How To Stop Pigeons From Eating Dog Food [Top Tips]

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Are you curious to know how to stop pigeons from eating dog food? Many times, the surrounding birds can eat your pet dog food if you feed them often outside. These little creatures are very perceptive and can pick up on your behaviors much faster than we think.

If you want to keep birds out of your dog’s water and food bowls, the simplest solution is to feed them inside. Another way to keep birds away from your dog’s food is by hanging netting from the ceiling of a patio area to keep them away from the food.

Do Birds Eat Dry Dog Food?

Birds Eat Dry Dog Food

According to a (2018) study in addition to being an excellent source of protein for cats and dogs, commercial pet foods are also a good supply of fats for birds.

Before feeding birds dry food, it should be moistened or crushed to make it easier for them to swallow. Bruised fruit from backyard trees or windfalls is usually a favorite of the local bird population.

How To Keep Birds Away from Dog Food?

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Keeping birds away from the dog is very crucial reported by WHO ( 2018 ) This may be a problem if you feed your dog outside (or just keep the dog food outside) and you’ve witnessed birds snatching part of it.

A few options are available if you don’t want to contribute to the local bird population’s health.

The best approach to keep birds away from your dog’s meal is to feed your dogs on a regular schedule, store your kibble correctly, and aggressively repel them.

How Do I Keep Birds Out of My Dog’s Water Bowl?

Dog's Water Bowl

  Pro testing your pet’s food and water from birds is essential to ensure his health. Place a faux owl near the dog’s food dish. To display the owl, hang it, or place it near the bowls.

For the most part, this will frighten off birds, or at the very least keep them away from the dog’s water dish. (2021 )

How To Keep Birds Away from A Dog’s Food & Water?

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Birds can eat dog food, and water dishes resemble birdbaths because they are both high-quality sources of nutrition. Unfortunately, certain birds carry illnesses that may be dangerous to your dog.

Margaret A. Wissman, DVM, says certain birds contain salmonella germs that may be transmitted to dogs via bird droppings that are unintentionally eaten by them. Protecting your pet’s food and water from birds is essential to his health. (2020 )

What Happens If A Bird Eats Dog Food?


According to the study reported ( 2021)Don’t freak out if your bird eats a chunk of dog food. It’s quite improbable that even a single piece will injure your bird.

In any case, if your bird has consumed a large quantity of dog food, be sure to keep a watch on them. Again, one serving of dog food is unlikely to do any damage.

How To Repel Birds from Pet Food?

Aluminum foil is one of the simplest and most inexpensive natural bird repellents. When it comes to keeping the birds away, aluminum foil may be used in a variety of ways.

Put aluminum foil strips beneath the soil or around any plants that are being harassed by birds in your garden. A bird’s instinct is to avoid anything that feels like foil in its beak.

Aluminum foil (or dazzling party streamers) may also be hung from trees and other high points around your house and yard. Their eyes are irritated by the glare from the shining surface, so they avoid getting too close.

To attract woodpeckers, attach an aluminum pie plate to the branch of the tree where you often see the birds’ presence. Woodpeckers will be scared away by the reflection of the plate. (2018 )

How To Keep Pigeons Away From My House?

Pigeons in Garden

Adaptable and clever, pigeons are unafraid of people, as briefly touched on above. It’s tough to keep out pigeons due to these characteristics. Multiple pigeon defenses are necessary to keep the parasite-infested demon spawn at bay.

To get rid of your feathery roommates, start by looking around the outside of your property and removing any potential nesting locations. ( 2018 )

How To Get Rid of Birds Naturally?

Baking Soda

If you’ve seen birds in your yard, try scattering baking soda along their path. They don’t like how it feels on their feet.

According to DIY Wildlife Prevention, birds will avoid your yard if it is devoid of bird-friendly vegetation. For most birds, fresh water is essential. Your fountains and water features can’t be used by birds if you use salt water instead of freshwater.

Your pets’ food and water bowls should be emptied or covered immediately after feeding time if you’re feeding your pet pets outside. Food for your pet should be stored in sealed containers to avoid spoilage.

When it’s windy or stormy, birds often seek refuge in tall grass and other landscape features. Make sure the grass is cut and the hedges and trees are clipped so that there is less of a hiding place for the intruder.

The destruction of bird nests is strictly regulated by state legislation. Contact a professional wildlife exclusion firm to assist in properly removing or relocating the bird’s nest in concern.

Why Do You Want to Keep Birds Away from Your Dog’s Food And Water Bowl?

Even though they’re adorable, these flying pests are carriers of sickness and parasites. If they get into your dog’s food or drink, they might pose a health hazard. Then there’s the fact that they’re continuously producing feces, which may contaminate food and water.

Can Pigeons Eat Dog Kibble?

You may provide wild birds with dog food, which will not only help them in times of need but will also provide them with critical nutrients that will keep them healthy.

Can Garden Birds Eat Dog Food?

Except in hot weather, a dog biscuit that has been soaked in water is a wonderful treat. Magpies and gulls, as well as neighborhood cats, may be drawn to the smell of pet food. It’s advisable to stay away from this situation if possible. (2020 )


The best scavengers in the world are birds, and they’ll happily eat your dog’s food if given the chance. Hopefully, these questions have given you some ideas for keeping your dog’s food from uninvited bird visitors.

Use a scarecrow, if possible, but predatory bird calls and feeding your dog in a small area also work.

Although automatic feeders are beneficial, they may be pricey. By feeding your dog at particular intervals and cleaning up shortly after they finish eating, you may create a similar effect without an automated feeder.

Or you can also give the birds a water source that is more appealing than your dog’s water dish. The best spot to put it is near the feeding area. Treat balls and Kong toys are available at your local pet shop.


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