Is It Legal To Trap And Kill Raccoons In Delaware [No]

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Are you facing Raccoon overpopulation in your area? Raccoons can cause a nuisance and damage to your property. It is imperative that one gets rid of them but is it legal to trap and kill Raccoons in Delaware? 

No, it is not legal to trap and kill Raccoons in Delaware, but one must follow the guidelines. Killing without a valid reason is not permissible, but you can trap them to some extent. 

We will read today about nuisance laws applicable in Delaware. Moreover, we will see how the hunters can trap Raccoons there. 

No, it is not legal to trap and relocate Raccoons in Delaware quickly. You need to abide by a set of rules before indulging in any decisions regarding Raccoons. For instance, you can’t kill a Raccoon in Delaware. Neither can you do anything that destroys their lairs.  

Regarding relocation, it is not permissible to release any animals within the vicinity of the area. It is ok to relocate Raccoons outside. In the case of private property owners, the hunters must seek proper permission. It is ok for the hunters to release Raccoons to a new location. The laws are stringent in Delaware. Therefore, one must read through them first before acting. 

No, hunting Raccoons in Delaware in the regular season is not legal. People with a license and proper training are eligible to go hunting. In Delaware, you can either use guns or dogs for hunting purposes.

However, hunters must keep in mind that they can’t set fire to the trees where Raccoons live. Moreover, you can’t cut them down for your own need.

 It is always better to use bait to lure the Raccoons out before you can kill them. You can also shoot them on sight if you see one. The authorities approve a 0.22 caliber rifle to hunt down the Raccoons. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping In Delaware

Delaware has some specific conditions with certain rules to trap Raccoons. Every hunter is bound to follow these rules. Furthermore, hunters can trap Raccoons in certain months of the year only. For this, the state authorities have permitted the use of box-type traps. These box traps are readily available in the market. 

The hunters can configure Raccoons by making use of box traps. These boxes cause no harm to the Raccoon. The authorities can implement heavy fines on hunters in case they hurt them. The maximum opening size for a standardized box is about 195 square inches. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Shootings In Delaware

For shooting purposes, a 0.22 caliber rifle has been approved. One can’t shoot inside the city’s premises as it is against the laws and regulations of the state of Delaware.

More importantly, the hunters need to seek proper permission to hunt in the case of privately owned property. It is a crime to enter a property owned by someone else and start hunting on it. 

Hunters can also use firearms. There is only a specific area where you can’t use the firearm. Furthermore, there is certain other equipment including paintball guns, bows, rifles, and crossbows. These things can injure animals and hunters can’t use them.

How Can You Trap Raccoons In Delaware State

Though trapping is not permissible in Delaware, you can still do it by implementing the following rules:

  • Hunters can use cages or box traps but take care while selecting these traps, they must choose approved cages or box traps.
  • The trap should be at least ten by 12 by 32 inches in its dimensions. 
  • Plywood or a barrier must be placed at the sides so that the sides of the cage are secured 
  • They can also go for baits to lure the Raccoons in. However, hunters can secure these traps by using metal straps or other anchors. 
  • You can also use sweet fruits like grapes and cherries. It must be made sure that the trap has half an inch of mesh or smaller so that the Raccoons are not able to reach the bait. 

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Raccoons In Delaware?

One can shoot and hunt Raccoons in Delaware by following the laws as stated below:

  • Hunters can target Raccoons only per the State’s regulations. It is usually from September to October 31st. 
  • If you go hunting other than this time of the year, the authority can impose a heavy fine on you. And, worst case, they can snatch away your license. 
  • From November 1st onwards, it is unlawful to kill Raccoons.
  • On private property, hunters can hunt Raccoons throughout the year. 
  • Hunters cannot visit private properties for hunting Raccoons
  • For hunting on private land, you need special permission from the owners. 
  • On-demand, you must also show these documents to the authorities. 

Wrapping It Up

The hunting, trapping, and relocating laws are more challenging in the state of Delaware than in other states. You must read through the rules before setting out to hunt in Delaware. Furthermore, there are only two months in which you can hunt Raccoons. Furthermore, you can not even relocate them within the premises of the state. 

Moreover, you can trap Raccoons but in a very approved way. Hunters should hunt in an appropriate way without harming them. If the properties find it harmed, they will impose heavy fines on you. So, Delaware State is concerned about the hunting and trapping of Raccoons. It makes sure that other people also follow in their footsteps.