Does Jeyes Fluid Kill Rats ?The Power of Jeyes Fluid

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Rats are thin and long-tailed, medium-sized rodents. Rats are a big problem in almost every country with farms and gardens because they are huge in number. Moreover, they are the carriers of different diseases. Different methods are available to kill rats but does Jeyes fluid kill rats?

No, jeyes fluid does not kill rats. It only helps the rats to stay away from an area. The rats have a strong smell, and the scent of jeyes fluid is not appealing to rats. Thus it helps to keep the rats away.

This article will focus on the composition of jeyes fluid and how it can help to deter the rats from an area.

What Is Jeyes Fluid?

What Is Jeyes Fluid

Jeyes fluid is a disinfectant fluid and versatile cleaning agent. It is a powerful form of bleach. It contains many harmful chemicals like tar acids, chlorocresol, alkyl phenol, terpineol, and isopropanol.

 We can use jeyes fluid for various purposes like cleaning greenhouses and water butts. It can odourise drains and sterilize animal housing. It can also disinfect plant pots, seed trays, and garden tools. This disinfectant is extremely useful in killing bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

The jeyes fluid has harmful ingredients that’s why it is toxic to humans and can cause serious eye problems and breathing issues. It is poisonous if inhaled and can cause skin burns and severe skin irritation. It also harms pets, including rats, mice, squirrels, and cats.

What Can Jeyes Fluid Be Used For?

Other than the above-stated uses of jeyes fluid, it serves the following purposes:

  • Odorizing Drains
drain pipes

The jeyes fluid can be used to get rid of the rancid odor emanating out of the drains in your vicinity. It can also be used to kill the drainage bacteria.

  • Cleaning Of Water Butts
Water Butts

Water quality can be severely affected by the dirt accumulated in the water butts. Jeyes fluid acts as a disinfectant and helps in the cleaning process.

  • Disinfection Of Wheelie Bins
Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins are often lined with biofilms. If you look closely, you will find them smelly and filthy. Scrubbing with Jeyes fluid can help you eliminate all the slime and bacteria in one go.

Does Jeyes Fluid Deter Rats?

Yes, jeyes fluid deters rats. Rats have a strong smell; therefore, we can prevent rats and mice from homes and gardens with the odors they don’t like. The jeyes fluid is a powerful type of bleach with a powerful smell.

Rats don’t like the scent of jeyes juice; thus, it helps to disorientate them from a place, and they will move to some new business.

We can use this disinfectant fluid to keep the rats away from any area like the home, backyard, or kitchen. Other scents that rats dislike and that will keep rats away include house ammonia, onion, garlic, hot pepper, peppermint oil, citronella oil, and white vinegar.

Jeyes Fluid As Rat Repellent

No, rats don’t like jeyes fluid because of its pungent smell. As we already know, rats can smell and trace different scents and food items from distant places because they have a good and robust sense of smell; therefore, the jeyes fluid proves to be a good repellent for different pests, including rats.

Moreover, the scent of jeyes juice can last weeks; rats don’t like it. Thus it can be an excellent strategy to keep rats away from an area using jeyes fluid.

Some top scents that rats like the most include the odors that come from garbage containers, bird feeders, pet poop, and pet food. Rats also like the smell of every type of fruit, including apples, strawberries, mangoes, and vegetables. The smell of cheese and peanut butter is also quite appealing to rats.

How To Use Jeyes Fluid?

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 The harmful ingredient of jeyes fluid has a phenolic smell that is quite strong and unappealing to rats. Rats don’t like strong odors because of their powerful sense of smell.

We can repel rats from any area by using such scents which they hate the most.

Here is how we can use jeyes fluid:

  • Take jeyes fluid bottle
  • Add some water to the bottle to dilute the mixture
  • Next, spray the mixture on the rat hideouts
  • Rats will smell that scent and move to another location.

This is how we can eliminate rats from an area by using jeyes fluid.

Some other scents that are pretty unappealing to rats and they hate them include the smell of peppermint oil, onion, garlic, mothballs, castor, clover, ammonia, and white vinegar.

Does Jeyes Fluid Get Rid Of Rats?


Yes, jeyes fluid repels rats. The jeyes fluid has been extensively used as an excellent disinfectant by farmers for many years. It is quite an effective insecticide and repellent.

It can repel rats and many other pests due to its strong scent. This disinfectant fluid has not only a phenolic smell but also has strong bleach-like odor. That smell is very unpleasant to rats, and thus it will help to repel rats from an area.

Moreover, sometimes this fluid causes little toxicity in rats due to its carcinogenic ingredient. But till now, it has been reported as an efficient repellent for rats.

This fluid cannot only repel rodents, but it can also help to kill bacteria and repel flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.

Does Jeyes Fluid Deter Other Pests?

Yes, jeyes fluid deters other pests too. It has been found that jeyes fluid effectively prevents many other pests, including some insects, cats, and squirrels. We can spray jeyes fluid on plants to make them insect free as this appears to be good for keeping flies and aphids away.

Like rodents, cats also don’t like the smell of jeyes fluid. This fluid can be toxic to cats if used in high concentrations. Squirrels are also rodents and dislike the strong smell of jeyes fluid. Therefore, we can use jeyes fluid to repel these particular pests from an area.


Rats are a big problem on the whole planet due to their rapidly growing population, and they can also pose severe threats to human health. Many methods can kill the rats. One of them is the use of jeyes fluid. Although jeyes fluid doesn’t kill rats, it is quite effective in repelling rats from backyards and home areas.

Rats hate the strong phenolic smell of jeyes fluid. We can get rid of rats by disorientating them with the scent of jeyes fluid. Then they will move to any other location.

The jeyes fluid is also an effective repellent for many insects, cats, and squirrels. It can cause long-term harm to these pests. In a nutshell, jeyes fluid is a good repellent for rats.


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