Nature’s Predators: Do Squirrels Kill Ducklings ?

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Like many mammals, squirrels are opportunistic omnivores. This means that although squirrels prefer to eat plant material, they will prey on weak birds to obtain nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These two different species share a certain bond. But, do squirrels kill ducklings?

Yes, Squirrels kill ducklings if their food source is limited, they have been known to consume duck eggs and ducklings. I know it’s difficult to believe a squirrel could eat a duckling.

Squirrels don’t typically eat meat but do well on a diet of fruits, fungi, nuts, and other foods. To learn more, read the entire article below.

Squirrels Vs Ducklings

Squirrels Vs Ducklings

Squirrels have four front teeth that are constantly growing to prevent wear and tear from chewing. Tree squirrels are the squirrels that are most frequently seen gracefully scurrying and leaping from one tree to another.

Ground squirrels, for example, live in burrows or underpass systems and hibernate during the winter. The flying squirrel is a third, adaptable species of squirrel. Although they cannot fly, they can move quickly across the sky.

The term duck refers to a type of water bird with a short neck and a large bill. Ducks are classified as waterfowl, along with swans and geese. These birds live in and around bodies of water. A young duck is known simply as a duckling.

Ducklings have a fuzz-like covering instead of feathers at birth. They eventually develop their faith just like their parents. Adult ducks have waterproof feathers but ducklings do not have waterproof feathers at birth.

Do Squirrels Eat Baby Ducks?

Baby Ducks

Yes, squirrels eat baby ducks. In addition to eating eggs and young ducklings, grey squirrels are notorious nest raiders. They normally eat dead ducklings. After all, squirrels consume a lot of food. They are foragers who eat almost anything they can get their hands on.

Squirrels are survivors, and their diet will primarily consist of foods that they can find quickly and easily. The diet of a squirrel is heavily influenced by its surroundings. Squirrels have been able to survive in cities with fewer wooded areas thanks to this way of thinking.

Baby ducks in the nest or newly fledged ducks are easy prey for squirrels. These vulnerable birds are seen by squirrels as a quick source of calcium, protein, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. 

Squirrels will consume duck eggs. Because of the calcium in eggshells, they are particularly valuable to squirrels and other rodents.

Do Squirrels Attack Ducklings?

Ducklings Kill Squirrels

Yes, squirrels do attack ducklings but not adult ducks rather they eat dead ducks if available. The Southern flying squirrel inhabits woodlands and deciduous and coniferous forests.

Their typical diet will include plants, fruits, nuts, and berries, just like the other varieties of tree squirrels.

They will consume any edible food source they can find because they are oppbird seed eaters. This implies that they won’t be hesitant to consume insects, birds, or bird eggs.

Squirrels eat a lot and can easily consume a pound of food per week. They are voracious eaters who will consume almost anything.

It’s not shocking to see them consuming anything they can find, including human food, candy, mushrooms, and birdseed. They are not typically predators who will go after bird nests containing baby eggs.

But they won’t refuse a free meal if they come across a nest that has been abandoned or where the mother is not.

Do Ducklings Kill Squirrels?

No, ducklings did not kill squirrels. Except when a squirrel attempts to steal food from an adult duck, ducks and squirrels generally avoid each other. The duck in this situation will act much more aggressively. To chase the squirrel away, he will stoop to the ground.

Ducks are omnivorous creatures that eat seeds, small fish, plants, insects, and crustaceans. Because it is a frequent area with ponds, rivers, and lakes, ducks are considered owls. Except for Antarctica, this animal can be found on every continent. Some are found in freshwater, while others are found in saltwater.

When it comes to feathers, males, also known as drakes, are more colorful than females. Feathers on a drake could be silver, blue, silvery-green, or bright green. Females, also known as hens, are typically brown or grey. The species determines the exact coloration.

Will A Squirrel Take Duck Eggs Before Duckling Hatching?

Yes, both red and grey squirrels have been observed stealing and eating duck eggs. Personally, I believe it is just nature, even if one is a non-native species, as if humans hadn’t driven the red squirrels away, the reds would be doing pretty much the same thing as the greys.

Duck eggs will be eaten by squirrels, chipmunks, and ground squirrels. Because of the calcium in eggshells, they are particularly valuable to squirrels and other rodents. Furthermore, squirrels are very interested in the fats and proteins present within egg ducks.

What Animals Kill Baby Ducks?


The following are the primary predators of ducklings:

  • Raccoons typically don’t actively hunt for duck nests, but when they do, they’re happy to eat the majority or the entire clutch.
  • For species that nest in uplands, like mallards and pintails, red foxes are a major predator that restricts the number of ducks that can be produced in the prairie pothole region.
  • Skunks are foraging creatures, just like raccoons, and they enjoy stumbling upon duck nests by accident. They also occasionally consume ducklings.
  • Coyotes chase away foxes and other significant breeding duck predators while devouring ducklings, scavenging eggs, and killing any hens they manage to catch.
  • Most of the prairie pothole region is dominated by badgers, a significant duck-egg predator.
  • Eggs and ducklings from waterfowl species are in grave danger from the corvid family, which includes crows, ravens, and magpies.


Ducklings are born with a fuzz-like covering instead of feathers. They, like their parents, eventually develop their faith. Adult ducks have waterproof feathers, but ducklings are born without them.

Baby ducks are eaten by squirrels. Grey squirrels are notorious nest raiders, in addition to eating eggs and young ducklings. Adult ducks are not attacked by squirrels. Normally, they eat dead ducklings.

However, ducks did not kill squirrels. Ducks and squirrels generally avoid each other, except when a squirrel tries to steal food from a duck. He will stoop to the ground to chase the squirrel away. Males, also known as drakes, have more colorful feathers than females.

Ducklings will kill any stray small, unfamiliar young ducks that come into contact with their brood because they will not tolerate them being near their brood. Predators of all kinds, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, enjoy eating ducklings.


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