Is It Legal to Trap and Kill Raccoons in Wisconsin? [Yes]

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In Wisconsin, raccoons are typical and well-known furbearers. They will consume practically everything, and they can live almost anywhere. There are laws regarding capturing raccoons in every state but is it legal to trap and kill raccoons in Wisconsin?

Yes, it is legal to kill and trap nuisance raccoons in Wisconsin. You can trap them and release them somewhere if you work with a qualified wildlife control business. 

In this article, we will read about a few Wisconsin laws regarding the trapping of raccoons. Moreover, we will also look at all the rules that allow one to kill a raccoon in Wisconsin. It is only permissible under certain conditions. 

Yes, it is legal to trap and relocate Raccoons in Wisconsin. Raccoon hunting and trapping are permitted on any property by the owner or occupant as well as any immediate family members. 

To kill or capture raccoons on their own land, landowners do not need a shooting or trapping license. On properties owned or maintained by the DNR, live caught animals cannot be relocated and released.

 The legal alternative to firing a gun is live trapping, which is permitted in those locations. Contact a nearby wildlife control operator if you are having issues with raccoons and need help getting the animal out of your property. They will not only guide you properly but will also get the job done if you are facing any issues.

Yes, it is legal to hunt Raccoons in Wisconsin. Raccoons and unprotected animals can all be hunted at night without restrictions on shooting times. Any game animal, as well as its carcass, must be in possession of a person who has a current hunting license, sports license, conservation patron license, scientific collector, or taxidermist permit.

Raccoon bounty hunting is not currently permitted in Wisconsin. Even though raccoon trapping is legal in Wisconsin, the raccoon number has reached unmanageable levels. In the past, the reward for raccoon fur provided sufficient motivation to keep the raccoon population under control.

Many Wisconsin citizens engaged in the lucrative recreational activity known as raccoon hunting. They find it thrilling to be a part of such activities and capture Raccoons while hunting. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping in Wisconsin

Each trap used in accordance with a trapping permit must be marked with a metal tag stating the owner’s name and address. All live fur-bearing creatures caught during such species’ open seasons must be immediately put to death and added to the daily bag. 

Such animals may not be kept alive after capture unless a DNR permission or license authorizing their custody has been secured first. For furbearers, elevated traps are acceptable if the sight-exposed bait law is observed.

During the closed season, you are not permitted to set up any traps, snares, bait, or scents for fur-bearing animals.

Laws Governing About Raccoon Shootings in Wisconsin

When these species cause damage, landowners may capture or shoot them. A shooting or trapping license is not necessary for landowners to kill or capture these animals on their own land at any time of year. 

Raccoons can be trapped or shot year-round and without a shooting or trapping license according to state law, except for 24 hours before the gun deer season.

Raccoons can be pursued by hunters at dark on foot, and they can only use lights to find or kill a raccoon if it has been trapped in a tree or dispersed by dogs. Most animals cannot be taken with a light, although raccoons can be shot to the point of killing when on foot while hunting. 

How Can You Trap Raccoons in Wisconsin State?

Before trapping, keep the following points in mind:

  1. No anyone under the age of 60 may install, use, or maintain anybody-grip trap. more than 75 square inches, calculated from the outside broadest points of the jaws
  2. Install a live bait trap in a location where raccoons are known to congregate.
  3. Dog food, fruit, cat food, or anything else that the raccoons had been consuming, such as waste, can be used as bait for the trap.
  4. Raccoons are active at dawn and nightfall, so place the trap before dusk.
  5. For a single-door type, the cage trap should ideally measure at least 10 x 12 x 32′′; double-door variants should be longer. Bait them with sardines, fruit, cat food, and dog food.

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons in Wisconsin?

The following points are to be kept in mind when shooting and hunting raccoons in Wisconsin:

  1. .22 caliber guns are used
  2. The user must have a license for the gun
  3. Having a firearm other than the one registered is considered illegal.
  4. It is forbidden to hunt with anything other than a bow, crossbow, arrow, rifle, handgun, shotgun, muzzleloader, or falconry. Using a fully automatic weapon, such as a machine gun, to go hunting is also forbidden.
  5. Except when using a bow or crossbow, unprotected species such as raccoons may be hunted without time limits on when to shoot.
  6. It is acceptable to hunt raccoons with dogs.

Wrapping it up

You can kill, trap and relocate Raccoons according to the guidelines set by State law. A licensed person is allowed to kill raccoons if they mean to cause you harm. You can always report the authorities and have them come over to look at your raccoon problem.

Before you trap or go hunting, check your local laws. There are some terms and conditions which you need to abide by. Without them, you can be charged with illegal conduct.

You need to have a registered gun for hunting down raccoons. It is better to act as per the regulations of authorities. This will save you from landing in any illegal trouble.