Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Arizona [No]

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Imagine planning a party for your friends and finding out your entire garden is filled with pigeon dropping. It will be frustrating and increase your workload. Cleaning pigeon dropping is just a temporary solution to the problem. You should find a lasting effect for this issue. So, is it illegal to kill pigeons in Arizona?  

No. It is legal to kill pigeons in Arizona. Due to the rapid increase in the pigeon population, the state wildlife authorities allow the killing of nuisance pigeons from your property. The Arizona wildlife also organizes a gaming festival yearly that includes pigeon hunting.

Continue reading to find tips to eliminate pigeons from your property and the necessary laws regarding pigeon hunting.  

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Arizona?

It is illegal to hunt Inca doves and Common ground doves. To hunt Band-tailed pigeons, you must acquire a permit from the state wildlife authorities. The daily bag limit of Band-tailed pigeons is only two during hunting season. The state authorities can charge a hefty fine for hunting protected birds. The illegal hunting fine can range from $75 to $2500, depending on the species.  

It is legal to hunt Mourning doves, White-winged doves, and Eurasian Collared doves. The daily bag limit for White-winged doves and Mourning doves is fifteen. On the other hand, there is no bag limit for Eurasian collared doves. You can hunt them all year if you possess a hunting license.  

It is not illegal to eat pigeons, and as of 2022 wildlife rules, there are no restrictions for eating pigeon meat. However, the food authorities do not consider pigeon meat safe for humans. Pigeon meat is rich in protein but contains infectious organisms that can harm human health.

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Arizona?

It is illegal to hunt Migratory pigeons and endangered pigeon species in Arizona. The wildlife in Arizona prohibits hunting of Inca doves and common ground doves. Both of these pigeon species are national treasures. Therefore hurting, killing, and capturing these pigeons is not legal.

Arizona State allows hunting wild pigeons and Eurasian collared doves all year. These pigeon species are a nuisance and can damage property.  

There are no rules regarding eating pigeon meat in Arizona. However, it is better to avoid eating pigeon meat unless it is essential for survival. Plus, pigeons are a carrier of several microorganisms that can transmit to humans.  

Can I Kill Pigeons On My Property In Arizona?

Yes. You can kill pigeons on your property in Arizona. Due to the rapid increase in the pigeon population, the state authorities allow the killing of nuisance pigeons that are damaging your house or commercial property.

There are numerous ways to kill annoying pigeons. The most common and easiest way to eliminate them is by using a weapon or shooting the pigeons to kill them and scare away the rest of the group. Killing pigeons might sound inhumane, but it is essential.  

Pigeon droppings and nests carry many microorganisms that are a health risk for humans and house pets. The common source of house mites is the pigeon nest on your window sill or in the attic. So, you must find ways to remove pigeons from your property.

If the pigeon infestation is severe, it is better to kill them. However, to shoot pigeons on private property, you will need a hunting license and permit from the state authorities. Remember, using a weapon in a residential area is illegal. Therefore, look for alternative options like traps.  

It is not legal to poison pigeons in Arizona. In severe pigeon infestation on your property, you must get a permit from the wildlife authorities to use poison. Arizona state protects wild pigeons. The state does allow the killing of pigeons due to the rapid increase in population. But do not entertain the idea of painful death to wildlife.  

Therefore, instead of poisoning wild pigeons’ look for methods to prevent pigeon infestation. The common alternate ways are bird spikes on window sills, parallel wires, bird netting, decoys of owls and snakes, and bird gels. If these tips do not work, use a pigeon trap to kill them.

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Arizona State  

Hunting rules are similar in all USA. There are some modifications according to each state. Killing nuisance pigeons is legal but killing pigeons for no reason is a crime. Therefore, for your help, the necessary laws regarding shooting and hunting pigeons are discussed below.  

Hunting License  

You must possess a hunting license to hunt pigeons or other animals in Arizona. It is essential to carry a hunting license at the time of hunting. The minor hunting license is for young people from 10 to 17.

An adult hunter must accompany the minor hunters while hunting pigeons. To purchase a hunting license, visit any local wildlife office and submit an application. After a review and a short test, the state issues a hunting license.  

Hunting Migratory Birds  

The state allows the hunting of Migratory pigeons (including Mourning doves and White-winged doves) for a few days, starting on the First of September and ending on the fifteenth. The bag limit of daily Migratory birds is only fifteen.

You cannot increase the daily bag limit count as both of these pigeon species are protected under the Migratory bird act 1918. To hunt Band-tailed pigeons, you must get a special permit from wildlife authorities. Plus, the daily bag count of Band-tailed pigeons is only two.  

Shooting Pigeon On Private Property  

It is legal to kill nuisance pigeons on private property without a permit or hunting license. However, the state does not approve of killing and shooting pigeons on private land for no reason.

After obtaining a permit from wildlife authorities, you are free to hunt pigeons on your land. However, there must be no residential area within at least 60 acres of your hunting place.  

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Arizona State?

Pigeon hunting was a known outdoor activity for centuries. However, with evolution, some of the pigeon species are now endangered. So, the wildlife authorities have made it easy for hunters and allowed them to hunt common pigeon species all year. But, hunting of Migratory birds is during a specific season.

Below are some pointers to assist you in shooting and hunting pigeons in Arizona state.  

  • Before shooting in any area, confirm it with local authorities. Pigeon hunting is illegal in public spaces like parks and near residential areas.  
  • You must submit an application to wildlife authorities for hunting on personal property.  
  • You must possess a hunting license while shooting and hunting pigeons on your property or in public hunting areas.  
  • Use high-quality weapons and wear safety goods, including eye and ear protection.  
  • Avoid drinking before hunting or shooting pigeons.  
  • Shooting across the road or from the vehicle is not legal.  
  • Never harm trees, signs, or any other item on the federal land while hunting pigeons.  
  • After shooting, remove the target and the empty gun shell from the hunting site.  
  • Submit the target count of Migratory birds to the wildlife.


Arizona state protects wildlife, but it is legal to kill, shoot and hunt pigeons. Due to the rapid increase in the pigeon population, the state authorities allow the killing of pigeons on private property without a permit. However, you must carry a hunting license while shooting or hunting on private or public property.

The state wildlife authorities allow the hunting of Rock doves and Eurasian collared doves all year. You can hunt both of these pigeon species without a license on private property. However, hunting Migratory birds is for a few days with a limited bag count. It is illegal to harm, hunt, and capture Inca doves and Common ground doves in Arizona.