Is It Illegal To Kill Pigeons In Hawaii [No]

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Pigeons enjoy city life and prefer living in more developed areas with ample food and water resources. Although the state authorities strongly believe in protecting wild pigeons, they still allow the elimination of nuisance. Is it illegal to kill pigeons in Hawaii?  

No. It is not illegal to kill pigeons in Hawaii. Pigeons are the famous sky pest in Hawaii, also known as rats with wings. State authorities allow the killing of nuisance pigeons from properties. The ways to kill pigeons are traps, poison, and shooting. You can shoot pigeons in Hawaii. But you possess a valid hunting license.  

Continue reading about pigeon killing and hunting laws in Hawaii.    

Which Type Of Pigeons Are Illegal To Hunt And Eat In Hawaii?

It is not legal to hunt Red-whiskered bulbul in Hawaii. Red-whiskered bulbul is not native to Hawaii. They were brought from India as a pet and were illegally released in the early 1960s.

When you spot a Red-whiskered bulbul around your house, it is better to leave it alone. If the Red-whiskered bulbuls are causing damage call wildlife authorities to assist you in their removal.  

During gaming season, it is legal to hunt Ring-necked pheasants, White-winged pheasants, Green pheasants, Kalij pheasants, Mourning doves, Spotted doves, and Barred doves. It is also permissible to kill any pigeons lingering around and damaging the property.  

Although, the state allows the hunting of Mourning doves during gaming month. But the daily bag limit for them is only ten. Plus, you cannot hunt Mourning doves all year or on your private land.  

Pigeon meat is legal in Hawaii. It is available in some general stores and in a few restaurants. But local food authorities oppose the idea of eating pigeons.  

Why Is It Illegal To Hunt And Eat Pigeon In Hawaii?  

It is illegal to hunt Red-whiskered bulbul in Hawaii as they are non-native. You cannot harm nor forcefully remove them from even private land. Contact state wildlife authorities to eliminate the annoying Red-whiskered bulbul. Although the state allows hunting of the Mourning doves during gaming season, it does not permit hunting them all year. Mourning doves are part of the Migratory bird treaty act 1918.

It is a treaty between the USA and other foreign countries. to protect and keep certain species safe. Therefore, Hawaii wildlife prohibits killing and trapping Mourning doves at all costs except for hunting in specified months.

Is It Illegal To Shoot Pigeons On Your Property In Hawaii?

No. It is legal to shoot pigeons on your property in Hawaii because there is a rapid increase in the pigeon population. Pigeons are now known as sky pests or rats with rodents. Therefore, the Hawaii state authorities allow to kill or shoot any nuisance pigeons damaging the property.  

A common attraction of pigeons is the backyard and house garden due to the ample food supply. It is better to use alternate options like bird netting, anti-bird spikes and traps to eliminate pigeons. If the infestation is persistent, you can shoot them. However, shooting is always the last step. Remember, shooting pigeons is illegal on land near residential areas.

Laws Governing About Pigeon Shooting In Hawaii State

It is legal to kill and hunt pigeons in Hawaii. However, the state has a set of rules for hunters to ensure the safety of residents and wildlife. Some laws are the same for all the states in the USA others are designed specifically for each state. Below are some essential rules you must know before hunting pigeons in Hawaii.  

Hunting License  

The general age for hunting is 12 and above. State issues Minor hunting licenses for people aged 12 to 17. During hunting pigeons, an adult must possess a hunting license to company minors.

There is a separate hunting license known as a Senior citizen hunting license for people above age 65. The hunting license is available online and through an agent. Fees for each hunting license vary.  

Hunting Hours 

Hunting hours are the same for hunting on private lands or public hunting areas. It begins a half hour before sunrise and ends half-hour after sunset. You cannot use light for hunting and shooting pigeons late at night.  

It is illegal to use BB and Pallet guns to hunt Migratory birds. You can only use shotguns, arrows, and bows. Use a weapon with a legal registration number and license. Remember use of illegal weapons for hunting is a crime. Under-age hunters possessing weapons must be with a non-hunting adult carrying a weapon license.  

Mourning Doves 

To hunt mourning doves, use shotguns not longer than ten gauge, arrows, and bows. It is not legal to use Rifles, shotguns, or any other explosives, drugs, or poison. To attract Mourning doves, you can use bird calls but not recorded or amplified. It is also prohibited to use live decoys. The daily bag count of mourning doves is only ten birds per day.  

Hunting On Private Land  

It is legal to hunt on private land. However, you must possess a valid hunting license and permission from the landowners. Use a legal weapon to kill pigeons on private land. Pigeon hunting on private land is legal during gaming season. Off-season shooting is only permissible when there is pigeon infestation. Remember, you cannot shoot pigeons near residential areas.

How Can You Shoot And Hunt Pigeons In Hawaii State?

Shooting pigeon is the easiest way to eliminate pigeons from your home. People have been hunting pigeons for centuries for food and to display their hunting skills. Till now, pigeon hunting is in practice and is the most famous sports activity during gaming festivals.  

Below are some pointers to assist you in shooting and hunting pigeons in Hawaii.  

  • To shoot pigeons in Hawaii, you must carry a hunting and weapon license.  
  • Minor hunters must be with an adult possessing a hunting license.  
  • To shoot pigeons in Hawaii, you can use air rifles and shotguns. It is legal to use bows and arrows as well.  
  • You can hunt pigeons on private property with the owner’s permission. However, you cannot use weapons on land in the middle of a residential area.  
  • The state allows shooting pigeons lingering around the agricultural land and destroying harvest.  
  • You cannot hunt Mourning doves all year. The state allows the hunting of Migratory birds during gaming season in limited quantities.  
  • You cannot use live decoys to attract pigeons. Nor legal to use electric or amplified bird calls.  
  • After hunting pigeons, submit the target count to local wildlife authorities.  
  • Proper disposal of pigeon bodies is essential to prevent the spread of diseases.


Pigeon damage property, destroy plants and agriculture, and are also a source of infectious disease and mites. To avoid all issues: the Hawaii state authorities allow killing them. The easiest way to eliminate pigeons is by shooting them. It might sound inhumane, but it is common and has been in practice for years.  

To legally shoot pigeons in Hawaii, you will need a valid license and a quality weapon. The legal age for shooting pigeons is 12 or above. Young people aged 12 to 17 are Minor hunters and should be with an adult during hunting. You can hunt almost all species of pigeon in Hawaii except Red-whiskered bulbul.