Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Las Vegas [No]

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Pigeons thrive in Las Vegas. Unlike other bird species, pigeons do not need trees to live. They prefer structures that resemble cliffs. So, they make their nest inside tall buildings. Pigeons might seem harmless living on your apartment balcony, but they carry diseases. So, is it illegal to kill pigeons in Las Vegas?  

No. It is not illegal to kill pigeons in Las Vegas. However, it is strictly not valid to shoot pigeons without reason. Due to the increase in the pigeon population, the authorities are slightly linnet and allow the use of traps and other alternative ways to remove pigeons from homes.  

But pigeon hunting is still in practice in Las Vegas. Continue reading to learn more about shooting and hunting rules for pigeons in the city.

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Las Vegas?

The three pigeon species living in Las Vegas are Inca doves, mourning doves, and Rock pigeons. It is legal to hunt all three of these pigeon species during hunting season. Pigeon hunting is the most popular sport of the hunting festival.

Hunters enjoy hunting Mourning doves more than any other bird species. There is no bag count limit for Inca doves and Rock pigeons. However, you cannot kill more than 15 Mourning doves in the hunting season. That limits the daily bag count to only two birds per day.  

Each year the hunting season typically begins on the First of September and ends on the thirty October. The hunting hour begins a half hour before sunrise and ends a half hour after sunrise.

There are no rules regarding pigeon eating in Las Vegas. In fact, people enjoy eating pigeon meat. It is available at a few grocery stores in the city.

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Las Vegas?

It is not illegal to hunt and eat pigeons in Las Vegas. However, the state does not allow hunting pigeons all year. Shooting pigeons at any time of the year other than hunting season requires a permit from wildlife authorities. Shooting pigeons in a residential area is also a crime.

It is illegal and will lead to a fine or jail. During hunting season, you can hunt as many Inca doves and Rock pigeons as you want. But you cannot kill more than 15 Mourning doves yearly as they are part of the Migratory treaty act.  

Eating pigeons is not illegal. It is available in grocery stores and many high-end restaurants. However, it is better to avoid eating pigeons as they carry infectious diseases that risk human health.

How Do I Get rid of Pigeons in Las Vegas?

Pigeons prefer living in tall buildings or at home with a cliff. Pigeons like to live in a place with more food and space to build a nest. Therefore, there has been a rapid increase in the pigeon population in Las Vegas.

It is frustrating to deal with nasty rats with wings. Not only do pigeons shit on any place they find on your property, but they can also damage your house garden and spread mites, fleas, and other infection-causing microbes.

Shooting nuisance pigeons is legal, but it is inhumane. Plus, you cannot shoot pigeons in the residential area. Therefore, below are some alternatives to eliminate pigeons from your property.  

  • First, you must remove any food sources for the pigeons, like bird feeders and water bowls. Avoid placing the pet food outside in open areas.  
  • Bird netting is the most effective way of removing annoying pigeons from the rooftop, balcony, under AC units, backyard, and other outdoor places.
  • Install bird spikes on rooftops, attics, and garden walls. It prevents pigeons from landing near your home.  
  • If nuisance pigeons destroy your garden and crops, place hawks and snake decoys around your property. It will scare away pigeons for good.  
  • Reflective surfaces like full-length glass walls cause disorientation in pigeon eyes. Therefore, installing glass panels on the balcony will reflect light on the pigeons keeping them away.  
  • You can install a motion-active sprinkler in your garden. It will keep the plant safe from pigeons and other annoying animals.  

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Las Vegas

There are laws for pigeon hunting in Las Vegas. These laws are to ensure that no life is in danger from the use of firearms. Some rules are similar in the USA others are specific to Las Vegas. I am mentioning pigeon shooting laws in Las Vegas to assist you in the gaming festival.  

Hunting License  

Las Vegas wildlife associate offers different options for a hunting license. The fees for each hunting license vary according to age and requirement. There are licenses for adults above 18 and separate licenses for senior citizens.

The state issues minor hunting licenses for young people from 12 to 17. It is essential to carry your hunting license during hunting. The people who will not have hunting licenses upon demand are banned from hunting in the future.  

Land Owners  

Pigeon hunting is legal on agricultural or private lands where seeds are scattered solely to grow plants or harvest. The plant seeds must be spread for the purpose of growing vegetation, not attracting pigeons. You can shoot pigeons that are landing on your crops and are dangerous for the plants. The state also allows shooting pigeons on land with soil erosion and pigeons.  

However, in some situations, you might need a permit from the wildlife authorities. You cannot hunt pigeons by baiting them on your land. Scattering salt and seeds on your private land to attract pigeons is considered baiting. Involving in baiting or preparing your private land for hunting pigeons is a crime and can cause federal charges.  

Migratory Birds  

Migratory birds are those birds that are part of the Migratory bird treaty act between the United States and foreign countries. It is illegal to harm, injure, hunt, kill, sell, or transport these birds.

Mourning doves are part of Migratory birds. Therefore, it is not legal to hunt Mourning doves all year. The state allows hunting mourning doves during gaming festivals with a daily bag limit of two.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Las Vegas?

Hunting pigeon is legal in the city. However, without a valid reason, it is not allowed to hunt pigeons, even on private property. The state wildlife associate organizes a gaming festival.

Pigeon hunting is part of the festival, and many hunters participate yearly. Apart from the gaming festival, it is only legal to shoot nuisance or annoying pigeons on your land.  

Following are some pointers that can assist you in shooting and hunting pigeons in Las Vegas.  

  • You must carry a hunting license while shooting pigeons, whether hunting in the festival or shooting on private property.  
  • It is not legal to shoot migratory birds other than the shooting hours, which begin thirty minutes before sunrise and ends thirty minutes after sunset.  
  • You cannot use BB guns, pellet guns, pistols, machine guns, poison, battery guns, or shotguns larger than ten gauges.  
  • It is legal to shoot pigeons only on private lands where seeds are scattered for harvest, not to attract pigeons.  
  • Never exceed the bag limit of the pigeon species. There is no bag limit for Rock pigeons and Inca doves.  
  • After shooting pigeons, collect all the targets from the ground and submit the count to wildlife authorities.
  • It is necessary to dispose of dead pigeons. Never leave dead pigeons out in the open.


It is legal to shoot pigeons in Las Vegas. The population of annoying pigeons is rapidly increasing in Las Vegas. Because, unlike other birds, pigeons prefer to live in places with tall cliffs. The state allows shooting or annoying pigeons that are causing damage to your land and crops.

However, shooting pigeons without any reason is not legal. The state authorities do not approve of hunting pigeons all year. For pigeon hunting, wildlife authorities organize gaming festivals. You can hunt as much as Inca doves and Rock pigeons as you want, but there is a bag limit for Mourning doves.