Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Wyoming [ No]

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Food, water, and shelter are the favorite things of any wildlife, including pigeons. Are you wondering why that pigeon family in the backyard is not leaving? You know the answer now. So, the most effective way is to kill them. But is it illegal to kill pigeons in Wyoming?  

No. It is not illegal to kill pigeons in Wyoming. Hunters can also take down pigeons during small games. But killing migratory pigeons or doves off-season is forbidden. You can take down as many feral pigeons as you want throughout the year. 

Pigeon shooting is legal as long as you know the rules. Continue reading to learn more about it. 

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Wyoming? 

It is legal to hunt and eat all pigeons in Wyoming. There are five pigeon species in the state are; the Rock pigeon, the Band-tailed pigeon, the Eurasian collared dove, the White Winged dove, and the Mourning dove. The latter two species are migratory. So, it is illegal to hunt these doves off-season. The Wyoming authorities allow Mourning dove hunting in Small games.  

So, it is better to know all the features of the dove before going on the hunt. Mourning doves are small-headed. They are 9 to 13 inches in length. With the wings spread, they are 15 to 18 inches. It has a greyish-brown body with black spots on the wings and a blog spot under its eye. Also, it is legal to eat doves harvested in the small games. 

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Wyoming?

It is not illegal to hunt and eat pigeons in Wyoming. But, it is illegal to hunt Mourning doves all year. You can take them down only during Small games. Mourning doves are migratory birds which means they move according to the season.  

To accommodate such bird species, the USA and other foreign countries signed a treaty in 1918 known as MBTA or Migratory Bird Treaty Act. According to this act, it is illegal to harm, kill, trade, or sell such birds without state permission. But you can hunt other pigeon species all year without any permit.  

The small games are part of the hunting festival. The days for bird hunting are specified each year according to the breeding season. Typically, it begins on September 1 and ends on November 29. Hunters can take down Mourning doves during these days. But there is a daily bag limit of 15 and a possession limit of 45. 

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Wyoming State 

Pigeon hunting laws in the state ensure that hunting is safe and ethical. The shooting laws are similar in all the US states. But, there is slight differentiation depending on the pigeon species. Also, beginners can always start hunting after going through them. Below are some rules governing pigeon shooting in Wyoming.  

  • Any person born on or after January 1, 1966, must complete a Hunter education course. They must have a valid certificate to prove the safe handling of firearms. If the person has no proof, you will have to be under the supervision of a licensed person.  
  • To obtain the certificate, you don’t have to take an exam. But you must have a satisfactory result on the online course.  
  • The Wyoming hunter education course certificate expires after 364 days. So, you have to renew it every year.  
  • A resident or non-resident under 14 can take down the game birds without a hunting license. Only when under the supervision of a licensed adult age 21 or above.  
  • All hunters aged twelve and above must have a Small game permit to hunt the migratory doves.  
  • In Small games, the daily bag limit is 15 possession limit is 45. 
  • The baits are forbidden during small games. However, you can use electronic calls, a net, or food to hunt Feral pigeons and Eurasian collared doves.  
  • No person shall use video photography equipment, thermal imaging device, or another imaging device to spot or locate pigeons.  
  • The small game birds can only be taken down half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset.  
  • The authorities require you to retrieve the target from the field. So, no person shall aim at a target far from their collection point.  
  • It is illegal to kill pigeons randomly without a count for increasing the possession limit.  

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Wyoming State? 

Pigeon hunting and shooting are not difficult when you know all the laws. It is essential that you know all the rules. Pigeon hunting is a centuries-old practice. With proper training, you can be a pro. The pointers below will guide you through all pigeon shooting and hunting steps. 

  • Submit the Hunting course certificate and purchase your license online via the Wyoming wildlife website or through an agent.   
  • Hunters must carry hunting licenses and permits on the field. It can be on an e-device or in print.  
  • Register yourself for the upcoming gaming festival to hunt Migratory pigeons. The schedule for small games changes every year. So, check the dates on the website or local paper. 
  • Purchase legal weapons, which are shotguns and archery equipment. You can use a Shotgun of ten calibers. But it must not hold more than three pallets.   
  • The use of archery equipment on the field is legal.  
  • Wear a blaze orange or pink vest, cap, and backpack on the hunting field.   
  • To hunt on private land, make your request by submitting the permission slip to the landowner.   
  • Do not hunt pigeons on Sundays and within 500 meters of any worship place.   
  • Avoid shooting pigeons in residential areas and look for alternative options to eliminate pigeons.   
  • Wear safety gloves and goggles on the field, and carry a first aid box on the hunting field.   
  • Submit your daily harvest count by filling out the form online on the wildlife website.   
  • Always use separate bags for different pigeon species.   

Summing Up

Wyoming does not protect pigeons. It is legal to hunt pigeons in the state as long as you have a hunting license. Similar to many other USA states, Wyoming also has protected and unprotected species. You can take down Feral pigeons, Band-tailed pigeons, and Eurasian-collared doves all year.

But to hunt Mourning doves, hunters will have to wait for small game, which happens once a year. You can take down these doves only for a few days with a bag and possession limit. However, it is legal to eat all pigeon species. It is better to avoid Feral pigeon meat because they carry bacteria.