Does Fox Urine Keep Raccoons Away

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Raccoons represent a significant problem because of their waste. We can keep raccoons away by using a variety of natural techniques. Although they don’t directly damage us, their existence might still be a pain in many small ways. I wonder, does fox urine keep raccoons away or not?

Yes, fox urine can repel raccoons. Fox urine is olfactory repellent, which means it works by appealing to the smell sense in pests. Reindeer, hooved animals, raccoons, possums, vixens, mice, wild hogs, pigeons, stoats, and other small mammals can all be discouraged with fox urine.

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Is Fox Urine Toxic?

Predators’ urines, including fox pee, are considered naturally produced compounds with a “non-toxic” mechanism of action when employed as a deterrent.

 In creating the final product, fox urine is a scientific grade main ingredient (TGAI) used as a repellent for different vertebrate species. However, the main ingredients of urine include water, urea, creatine, salt, lithium, phosphorus, limestone, and magnesium. It is unknown which precise ingredient of fox urine causes the desired repulsive effect.

Fox urine is frequently used by some vertebrate species as a tactic for subtly announcing their presence, such as when creating a territory or luring in other members of their species, including prospective mates.

Opponents of possible prey raccoons can react to the fragrance of fox pee by escaping or, at the very least recognizing the current or recent existence of the animal that has designated the region with its urine.

Why Is Fox Urine Used As A Repellent?

Many tiny mammals, such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, and chipmunks, are deterred by fox urine. Fox pee has a highly potent odor and volatile elemental composition, making it an effective repellent.

 It’s OK to use fox urine as a deterrent. Animals that are regular prey for foxes experience psycho-stress from the smell of their urine. Raccoons react defensively to the smell of fox pee by fleeing, making it a non-harmful trigger for prevention.

If raccoons are native to your area, spreading fox urine over your place will effectively deter them. Raccoons are extremely sensitive to aromas and gases and have a keen sense of smell. It is unknown precisely which element of fox urine attracts animals. Many animals are deterred by fox urine, even if they have never encountered a fox before.

What Does Fox Urine Smell Like?

Fox urine, in particular, has a strong “skunky/musky” foul smell that appears to be induced by two hydrocarbon compounds, 3-isopentenyl methyl sulfide, and 2-phenylmethyl methyl sulfide.

 Foxes have a keen sense of smell, and the scent is important in a coltish society. The pungent odor of fox urine is caused by a powerful combination of several volatile sulfur-related chemical products found in fox urine (thiols, methyl sulfides, and polysulfides). Some were only discovered on foxes, whereas others have been found on other mammals, mink, and musky species. They are employed for mutual synthetic interaction and thus leave a distinct record and odor.

Due to its strong odor and active chemical structure, fox urine works especially well as a repellant. As a result, numerous people use commercially available fox urine to naturally repel pests from their greenery.

Do Raccoons Hate The Smell Of Fox Urine?

Yes, raccoons hate the smell of fox urine because an average household cleaner called ammonia mimics the unpleasant smell of urine that raccoons find so repulsive.

Raccoons can locate readily available food sources thanks to their keen sense of smell. This characteristic can be used to your benefit if you use fragrances that deter them, such as predator urine, onions smell, sulfur, Mentha Piperita, and Table salt.

 You can use predator urine as a repellent against raccoons in addition to smells that irritate them. This scent deceives them into believing that your home is already a region of another predator rather than attacking their olfactory receptors.

Raccoons are exceptionally clean creatures and will avoid areas with strong scents. Since it is a significant component of fox urine, ammonia works well as a raccoon repellant. Raccoons will stay away from the garbage if you spread fox urine around your trashcans.

How Long Does Fox Urine Last?

Normally, fox pee packs need to be changed every 90 days. Upon application, fox urine lasts for between two and three weeks. Animals that do not fox prey will not be put off by fox urine; arrange the spreaders roughly 10 to 15 feet apart after soaking the cotton ball in the water. For some hours, fox urine will smell.

The stench of fox urine is persistent and difficult to remove. They emit a musky odor from their body’s glands. The violet gland is one of several glands close to the tail’s base. Male foxes mark females with their violet glands and urine during mating season.

 Many commercialized repellent supplements carry fox urine as a component. One of the most popular repellents is it. If you don’t want to spend the money on a commercial entity, the pest’s primary component is fox urine.

[3] Methods To Repel Raccoons With Fox Urine

You must create a successful repelling strategy if you want to prevent raccoons from entering your yard. The three techniques listed below can help you stay away from raccoons.

Fox Urine Sprinkle

Due to its smell, fox urine also serves as a natural deterrent for animals. Fox urine is also another component that deters raccoons in the same vein as unpleasant odors.

 Sprinkle fox urine within and outside of your vegetable garden for the best defense. That stench will typically cause raccoons to stay away from your garden and chicken coops.

You can scare away tiny animals and raccoons by scattering shake-aways all around the region you would like to preserve.

Mix Fox Urine with Other Deterrents

As fox urine is harmless and less effective repellent so we will mix it with any other deterrents to make it more effective you can mix fox urine and chlorine, an ingredient in bleach, combine to form a gas that a raccoon can be poisoned by and even die from.

You can sprinkle fox urine on your lawn by combining it with bleach, ammonium, vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide. Raccoons smell this unpleasant smell and will immediately walk away from that place. Bleach might seem like the ideal option for getting rid of raccoons from your property, but it won’t work.

Fox Urine Granules Repellent

Actual fox urine can be found in a granular-based proprietary repellent called Shake-Away. By dispersing Shake-Away across the area you want to protect, you can scare away small animals including raccoons, warthogs, steppe dogs, squirrels, rats, small mammals, mice, shrews, hedgehogs, and porcupines.

Shake-Away is a simple, natural method for removing raccoons and unwanted animal pests. It makes use of the natural ability of predatory animals to quickly scare away raccoons and bothersome venomous reptiles without hurting them.


Fox urine, sometimes known as fox pee, naturally scares away many target species. As an illustration, it is commonly known that fox pee scares away rodents like rats, raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. Also, remember that urine will lose potency over a period and that rain can wipe the aroma away.

Each week or so, if you are in an area with a lot of rainfall, urine fragrance tags need to be recharged.

The aroma might not be enough to deter raccoons on its own. But it can strengthen your garden’s defenses if used with an electric fence, net, or obstacle.


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