How to Stop Pigeons Sitting on Window Ledge? [Top Tips to Know]

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If Pigeons have chosen your room’s window ledge as their roosting site, disturbing and annoying you with their loud noise and messy poops, don’t waste your time getting angry. Instead, invest your time eliminating the root cause of your problem and start thinking “How to stop Pigeons sitting on your window ledge?”

Quick Tips to Stop Pigeons Sit on Windows Ledge

  • Covering your window ledge with bird netting
  • Using Bird Spikes on the window sill
  • Non-toxic eco-friendly Birds Gels
  • Live Traps
  • Super Sonic bird chaser
How to Stop Pigeons Sitting on Window Ledge
How to Stop Pigeons Sitting on Window Ledge

Why Do Pigeons Sit On My Window?

Pigeons have an instinct to find a safe place for their nests. They get attracted to the window ledges because they can act as a comfortable perch for them. They also like to sit on ledges because they are often warm, and safe, provide shelter, and being at height, provides them with a good overview of their surroundings.

In addition, pigeons get attracted to windows in search of food that is left by people on their window ledges.

What Attract Pigeons To Your House?

If you are living in an urban area, you must have seen Pigeons everywhere. Humans brought them to cities and now they have adapted themselves to feed upon human leftovers and use buildings as their nesting sites.

If you own a house that is quiet and peaceful, then it is the most attractive place for pigeons to choose to roost, feed, or build a nest, as pigeons are very sensitive to noise and loud sounds can easily scare them.

Another thing that might attract pigeons to your house is the availability of food. If you, your family, or people in your surroundings are habitual of feeding birds or leaving leftover food (like bread crumbs and seeds) on the roof, windows, and compounds, then it is an open invitation for the pigeons to have a yummy delicious breakfast or lunch at your place.

Why Do People Hate Pigeons?

Despite the fact, people brought Pigeons to the cities, now they have been observed as a nuisance. They are ill-famed for ruining cities and buildings alike. People started disliking them because they have reached the status of household pests by making roofs, compounds, balconies, and window ledges messy with their acidic poop and dusty feathers.

Pigeons are also blamed to pollute human habitats and got fame as “sky rats” because just like rats, they have been reported to spread diseases through their droppings including CryptococcosisHistoplasmosis, and Psittacosis. The elderly and people with low immunity are at risk when we talk about these diseases.

According to the research published online in 2013. “Pigeons are therefore natural reservoirs for pathogens that have caused emerging and re-emerging diseases in humans”

 How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Ledge?

Pigeons are very close to humans since ancient times. People as a token of love feed pigeons. This overfeeding is increasing their population at an unnatural rate creating so many problems. If you are aware of the risks associated with pigeons around, and you want to keep them away then the below-discussed hacks might help you to achieve your goal. 

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Without Hurting Them?

If you are also in love with these cute-looking birds but want to keep them away from your place because of the potential environmental and health hazards associated with them, then it’s better to try methods that may safely force birds to leave your place without hurting them. You can do this by making their roosting sites less comfortable for them, scaring them with objects or sounds, and using harmless bird repellents.

  • Covering your window ledge or any other pigeon roosting or nesting site with Bird Netting is the easiest, most effective, low-cost humane method to avoid pigeons.
  • Using Bird Spikes on the window sill is also a renowned, cheap method used for bird removal. They look dangerous but actually, they don’t harm birds at all. They give long-lasting results if installed perfectly.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly Birds Gels (usually made from natural oils) are also used effectively to get rid of pigeons. Pigeons don’t like their smell and taste, therefore their instinct instructs them to leave the site as the place is not safe for them.
  • Live Traps are also very helpful. With the help of bait, a bird can be easily captured and then released somewhere away.

How To Scare Pigeons With Sound?

Pigeons have a good sense of hearing and can hear at higher frequencies than humans. Humans used their efficiency against them and invented Ultrasonic devices. These devices emit irritating sound waves that are inaudible to humans but can be easily heard by pigeons and scare them.

Pigeons can easily get frightened by the sounds associated with their predators. People often use these sounds to scare pigeons giving them the impact that their predator is nearby so it’s better to fly away.

What Home Remedies Keep Pigeons Away?

Pigeons are very good at distinguishing between smells they like and dislike. Humans use this trait to push pigeons away from their surroundings. If you are working on pigeon control, you can easily do the job by using the things easily available at home that work very well as pigeon repellents.

Use of Spices like Hot Pepper, Hot Sauce, and Chilli

 Their spicy scents are not liked by the majority of birds including pigeons. Hence, work as a good natural repellent.


Being acidic, vinegar has a very pungent and harsh smell that may rapidly disturb the olfactory lobes of pigeons, hence they would repel easily.

Peppermint Essential oils

You can easily deter the flock of unwanted pigeons from your window ledge by diffusing these oils near your window. Pigeons find this smell completely unpleasant and will leave your window soon.

Onion and Garlic

These common vegetables are famous for their strong smell that’s why can be used as a good deterrent against pigeons.

Cinnamon, Jalapeños, and Black pepper

All of them have spicy scents that pigeons hate. Pigeons can easily sense their smell and would stay away from the places where you have sprinkled them.

Perfume, Cologne, and Hair sprays

Their fragrances which are very appealing to us, are very unappealing to pigeons. Pigeons find their aroma very unpleasant and don’t like to stay near places where they can feel these fragrances. 

Use of Honey

Honey is an easily available sticky item available in your kitchen. Pigeons don’t like to roost or sit on sticky surfaces. So spreading honey or spraying its water-based solution on your window ledge may annoy your unwanted guests and signal them to leave the place immediately.

Do Pigeon Repellents Work?

None of the repellents can assure you that pigeons won’t come to your place ever. Well, every repellent has its unique qualities and every repellent comes with its pros and cons. It completely depends on you how wisely you choose the repellent. All repellents have their expiry. They need timely maintenance and some need to be reapplied frequently.

Pigeons are intelligent and human-friendly birds. So it is not a piece of cake to get rid of them. You have to be consistent with your target. It is suggested to use multiple repellents at a time so they may together create an unbreakable barrier for pigeons, forcing them to finally give up and choose a new roosting or nesting place for themselves.

How Do I Stop Pigeons From Coming Back?

Pigeons usually don’t go away on their own. They possess excellent memories so they can easily remember and return to their favorite places whenever they want. If you have succeeded to get rid of pigeons, that used to sit at your window ledge, keep the following precautions in your mind to stop them from coming back in the future.

  1. Make a habit of keeping your window sill clean and free from all food scraps so pigeons won’t get attracted to it again.
  2. Keep using the hack that helped you achieve your goal and may keep scaring birds in the future so they avoid visiting your window.
  3. If you repeatedly getting failed in stopping these pests from coming back, then get professional help to prevent any further damage caused by them.


In urban areas, pigeons have proved themselves as destructive pests that not only cause a lot of damage to buildings and other structures but can also cause serious health problems through their droppings and feathers.

In the article, we have discussed ideas and talked about different deterrents that may help to keep pigeons away from your house by making it a less desirable place for them. Still, if you fail to get rid of them, seek professional help.


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