Why Do Squirrels Knock On Windows [7 Reasons]

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As seen over the years, humans and animals can have a special strong bond. Squirrels are regular neighborhood animals. It is cute, playful, and fun to have around. However, squirrels are curious and are always searching for things. It will do many small things to grab your attention, like knocking on windows. So, why do squirrels knock on windows?

Squirrels knock on your house windows when in need of food or shelter. Typically, a squirrel saves food for later and hides thousands of walnuts underground. But when in harsh weather conditions, food sources are scarce, and a starving squirrel might knock on your house windows.  

To find more detail on squirrels knocking or attacking your windows and methods to prevent it, continue reading.

[7] Reasons For Why Squirrels Knock On Windows

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Squirrels knock on house windows when they see something inside the home which attracts them. Large house window panels without curtains attract squirrels more than small windows as things are see-through.

When not given attention, squirrels can turn their knocks into an aggressive attack, which can break the window if it is not strong enough to withhold the pressure. When squirrels see food, they will do anything to get access.  

A small hole or gap is enough for squirrels to enter the house. They can break a window, or it will find a way to open it. Following are a few things that will garb squirrels’ attention when they see it through the windows.

1- In Search Of Food

Food in room

Wild animals can become aggressive when they see food, especially when food sources are limited. The main reason squirrels knock on windows is to get food.  

Every living creature needs nutrition to survive, and so does the squirrel. It will go to any lengths to get food. When a squirrel sees food through the window, it will look for ways to get inside the home.  

When they fail to find a way to access your house, it will knock on your window to break through it to get the food. If you leave the window open, a squirrel will not think twice before opening it and will jump inside.  

In residential areas near woodland, many locals complain of squirrels jumping inside the home through the open window and grabbing things to eat. Squirrels enjoy eating nuts and fruits.

So, the fruit basket on your dining table might attract the squirrels to hop on your window sills.

2- In Search Of Shelter

Similar to raccoons and other animals, squirrels also mark their territory. Each territory marks the area where squirrels can make their nest and search for food. Squirrels like to build a nest in higher places away from the predator’s sight.

They look for a warm and cozy place near food and water sources. Your house might be in their territory. Therefore, they do not consider it wrong to break into your home and build a nest in it.  

Squirrels will knock on the attic windows to open them and to get inside to make a nest. When the squirrels cannot open the window, the slow tapping and knocks can turn aggressive to break through the glass.  

3- To Give Birth

Squirrel Give Birth

Pregnancy and delivering babies is crucial for animals as it is for humans. Female squirrels prefer giving birth in a comfortable and safe environment. Tapping or knocking on the windows is a desperate measure to get inside.  

Mother squirrels live for months in the same place after delivering babies. It takes care of them until they become adults. Before giving birth, mother squirrels look for a safe space to raise babies.  

A mother squirrel can consider your house a perfect place to raise young ones. When she sees your house inside its territory, it will look for ways to get inside. Your home provides a mother squirrel with abundant food and a safe space out of predators’ reach.  

4- Seeking Refuge From Predators 

Squirrels come at the end of the food chain and have numerous predators, including dogs, foxes, owls, boba cats, hawks, and many others. They have zero defense mechanisms, and the only thing they can do is run away.  

When a squirrel spot a predator, it will stop and observe it for a few minutes. After carefully analyzing the situation squirrel will stare at the predator. It will make loud noises to scare the predator and eventually run away.  

Another reason it knocks on your window is to keep itself safe inside your house. Squirrels are good at hiding and running away. Luckily they are quick and can run fast. As the predator comes near, the knocks will turn more hostile to get inside.  

5- To Hide In Winters

Squirrels hide inside their nest during harsh weather conditions. They are weak and not strong enough to go on in cold and ready seasons. At the start of fall, squirrels build nests and store food for the cold months ahead.  

When the climate becomes extremely cold, and it is unable for squirrels to bear it, they will look for shelter inside the dens and buildings. If no shade is available, squirrels will knock on your windows to try to let themselves in the house.  

Squirrels only knock in the cold when distressed and immediately need warmth. It is not common to find squirrels knocking on house windows during cold weather, but if they do, they need immediate attention. Your house might be the best solution it has during times of great need.

6- Squirrel Wants To Be Your Friend

Squirrel Wants To Be Your Friend

Squirrels are fun and playful. They like to make friends and play with them. Humans and animals can be great friends. Plus, squirrels love anyone that takes a little care of them.  

When you place the food and water for birds and squirrels in your yard, it is considered a pleasant and friendly gesture by squirrels and creates a friendship. On the days when you forget to put water or food, your little friend might visit you.  

Your squirrel friend will knock on the window to let you know it is around.  

It will not be aggressive and is gentle so that you can come around. It is a squirrel way of communication. “Hey, I am here.” or ” play with me.” or “Give me some food.”  

7- Play With Pets  

Squirrel with pets

Squirrels like to play a lot. It can become friends with any organism within minutes. Apparently, squirrels and kittens can be best friends. The reason is still not confirmed. But it is thought squirrels are close to the cat because they share the same enemies.  

Dogs are the squirrel predators, but squirrel loves annoying them. So, when it spots a dog from your house window, it will tap on it to grab your pet’s attention.

It will try to play catch with your dog through the window by knocking and then running away. It sounds silly, but this can frustrate your dog.

Can A Squirrel Open A Window?

Squirrel Open A Window

Squirrels are small and can easily squeeze in through tiny spaces. They are clever and can get inside your home through windows, doors, attics, chimneys, and vents. Unprotected doors and windows are free to access the squirrel.  

It can be challenging for a squirrel to open a complicated lock. However, squirrels can break through a simple window lock. It can smash the house windows by aggressively kicking or chewing the room window screens.  

Squirrels are not part of the rodent family. But they are gnawing animals. They can chew through window sills, rubber corners of windows, and screens. Without chewing on hard things, their teeth can grow long.  

Squirrels can open the locks by chewing them or aggressively pushing them. Therefore, it is effortless for squirrels to break into your house through windows unless you use extra protection and locks.  

What Does It Mean When A Squirrel Comes To Your Window?

Squirrel will come to your window sill when it is looking for shelter, food, or hiding from enemies. Squirrels are playful and are active during day hours. They prefer living in the top parts.  

It is easy for them to climb onto the upper portion of your house or on the windows. Squirrels usually consider your house as a part of their territory and will build a nest inside and can steal some food.  

When a squirrel cannot find access inside the house, it will either chew on the wall, doors, or windows to create holes. But windows are probably the simplest way for a squirrel to make their way inside your house.

So, it will kick on it to smash the window or eliminate its barrier.

How Do You Get Squirrels Out Of Your Windows?

Before finding a way to eliminate it, squirrels get rid of their source of attraction. You can be attracting squirrels to your windows without realizing it.

Inside views are clearer from a large window than from small windows. Therefore, glass panels in your lounge or bedroom will have more visitors.  

Follow the tips and tricks below to get squirrels out of your window.  

  • Keep doors and windows tightly locked, especially when you live near the woodland or the forest areas. Never leave your house with open windows as it is free to access for squirrels.  
  • Use heavy curtains on all the windows, especially in dining rooms and lounges. It might sound a little unfashionable, but it will prevent you from having a visitor knocking on your window while dining with your family.  
  • Never keep bird feeders on window sills. It is easy for squirrels to climb on the window sill, and they can eat all the food from the bird feeder and might knock on the windows next time when there is no food. Place the bird feeders at least twenty feet far from the house.  
  • Avoid placing food near windows. Squirrels have excellent smell sense. They can easily smell the fruit from your basket from a mile away and will come running towards your home.  
  • Clean your window and window sills with a chemical, enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners will help get rid of dust and the pet smell. You can purchase these cleaners from any pet store.  
  • Use chemical repellents on the window sills, or you can make them on your own using things available at home. Vinegar, peppermint oil, and peppers are the familiar things that prevent squirrels from climbing on windows.  
  • Grow plants like pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, garlic, and onion near windows to scare away the squirrels.  


Squirrels knock on house windows for multiple reasons. The first reason for squirrels to knock on the window is when they are in search of food. They can smell food from miles away and will come running towards your house.  

During winters, squirrels take refuge in buildings to stay warm and safe. Mother squirrels also look for a warm and cozy place to give birth and raise babies outside the predator’s reach.  

Squirrels are playful and fun animals. If you are placing food for them, regularly they will visit you to say hi by knocking on the window. They also try to play with their pets through the windows.  

When they are desperate, these knocks can be hostile and turn aggressive. Follow the tips above to prevent squirrels from knocking on your house window.  


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