Where Do Squirrels Poop :Exploring Squirrel Behavior

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If you think a squirrel is living inside your house, it is better to begin looking for it because squirrels are destructive and can ruin your garden or the attic. One of the most common ways to identify the pest invading your house is by examining the poop. So, you must be searching exactly where do squirrels poop?

Rodents, including squirrels, can poop in your yard, even inside the house. Typically, you will find squirrel poop near trees, inside hollow tree trunks, sheds, bird feeders, and potted plants. Squirrels can also find access inside your home. Therefore, you can also find squirrel poop inside attics, basements, and lofts.

Read the article to confirm the presence of squirrels inside your house through the poop.

Squirrels Pooping Places
Squirrels Pooping Places

How Do Squirrels Poop Look Like?

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Squirrels belong to the family of rodents and have many similarities to the rat, including poop. Often squirrel poop is confused with rat. Both animals excrete droppings that are dark brown or black. However, squirrel dropping is different in shape and size.

Squirrel poop is round and barrel-shaped. It can resemble coffee beans, while rats excrete elongated, pinched pellets that are tapered at the end, unlike the squirrel’s poop which is round at the end. Both poops might appear the same size, but squirrel poop is ten-millimeter long and three millimeters wide, slightly larger than rats’ poop.

The texture and the color of squirrels’ poop can vary according to their diet. Food with high fluid content can cause lumpy and soft droppings, and dry food items can result in thick, dry, and smaller pellets. Squirrels poop can have a shade of different colors like red and green.

How Often Do Squirrels Poop?

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Squirrel poops according to the food it has eaten during the day. There is a common myth that squirrels do not poop. However, squirrels poop at least once in two days, usually at night, to avoid predators. You might not find squirrels hanging around in the middle of the night, but they do come out to excrete waste.

Squirrels are secretive and poop in private. Therefore, you will hardly see squirrels excreting in front of you because they are afraid of humans. Squirrels hide their poop inside the soil or under the trees, so it is mixed, and no one can see it easily.

How Often Do Baby Squirrels Poop?

How Often Do Baby Squirrels Poop?

Baby squirrels poop only upon stimulation. It will stop eating until it is stimulated and has excreted the waste. The baby squirrels cannot defecate on their own till the fur grows or it is five to six weeks old.

Until then mother squirrel helps the baby by stimulating its genitals. A baby squirrel does not poop every day. But it must excrete after at least 24 hours of feeding.

To excrete feces squirrel babies must be stimulated after every meal for proper defecation, or they will die from the collected waste stored inside the body. Mother squirrels’ licks the genital to stimulate excretion and keep licking until it relieves themselves.

Later, after the baby ends up defecating, mother squirrels grab the poop of the baby and throw it far away from the baby or the nest to protect the baby from other pests and diseases.

Do Squirrels Poop As They Walk?

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Yes, squirrels poop while walking. In fact, many rodents, including rats and squirrels, can poop while moving.

However, squirrels are shy and will not poop standing in front of you. But this does not mean they have a specific place or location, particularly for pooping, like bathrooms.

They will relieve themselves anywhere and in any position. Squirrels can even poop while running and defecate rather quickly than other animals. Usually, they hide their poop in the tree so no one can find it. However, as they defecate while moving, you can find their poop inside the attics, sheds, and even near the potted plants.

Do Squirrels Poop In A Pile?

The texture and quantity of the squirrel poop depend upon their food intake. Typically, squirrels poop more than rats. They leave behind several pellets in piles.

Each pile contains almost a dozen feces. Even though a squirrel can poop while walking or running, you will still find their feces in the stack, unlike a rat pellet scattered over a large area.

Squirrels can poop while moving around, dropping piles of poop that leave a trail behind. However, squirrels are private and prefer sitting in the corner, usually under the tree, to poop. If a squirrel is living inside your house, you will easily find the piles of squirrels left behind.

The squirrel poop is in piles and thicker than the rat poop. Therefore, easy to find. The squirrel poop pile becomes dry with time and can change color with hues of red or green.

Do Squirrels Poop Where They Nest?

Do Squirrels Poop Where They Nest?

Squirrels are clever and know all the methods to protect themselves from predators. They do not poop near their nest because squirrels learn the smell of their poop will attract hungry animals to them.

Squirrels do not have specified community latrines, yet they will defecate in the area far from their nest and might use it for pooping for a long time.

Mother squirrels take their baby away from the nest to poop to protect them from predators, other pests, and diseases. If a baby squirrel poops inside the nest mother will pick up the baby poop in its mouth and throw it far away from the nest.

Even though squirrels do not poop inside their nest, but will poop in their home ranges or territory. Each squirrel marks their territory ranging from a few miles to acres. They will avoid each other homes and will defecate in their personal area.

Do Squirrels Poop In Trees?

Do Squirrels Poop In Trees?

Yes. Squirrels will poop in private as they are shy animals and avoid excreting in front of humans and other animals. They leave their large brown piles of pellets under the trees, near bird feeders, inside sheds, and attics. The color of the squirrel poop is dark brown, so it blends with the tree soil and cannot be seen clearly.

A squirrel can climb to the top of the tree to defecate so no one can see them, as they do not like to show themselves when pooping. It is also to avoid attracting predators to them.

Humans cannot smell squirrel poop, but animals with a sharp smell sense can identify it. Therefore, squirrels in the wild hide their feces after defecating and prefer going deep into the woods to poop.

Do Squirrels Poop On The Ground?

Do Squirrels Poop On The Ground?

Trees and near bird feeders are not the only places where squirrels poop. They will poop anywhere as long as the area is hidden and safe. A squirrel will move far from the nest and go to a quiet corner with many trees, bushes, and wood to relieve itself.

After defecting, it will hide or burrow feces underground so no one can see the excretes. Squirrel poop is similar in color to the soil. So it can hide well. Therefore, squirrels will have no problem pooping on the ground.

Whether soft and moist surfaces or the hard ground inside the attic. It is common to find squirrel poop scattered over all areas inside the attics or basement when a squirrel is nesting there.

Do Squirrels Poop In The Yard?

Do Squirrels Poop In The Yard?

House yards or gardens are the favorite places of many rodents as they find plenty of food sources, shelter, and sometimes a good water supply. While living inside a yard, a squirrel can poop near trees, grass, bird feeder, potted plants, and garbage bins. Anyplace it finds comfortable or hidden enough will become a squirrel’s latrine.

As soon as the squirrel becomes comfortable in your yard, you might find it pooping during the day while walking and running around. Squirrels are playful and can quickly poop while moving. Therefore, making it hard for you to find the squirrel poop inside your yard.

The soft and moist ground is perfect for squirrels to poop as they can burrow the pellets inside the soil. Plus, squirrel also hides their presence by mixing the poop with soil under trees, as both are dark brown.

Do Squirrels Poop On Cars?

Do Squirrels Poop On Cars?

Similar to rats’ squirrels are gnawing animals and can chew almost everything. In a cold climate, many small animals take refuge near warm places like inside your house and cars.

Abandoned cars are a commonplace pest infestation. If you have a car in your garage not been used for a few months, an animal might be residing in it. However, squirrels do not usually prefer living in cars as it provides less moving space.

Squirrel poop, while moving so they can poop inside your car when it is playing nearby or chewing on the car parts. If you find squirrel poop on your car, there might be a squirrel living in your garage or is getting access through any holes or space.

Do Squirrels Poop to Mark Territory?

Squirrels are territorial and mark their territory with pee and scents from the apocrine glands located on their skin around the mouth. They never poop to notify their home range because poop can attract predators to their nest.

Squirrels communicate through sounds and smell in the community. Surprisingly, they also identify their family members through the scent. Almost every squirrel has a unique scent that only squirrels can recognize.

The number of squirrels in urban settings is increasing. Therefore, competition for food and shelter is drastically increasing among squirrel communities. Squirrels will rub their cheeks to release the scent and pee to mark their home territory: so other animals or squirrels do not cross it.

Is Squirrel Poop Toxic To Humans?

Is Squirrel Poop Toxic To Humans?

Squirrels are cute, but their poop is toxic and dangerous to humans as it contains many microorganisms which can cause serious diseases.

Although, squirrels avoid pooping near humans and typically use trees as latrines. If a human accidentally comes in contact with the squirrel poop, it can become a carrier of one of the numerous diseases.

Squirrel poop can transmit diseases to humans either; through direct or indirect contact via contaminated food and water. The most common diseases include salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rabies, and flea and tick infestation.

Other potential diseases humans can get from squirrels are Lyme disease, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Tularemia. The common diseases in humans caused by squirrel poop are below.


Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease. It can cause death in humans and enters the body via direct contact or contaminated food and water. The pathogen can enter the human body through open wounds. Initial symptoms of leptospirosis are similar to flu, including high fever, vomiting, and rashes. If not treated can progress to meningitis and acute kidney failure.


The bacteria salmonella in squirrel poop causes salmonellosis, which is not fatal but causes abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. The treatment includes antibiotics and hydration. It transfers to the human body via air droplets, contaminated surfaces, and food.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels Poop?

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Squirrel poop is dangerous as it carries germs that can cause infection. Therefore, it is necessary to handle the poop carefully and immediately. Leaving squirrel waste around your house can be dangerous as it can transmit microbes through inhalation, open wounds, and food.

You should not forget to clean the garden while clearing the squirrel poop. Because the poop mixed with vegetables and fruit can contaminate them. Therefore, follow the steps below to clean it.

  • You can clean squirrel poop with your hand and vacuum inside your home. But it is necessary to wear rubber gloves and avoid touching the feces with bare hands.
  • Spray disinfectant or pour bleach over the poop and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Use a large broom and pan to pick up the waste. You can also use the vacuum but line every item with a disposable bag to prevent contamination.
  • Throw the poop in large bins lined with a disposable bag and place it far from the house.
  • Spray the disinfectant and bleach on the surface again and wipe clean it with the detergent and water mixture. Dispose of the rags and gloves after cleaning the area.


Squirrels are cute but annoying and dangerous as they can poop inside your property. But they are shy and will poop in private. Their private pooping place can be your attic, yard, or car. Squirrels typically prefer to poop on trees as it hides them from the public.

It also helps them burrow their poop in the tree or plant soil. Squirrels do not poop inside their nest. If a baby squirrel poops near the sleeping area, the mother squirrel will throw it far away for babies’ protection. Squirrel poop is dangerous for humans. Therefore, carelessly handling squirrel poop can cause diseases.


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