Is It Legal to Trap and Kill Raccoons in Montana [New Guide]

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Raccoons are cute yet troublesome animals often found all over the USA. They are attracted to different types of food, we left near our houses. There are laws regarding capturing raccoons in every state but is it legal to trap and kill raccoons in Montana?

Yes, it is legal to trap and kill raccoons in Montana. Both resident and non-resident hunters in Montana may hunt nongame species without a license because they are not subject to federal or state protection.

In this article, we will read about a few Montana laws regarding the trapping of raccoons. Moreover, we will also look at all the rules that allow one to kill a raccoon in Montana. It is only permissible under certain conditions. 

Yes, it is legal to relocate and trap Raccoons in Montana. For the taking of raccoons and nongame species, neither resident trappers/hunters nor nonresident hunters need a license. 

However, without the landowner’s, lessee’s, or their representatives’ written consent, no one can employ a trap or snare to capture a fur-bearing animal on private property. Trapping and relocation are merely short-term, cruel, and unlawful remedies.

 To stop the spread of raccoon diseases, all live caught raccoons in Montana must either be transferred back onto the homeowner’s property or killed humanely. Landowners require a trapping license to take down raccoons on their land. Relocating raccoons is unlawful, ineffective, and environmentally damaging.

Yes, hunting of Raccoons is legalized in Montana. Raccoons are allowed to be shot if you are in an area that permits weapons and shooting and you are doing it responsibly, according to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

It is unlawful to hunt or trap any animal that has fur without having the necessary license or permit on them at the time. Refuse to give a game warden a license or permit for inspection, as well as the identity you used to buy it.

On private property, it is illegal to hunt or try to hunt raccoons without the landowner’s, lessee’s, or representative’s authorization. A private property owner can do as he pleases since he is the one who owns that land area. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Trapping in Montana

Nongame species (such as raccoons), which are under the control of the Department of Livestock, are entirely unregulated in Montana. Residents are not required to have a trapping license, and year-round, unrestricted, and unreported trapping is permitted.

I-177, the Montana Animal Trap Restrictions Initiative, outlaws the use of traps and snares on any public lands in Montana. It is against the law to even touch a trap that has been set legitimately, according to long-standing trapping regulations. Before utilizing traps to capture raccoons, be sure to verify local and state laws.

You cannot act out of your own accord. Informing the authorities is an important step and initiative. 

Laws Governing About Raccoon Shootings in Montana

The legal shooting window in Montana is from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after dusk. A hunting license, sometimes known as a “tag,” and a conservation license for a particular species and the sex of an animal are required before you can hunt an animal in Montana.

Any person born after January 1, 1985, must show proof of passing a hunter education course to buy a license. People older than that are exempt from providing that information unless they are archery hunting. For the use of a firearm to take a large game, all licenses are valid.

However, you must first acquire an arrow and bow license, which can have academic requirements for bowhunters, if you want to use an arrow and bow or other archery equipment to take wildlife. Get these criteria finished in advance and then apply.

How Can You Trap Raccoons in Montana State?

Before utilizing traps to capture raccoons, be sure to verify local and state laws. 

  1. The most sensible trap to employ close to homesteads is frequently a cage trap.
  2. Raccoons can be captured effectively using foothold traps.
  3. These traps must be well-built with sturdy materials and at least 10 by 12 by 32 inches in size. 
  4. Use canned cat food with a fish base as the bait for the trap. Put a piece the size of a thumbnail at the door, and a larger quantity in a paper cup that has been broken off at an inch interval. 
  5. Take the raccoon at least two miles away from the trap site if it is going to be released.

How Can You Shoot and Hunt Raccoons in Montana?

Keep in mind the following points while shooting and hunting in Montana:

  1. Larger calibers and shotguns should be avoided if possible.
  2. .22 caliber guns are used.
  3. It is acceptable to hunt raccoons with dogs.
  4. Strong-nosed hunting dogs with experience can pick up the smell of raccoons in the air and aid in your quest for them.
  5. Smaller caliber rifles are your best bet if you are looking for a trophy pelt or wish to taxidermize your raccoon.
  6. Artificial lighting is not allowed during the state, according to hunting statutes.

The owner must have a license for the guns being used in hunting. Sometimes, the authorities may check for the license and you will be required to produce it. 

Wrapping it up

Permit owners are allowed to kill and trap raccoons in Montana. There are states applicable to raccoon hunting and trapping. Relocating raccoons is not a choice. Raccoons that have relocated are swiftly replaced by new raccoons.

 Leaving the raccoons alone and getting rid of or changing whatever draws them directly to your yard is the best course of action. A licensed person is allowed to kill raccoons if they mean to cause you harm. You can always report the authorities and have them come over to look at your raccoon problem.