Does Wasp Spray Kill Cockroaches [Yes It’s Effective]

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Are you struggling with a cockroach infestation in your home? In that case, relax; you are in the appropriate place. Even though getting rid of cockroaches in your home can be difficult, wasp spray may help. However, you might be wondering, does wasp spray kill cockroaches?

Yes, wasp spray is highly effective in killing cockroaches. Wasps spray contains pyrethroids and pyrethrins, which are very lethal components to kill roaches instantly. They work together to kill the cockroaches by cutting off their oxygen supply.

Do you want to use wasp spray to kill cockroaches; but don’t know much about it? Read the below guidelines to learn everything about wasp spray and how to use it against roaches.

Can Wasp Killer Kill Cockroaches?

Yes, wasp killers like Raid are highly effective against cockroaches. Wasp-killing sprays not only kill cockroaches instantly but also stays active for up to 4 weeks for complete eradication of them. Moreover, you can use them to keep roaches away because they don’t leave any residual chemical smell.

The best way to use such repellents is to apply them in cockroach-infested areas of your house like kitchen cabinets, door spells, cracks, and pipes. Keep in mind, always read the labels on such repellents before using them indoors to prevent yourself and your pets from danger.

Can Cockroaches Be Instantly Removed by Spraying?

Yes, spraying cockroaches with strong deterrents kicks them off instantly. Spraying is one of the most popular techniques for eliminating and killing cockroaches. Also, because cockroach-repellent sprays are easily accessible on the market, it is the handiest or easy way to kill roaches.

When you spray cockroach-infested areas they immediately hide out. But sometimes, you need to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for their complete elimination because they become habituated to such repellents if you use them frequently. Most importantly, getting rid of cockroaches in your house or on your property requires technical methods in addition to sprays.

Will Hotshot Wasp and Hornet Spray Kill Cockroaches?

Yes, Hotshot wasp and Hornet spray are best at killing cockroaches. These sprays contain pyrethroid and kill cockroaches instantly. You can use them in different places in your home, like cracks in your walls, kitchen cabinets, vents, drainage pipes, wardrobes, and window spells to prevent cockroaches.

Aside from cockroaches, additional pests such as bed bugs, ants, spiders, silverfish, and bugs are also eliminated by hotshot wasps and hornet spray. Moreover, this solution dries rapidly and doesn’t leave an oozy or sticky behind. Thus, you can use them on non-porous surfaces to keep cockroaches at bay for up to 3 months.

How Does Wasp Spray Work to Kill Cockroaches?

Wasp sprays are among the best pest control treatments you can get to kill cockroaches. You can get rid of the numerous cockroaches with a little wasp spray. The active compounds in wasp sprays are what makes them so effective. Moreover, wasp spray is one of the most lethal methods to keep away roaches than using scents.

Manufacturers’ formulas of sprays can differ, although the majority use particular kinds of pesticide compounds. Some examples of these are carbamates, pyrethroids, and pyrethrins. These compounds cause severe muscle contraction and paralysis in cockroaches resulting in their immediate death.

Ingredients Frequently Used in Wasp Spray

As already mentioned, formulas of wasp sprays can vary, but the majority of them contain the following ingredients:

  • Pyrethrin

According to the Journal of Agriculture Automation and Control, pyrethrin has a very high level of pest-control efficacy while having just modest negative impacts on human health. They are derived from a specific variety of cockroach-repellent plants like Chrysanthemum flowers.

  • Pyrethroid

Similar to pyrethrins, pyrethroids are a general term for many synthetic substances. They are designed to replicate the effects of pyrethrins found in nature. According to the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, pyrethroid is highly insect-toxic and selective. Thus, you use these substances to control cockroaches and wasps.

Types of Wasp Sprays

Although there are several forms of wasp sprays, below are some commonly used sprays:

  • Raid Wasp Spray

Raid is one of the most well-known sprays to kill wasps. Within a few seconds of contact, it can instantly kill wasps and other insects like cockroaches. Before spraying raid wasp spray, keep a 22-foot distance from the desired location.

A well-spread spray can cover the body of roaches and leave the wings with a thin film of leftover substance. Hence, the spray will contaminate other cockroaches if cockroaches return to their nests.

  • Ortho Home Defense

This wasp spray is different from others. It’s not fully liquid since the mixture expands as it comes out of the can. When the solution and air combine to form a thick material, even the most nimble insects stop in their nests. Moreover, the ability to control roaches and wasps in their nests is the best feature of ortho home spray.

  • Spectracide Wasp Spray

Spectracide has a long spray distance of 27 feet. You can sprinkle this spray on roach nests far away without getting harmful impacts. This spray instantly kills cockroaches since it contains pyrethrin and pyrethroid. Furthermore, Spectracide spray won’t leave stains, so you can use it on the exterior of your house to kill roaches.

Difference Between Pyrethroid and Pyrethrin Sprays

Although pyrethroid and pyrethrin sprays have the same effects for killing wasps, cockroaches, and other pests, below are the main difference between them:

  • Pyrethrin sprays are composed of compounds that come from pyrethrum flowers containing pyrethrin, while pyrethroid is a synthetic form of pyrethrin.
  • Because pyrethrin is less stable, synthetic pyrethroids are used to make up for this deficiency.
  • Moreover, pyrethroid is more toxic than pyrethrin sprays.

What’s the Difference Between Roach Spray and Wasp Spray?

Both roach spray and wasp spray have different ways of killing cockroaches and wasps. Wasps spray contains lethal components like pyrethrin that make a temporary knockout effect in paralyzing the insects. So, when you sprinkle wasp spray on cockroaches and wasps, they die instantly due to their poisonous impacts.

On the other hand, cockroach sprays consist of less toxic substances like boric acid and borax. They help to repel cockroaches instead of killing them. However, if you use such sprays frequently, they may result in their death.

What Other Sprays Kill Cockroaches Instantly?

Though wasp spray is best to kill or repel roaches, you can also use the below sprays to kill cockroaches instantly.

  • Spectracide Bugs Stop Home Barrier

Spectracide bugs stop home barriers are available in the form of a large gallon to effectively treat large cockroach infestation. This insecticide kills cockroaches immediately when they come into contact with it and is also efficient against other insects. Moreover, this spray has no odor, so you can sprinkle it anywhere in your house to deter roaches.

  • Boric Acid Roach Killer Powder

Boric acid roach killer is one of the best methods to keep away roaches. This powder is inexpensive, simple, and ready to use right out of the box. It contains 99% boric acid, which affects the cockroach’s nervous and digestive system and kills them instantly. Thus, if you want to get rid of roaches, sprinkle this powder along the suspected areas of their infestation.

  • Ecologic Ant and Roach Killer Aerosol

Ecologic ant and roach killer aerosols contain cinnamon, corn mint, and clove oil. You can use it directly on cockroaches without harming yourself. The best way to use this spray is to sprinkle it in hiding places of cockroaches like cracks, drainage pipes, behind the electronics, and kitchen cabinets. Repeat the procedure frequently for the complete elimination of roaches.

  • Ant Killer Plus

Ant killer plus not only kills insects but also helps in killing or repelling cockroaches, flies, and other insects. It consists of granules that kill cockroaches and ants in 24 hours. This easy-to-use and convenient repellent is readily available in markets. Remember, you can use it for outdoor places only because it may be harmful to your kids and pets.

Wrap Up

Getting rid of cockroaches from your home and property is a challenging task. Although nothing may set you off like a quick murderous rampage, it is only the first half of the battle won. Because the actual fight against roaches takes time and patience, with the right way of dealing.

If you know how wasp spray works, you can use it to kill cockroaches with some effort. When you understand how the ingredients in wasp spray interact to kill roaches, you can use them in the best possible ways to eliminate them without harming yourself.

Ideally, you now understand how to use various wasp sprays to kill roaches. Thus, go ahead and get rid of them permanently.


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