many years even as they age. Once they successfully open a lock, they can remember the mechanism of relocking the same safety for an extended period. They can open carabiners, which are considered to be challenging even for a human sometimes. It’s unbelievable for many people that an animal can open the door.

How Raccoons Open Carabiners
How Raccoons Open Carabiners

What Kind of Latches Can Raccoons Open?

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These crafty critters are very adaptable and can easily survive alongside humans as well as in the wild due to being very smart.

They can quickly raid your home to steal your food, and your garden to destroy the plants, and could be lurking around your loop to eat or kill your chickens by biting on their neck and then eating their flesh and stealing their eggs as well.

They can easily open simple latches like a hook, eye patch, and basic handles. Though some locks are available that can’t open and will keep them away. Or You can use carabiner clips with latches to prevent these predators from coming to your property.

Can Raccoons Open Barrel Locks?

Can Raccoons Open Barrel Locks

Scientists did research in the past about how intelligent raccoons are. It Turns out they are very smart and have fast learning skills. They use their hands to open various things and can open the locks without any difficulty. They can even open the locks. They can’t see with their sense of touch.

Though raccoons are good at using their fingers they still do not have opposable thumbs, which means they can only move their thumbs halfway across the palm. They may open the barrel lock due to being curious so while choosing a lock, try opening it without using your thumbs. If you can open it easily, it is not hard for raccoons to open it.

Can A Raccoon Open a Padlock?

Can A Raccoon Open a Padlock

Even if they are skilled enough with their paws still padlocks are a little difficult for them to open as they don’t have opposable thumbs, so they are unable to get a good grip on an object. You can also use padlocks to secure your door latches as they can easily lift latches and open doors.

They can easily open different locks with different locking mechanisms from basic to intricate and can easily open, push, pull, turn left and right, and twist locks. But they cannot figure out to insert a key into the padlock and turn it.

Can Raccoons Open Sliding Doors?

Can Raccoons Open Sliding Doors

Raccoons are very dexterous and have highly developed nerves in their paws, which help them to identify items. They can easily open doors like cabinet doors, refrigerators, microwave doors, and sliding doors with their hands.

Yes, you hear it right raccoons can open sliding doors. Sliding doors are effortless to open as raccoons are very strong; they can easily push it with their paws and easily sneak into your house.

Can Racoons Pull Out Staples?

Can Racoons Pull Out Staples

When you need to get rid of staples, you can either take them to the dump or flatten them out. If you try to pull out a staple using your hands, you will end up with a lot of bleeding.

However, raccoons can pull out staples with no problem at all just to eat your chickens. You can use U-shaped nails to staple the hardware cloth, and it may be a little challenging to pull out from them.

How Small of An Opening Can a Raccoon Fit Through?

Coons have a very fluffy, thin, and flexible body structure, which makes it very easy for them to fit through narrow spaces. They can easily open doors and windows and get into your house through tiny holes.

According to the general rule of thumb, if a raccoon’s head can fit through a hole, then the rest of its body can fit through as well.

They can even fit in a 4-inch hole using their sharp claw, and they will tear tinier holes if they can’t fit in it. So, make sure to seal all the openings, lock the doors and windows, or be well-guarded with iron barriers.


Humans considered Racoons to be pests for many years, but they are very different from common pests like cockroaches or rodents due to their cleverness. Raccoons are known for their dexterity, flexibility, and intelligence, and they are much more intelligent than we think. They can open and close containers, open refrigerator doors, trash cans, and locks.

We hope you enjoyed our article on Raccoons and carabiners. These animals are truly fascinating creatures, and we all enjoy watching them in their natural habitat until they get into our houses and start causing trouble by destroying our gardens, eating our chickens, stealing our food, and whatnot. However, if you are worried that a raccoon is causing a problem in your home, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help!