Tested 10 Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Trash Cans

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Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in homes. They hide in dark, damp places. One of their favorite places to eat and have babies is the trash can, where they can easily access food waste and other organic matter. But it can be hard to get rid of these annoying pests, and it can be frustrating to see them enter your trash can. So the question is how to keep cockroaches out of trash cans?

Following are the ways to keep roaches out of trash cans:

  • Use a trash can with a tight-fitting lid
  • Keep the area around the trash can clean
  • Use a smooth-surfaced trash can 
  • Line your trash can with a bag
  • Empty your trash can regularly 
  • Avoid using scented trash bags
  • Don’t store trash cans near entry points
  • Use a trash can with a locking mechanism
  • Use a natural repellant
  • Seek professional pest control help

In this blog, we’ll look at some practical tips and tricks to help keep cockroaches out of your trash can. If you’re tired of fighting these pests, read on for practical solutions!

Do Cockroaches Like Trash Cans?

Yes, cockroaches do like trash cans. Roaches are known to be drawn to food, water, and shelter sources, so it’s not surprising that they are often found near or inside trash cans. Cockroaches can find a lot of food in trash cans because they are often full of food scraps and other organic waste that the insects can eat.

Cockroaches also find shelter and safety in trash cans, making them an ideal place for these pests to live. So, if you want to avoid cockroaches taking over your home, keeping your trash cans clean and tightly closed and throwing away food waste correctly is important. This will make cockroaches less likely to come to your home or property.

What Attracts Cockroaches To Trash Cans?

Cockroaches like trash cans because they have food, water, and a place to live in them. A trash can is also a good place for cockroaches to live and breed due to the warmth and dampness inside.

Here are some things that can draw cockroaches to trash cans:

FoodCockroaches are drawn to any form of food waste in the trash, including scraps, crumbs, and leftovers.
MoistureSince cockroaches need moisture to live, the dampness and humidity inside a trash can are perfect.
DarknessCockroaches are nocturnal creatures, so they hide in dark, quiet places during the day.
WarmthThe heat generated by the decomposition of organic material in a trash can is conducive to the survival of cockroaches.

To keep cockroaches from coming to your trash cans, ensure they are clean and tightly sealed, and throw away food waste correctly.

Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Their Trash Cans

You should take out your trash often to keep cockroaches out of your trash. Not letting trash pile up can also help to stop cockroach infestations. Here are some common mistakes people make when trying to keep roaches out of their trash cans:

Not Discharging The Trash Can RegularlyPeople make a big mistake when they don’t clean the trash can often enough. Over time, food scraps and other trash can build up in the trash can, making it a good place for cockroaches to live.
Not Using Effective Trash BagsPeople also need to avoid using thin or cheap trash bags that are easy to tear or poke holes in. This can cause leaks and spills, which can bring in cockroaches.
Leaving The Lid Off The Trash CanPeople also often make the mistake of leaving the trash can lid open. If the trash can lid is left open, cockroaches can easily get inside and may even lay their eggs there.
Storing The Trash Can In The Wrong PlaceCockroaches can also come from putting the trash can in the wrong place. For example, if the trash can is next to a heat source or in a damp area, it could be a good place for cockroaches to live and breed.
Not Securing The Trash Bag ProperlyEven if the trash can has a lid, cockroaches can still get in if the trash bag is not properly sealed.

Can Using A Scented Trash Bag Attract Cockroaches?

Yes, using a trash bag with a scent can attract cockroaches, especially if the scent is sweet or fruity. The trash bag’s scent can mimic the smell of food or other organic matter, which can draw cockroaches toward it.

To keep cockroaches away, throwing away trash correctly and keeping the area clean and free of clutter are important. Cockroaches can smell even small amounts of food residue.

Using trash bags that don’t smell and tightly closing the trash can help keep cockroaches away. It’s also important to clean the area around the trash can often. Cockroaches like food and dead things, so getting rid of any food or trash that could attract them is important.

How Can I Clean My Trash Can To Prevent Cockroaches?

To clean your trash can and keep cockroaches away, you can do the following:

  • Empty the trash can and get rid of any garbage or trash that remains within it.
  • Rinse the trash can with a hose or in a bathtub or shower, if possible, to get rid of any loose debris.
  • Add a cleaning solution, like dish soap, bleach, or vinegar, to the hot water in the trash can.
  • Use a scrub brush or sponge to clean the inside of the trash can well, paying special attention to any corners, cracks, or seams where dirt and debris might collect.
  • Rinse the trash can well with hot water to get rid of any leftover cleaning solution and trash.
  • Let the trash can dry out completely before adding a new trash bag or trash.
  • Keep the trash can in a cool, dry place away from food, and check it often for signs of cockroach activity.

Is It Necessary To Keep My Trash Can In A Specific Location To Prevent Roaches?

Keeping your trash can in a specific location can help prevent roaches. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where to put your trash can:

  • Keep the trash can far away from the kitchen. Roaches like food, so keeping your trash can away from the kitchen help keep them from coming there.
  • Your trash can be kept in a separate room or space, like a garage, basement, or outdoor shed.
  • If possible, keep your trash can off the ground. This can make it harder for roaches to get into the can and harder for them to get to any food or trash inside.
  • Ultimately, the best place for your trash can depend on how your home is set up and your situation.

How Often Should I Take Out My Trash To Prevent Cockroaches?

To prevent cockroach infestations, take your trash out at least once per day. This will ensure you keep food scraps and leftovers out for a short time, which can attract cockroaches.

It is critical to place any food debris or organic matter in a sealed bag or container before disposing of it in the trash. Also, make sure the lid of your trash can fits tightly so that pests can’t get in and eat the trash. To keep cockroaches from taking over, you may need to take out the trash more often in warmer places or during the summer.

Can I Use Essential Oils To Repel Cockroaches From My Trash Can?

Using essential oils to keep cockroaches away from your trash can not work because the strong smell of the trash can overpowers the scent of essential oils. Some say essential oils are a natural way to keep pests like cockroaches away. 

Some essential oils may kill insects or keep away certain pests, but there isn’t much scientific evidence to show that essential oils will keep away cockroaches.

Even if the essential oils kept cockroaches away, they might move to a different part of your home instead of leaving.

What Should I Do If I Suspect A Roach Infestation In My Home?

If you think you have roaches in your home, you should act quickly so the problem doesn’t worsen. You can take the following steps:

  • Look for roach droppings, eggs, or live roaches in dark, damp places in your home.
  • Clean up any food spills or crumbs, remove extra stuff, and put food in airtight containers.
  • Roaches can get into your house through cracks and holes.
  • Fill in any holes or cracks in the walls, windows, and doors to keep them out.
  • Roach bait and traps can be used to kill roaches effectively.
  • Please place them in places where roaches are likely to be.
  • If the problem is really bad, you might call a professional pest control service for help.

Are There Any DIY Baits That Can Be Used To Eliminate Cockroaches In My Trash Can?

Yes, you can eliminate cockroaches in your trash can by making your DIY baits. Here are some ideas:

Boric Acid BaitMix boric acid, sugar, and water in equal amounts to make a paste. Spread the paste on small pieces of cardboard and put them in your trash can. Roaches will be drawn to the sugar, but the boric acid will kill them.
Baking Soda And Sugar BaitMix baking soda and sugar in the same amounts, and then sprinkle the mixture in your trash can. The baking soda will kill the roaches, but the sugar will bring them in.
Coffee Grounds BaitThe smell of coffee grounds brings in roaches. Put used coffee grounds in a shallow dish and throw it away. The smell of coffee will draw the roaches to the dish, where they will drown.
Essential Oil BaitMix a few drops of peppermint oil with water and spray it in your trash can. Peppermint smells bad to roaches, so they will stay away from it.

Keep in mind that DIY baits might not work as well as professional methods, especially if the infestation is bad.

Ways To Keep Roaches Out Of Trash Cans

Use A Trash Can With A Tight-Fitting Lid

Trash Can With A Tight-Fitting Lid

A trash can with a tight-fitting lid is a good way to keep cockroaches and other pests from entering your home. A trash can with a lid that fits tightly can help keep these pests out by making it hard for them to get the food and water they need to live. It’s important to choose a trash can that is the right size for your needs and has a lid that fits tightly and is made of strong material.

Keep The Area Around The Trash Can Clean

Keeping the area around the trash can clean is an important step in keeping cockroaches out of your home. Roaches can be attracted to food spills, crumbs, and other trash, which can help them live and grow. To avoid this, it’s important to regularly sweep and mop the area around the trash can to get rid of any food or other debris.

Use A Smooth-Surfaced Trash Can 

Using a trash can with a smooth surface is another method for preventing cockroach infestations in the home. Rough or textured trash cans can provide roaches with hiding places, making it more difficult to keep them out. A trash can with a smooth surface is easy to clean and sterilize, decreasing the likelihood of food buildup and odors that attract roaches.

Line Your Trash Can With A Bag 

Covering your trash can with a bag is a simple and effective way to keep cockroaches out of your home. Trash bags add another layer of protection between your trash and the trash can, making it harder for roaches to get the food and water they need to stay alive. Also, using a bag makes it easier to take out the trash and keep the inside of the can clean. 

Empty Your Trash Can Regularly

Emptying your trash can is often important to keep cockroaches away. Cockroaches are drawn to trash because it has food and water; if it sits out for too long, it can be a good place for them to live. To stop this from happening, you should take out your trash at least once a day, or more often if you need to, especially when it’s warmer and pests are more active.

Avoid Using Scented Trash Bags

Avoiding the usage of scented trash bags can aid in the prevention of cockroach infestations and other pest problems. Even though scented trash bags can mask bad smells, their fake scents can also attract pests. Cockroaches and other pests are drawn to food odor and can easily mistake scented waste bags for a potential food source. Use odorless trash bags that are less prone to attract vermin.

Don’t Store Trash Cans Near Entry Points

One important way to keep cockroaches and other pests out of your home is to keep trash cans away from doors and other entry points. Small cracks and holes around doors and windows make it easy for cockroaches and other pests to enter your home.

Having a trash can nearby makes it easy for them to get food and water. To stop this from happening, keep your trash can away from places people can get in, like doors and windows.

Use A Trash Can With A Locking Mechanism

Using a trash can with a locking mechanism is another good way to keep cockroaches out of your home. Pests need help getting the food and water they need to live when it’s harder for them to get into trash cans with locks. This is especially important if you live where pests are common or if you’ve had problems with pests in your home before.

Use A Natural Repellant

Another way to keep cockroaches away without harsh chemicals or pesticides is to use a natural repellent. Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil may work to keep cockroaches away.

You can mix these oils with water in a spray bottle and spray them around the trash can and other places where cockroaches might be. Boric acid, diatomaceous earth, and cucumber peels are some other natural things that might work.

Seek Professional Pest Control Help

If you think cockroaches are in or around your trash can, you should call a pest control company immediately. Professional pest control services have the skills and tools to find and get rid of cockroach infestations quickly and effectively. They can also suggest ways to stop future infestations, such as sealing cracks and crevices, improving hygiene, and implementing pest control measures.


To keep roaches away, keep your trash can outside. This is because the smells and moisture from the trash can attract cockroaches, and keeping trash inside your home can make it more likely that you’ll have an infestation.
But if you have to keep your trash can inside, you can keep cockroaches away by using a trash can with a tight-fitting lid, lining it with a trash bag, and keeping the area around the trash can clean.

The best trash can to keep roaches away is one with a tightly-fitting lid and a smooth surface. Also, cockroaches will have a harder time climbing a trash can with a smooth surface, so they won’t be able to get to the trash inside. Plastic trash cans are a good choice because they are easy to move and clean. However,  metal trash cans are likely more sturdy and resistant to animal damage.

Yes, using a trash can liner can help keep roaches from getting into your trash can. The liner will keep food residue and moisture from building up in the bottom of the can, which can attract cockroaches. It also makes the trash can easier to empty and clean. But it’s important to pick a strong liner that won’t tear easily and tie it up well before throwing it away.

Yes, roaches can lay eggs in your trash can. Cockroaches like to lay their eggs in warm, dark, and damp places, so trash cans can be a good place to do this. This is why it’s important to keep your trash can clean and free of food waste and to empty it often so that moisture and smells don’t build up and make roaches come to your home.

To keep roaches from living in your trash can, it’s important to clean them often. How often you empty your trash can depend on how much trash you make and how fast it piles up. As a general rule, you should try to empty your trash can at least once a week. But if you make a lot of trash or live somewhere hot and humid, you may need to clean your trash can more often.

Yes, dirty trash can attract other pests besides roaches. The smells and food scraps that accumulate in filthy trash can draw pests like flies, rats, mice, and other insects there. Rats and mice may come to the trash can looking for food, but rotting food in the trash attracts flies the most.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, many ways to keep roaches out of your trash can work well. You can keep roaches from getting into your trash by doing simple things like using a trash can with a tight-fitting lid, a smooth surface, and a locking mechanism. 

Pests can also be kept away by lining the trash can with a bag, cleaning it often, and not using scented trash bags. Roaches and other pests can be kept away from your trash can with natural repellents like essential oils or diatomaceous earth. If you see roaches in or near your trash can, you should take action right away to stop a possible infestation.