Is It Legal To Trap And Kill Raccoons In Rhode Island [Yes]

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Raccoons are characterized by having fur and ringed tails. They have often been shot and hunted down in various parts of the world, but is it legal to trap and kill Raccoons in Rhode Island?

Yes, it is legal to trap and kill Raccoons in Rhode Island. You can find it everywhere near the swamps, ponds, streams as well as rivers. You can hunt them down if you have permission from authorities. 

In this article, you will walk through the nuisance legislature of Rhode Island. It is better to understand the laws and regulations of the state before setting out to hunt. 

Yes, it is legal to trap Raccoons in Rhode Island. Trapping is only permissible if the person possesses a valid trapping license. For some furbearers, you need a special permit, an extension to a trapping license.

Live trapping is preferred over all other methods for trapping. It is better to trap and kill the animal rather than torture it because harming animals is not permissible as per the State laws of Rhode Island. 

The law does not permit the animals to be taken randomly. It is also not permissible to kill animals outside the property’s boundaries. There are specific seasons in which hunting is permissible, and one should abide by these boundaries set by the authorities. 

Yes, it is legal to hunt Raccoons in Rhode Island. You can kill the animal by adopting lawful means. The laws in Rhode Island are not that stringent, and if the Raccoons are causing harm by destroying crops and buildings and posing a health hazard, their elimination becomes eminent. However, there are specific ways by which hunting and killing can be carried out. 

You can use a gun, poisons, foothold traps, and snares s per local ordinances. There is a law that you have to report to the DEM in 24 hours. In Rhode Island, it is not allowed to discharge firearms within a range of 500 feet of a residential building, and, for private property, official permission must be sought first. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping in Rhode Island

The laws regarding the trapping of Raccoons in Rhode Island are much more lenient. The residents of Rhode Island can hunt down the Raccoons if they sense that these fur-bearers are damaging their property. They are not allowed the use of poisons, but, Shooting and live trapping is permissible.

Once the Raccoon has been trapped live, it is not permissible to relocate it within the premises of Rhode Island. You can relocate raccoons to faraway locations as Raccoons can transmit deadly diseases like Rabies.

The residents of Rhode Island fear that they might contract it and die from it, so care must be taken while using cages. Therefore, Cages must be properly sealed with plywood or metal. 

Laws Governing About Raccoons Shooting in Rhode Island

Rhode Island state encourages raccoon shooting among the local people. Usually, people use two methods of hunting down Raccoons. They can be done through guns as well as dogs. However, hunting at night is not allowed by authorities. Neither can the hunter use a gun larger than a 22-caliber rifle. 

You can use shotguns for shooting but shots greater than four are not allowed. Additionally, you can’t use motor vehicle lights, but only kerosene lanterns or flashlights are allowed with more than six cells to shoot.

How Can You Trap Raccoons in Rhode Island State?

Trapping Raccoons in Rhode Island is a necessity. The preferred method is live trapping. It can be done in the following ways:

  • A cage can be bought from the market and put outside. 
  • A box trap can also be used in populated areas especially. 
  • A good trap is about 10 inches in length, 12 inches in breadth, and 32 inches in height. 
  • Care must be taken that a trap should be placed on an elevated but leveled area. 
  • Baits are good for luring the Raccoons to the trap. Hence, they must be placed inside the box traps or outside so that a Raccoon may be tricked into entering them. 

By implementing the above-mentioned method, you can easily attract the Raccoons to the cages and they can be trapped without any inconvenience for you. 

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons in Rhode Island?

As the Raccoons carry Rabies, it is a necessity that they must be shot down and killed. Many people who belong to Rhode Island are afraid that Raccoons will transmit Rabies to their children.

Here is how Raccoons can be hunted and shot:

  • A 0.22 caliber gun must be used for shooting Raccoons. 
  • It is better to place the gun in a Carbon dioxide chamber. 
  • If you see visible symptoms of Rabies in the Raccoon, it is permissible to shoot the Raccoon on site. 
  • Rifles or Pistols greater than 0.22 caliber are not allowed to be used. 
  • Shooting can also be done on private grounds if the property landowner has granted official permission. 
  • It is better to not shoot a Raccoon in the head if it has to be tested for Rabies. 

Wrapping It Up 

Raccoons are furry little creatures being hunted in various parts of the world for several purposes. Raccoons can be trapped and hunted in Rhode Island. They can be relocated too at a faraway place. The laws are relatively moderate regarding the hunting and trapping of Raccoons in Rhode Island. 

However, hunting is not permissible at night; only a specific firearm can be used to shoot down Raccoons. Raccoons are mainly shot as they are carriers of Rabies and people fear their presence near their residential areas.